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Christmas Coloring Contest winners

Congratulations to our winners of the 2011 Christmas Coloring Contest! Your prizes will be  available for pick up on Monday, December 26th at the Cedar Springs Post newspaper office, 36 E. Maple St., Cedar Springs.

Age Group: 3-4 years
Dominic Vanderhyde
age 4
of Cedar Springs

Age group:
5-7 years
Selena Carter
age 7
of Howard City




Age group:
8-10 years
Adriana Johnson
age 10
of Cedar Springs

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Kids use own money to buy gifts for needy

By Judy Reed

We had some special kids stop in to the Post this week, their arms laden with presents. Alex Vanderhyde, 7, her sister Josephine, 6, and brother Dominic 4, came in to donate gifts to Toys for Tots.
That’s not an uncommon occurrence, but what was truly rare, was that these kids paid for the presents themselves.
Yes, you read that right.
Alex, Josephine and Dominic, children of Nick and Shannon Vanderhyde, save up all year to be able to do this. According to Shannon, the kids take portions of their allowance and other money they get and allot some for savings, some for donating, and some for spending. “And any extra they can put wherever they want,” explained Shannon.
It’s the second year they’ve done it, she said.
The kids then got to go shopping and pick out the presents themselves—about eight of them in all—and dropped them off at the Post.
It’s a lesson in managing money that we could all learn from.
The Post is collecting Toys for Tots through December 15. Please drop off your new, unwrapped toys at 36 E. Maple Street, Cedar Springs, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you need to make arrangements for a different drop off time, please call 696-3655.

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First-graders get library cards

First-graders received their library cards this week. Pictured left to right is Shannon Vanderhyde, children’s programmer at Cedar Springs Public Library, Katie L the elephant (Rosann Gerhardt from CSPL), and Sara Magnuson, the children’s parapro at KDL’s Sand Lake/Nelson Township Library.

There are officially 188 new readers (and library patrons) in Cedar Springs. That’s how many first-graders got their library cards last week in the 14th annual library card drive.

Shannon Vanderhyde, in charge of children’s programming for the Cedar Springs Public Library, took the lead this year in managing the program—handing out the registration cards, collecting and processing them, and distributing the new cards with Kent District Library’s Children’s Parapro, Sara Magnuson, from the Sand Lake/Nelson Township Library.

“I enjoy every opportunity I get to collaborate with the schools and other community partners,” said Shannon, who is also a member of the Cedar Springs Board of Education.

To celebrate, the children were treated to the movie Yogi Bear, at the Kent Theatre, on Monday and Tuesday. Don and June Mabie sponsored the movie, and their donation covered the $3 cost per first-grader and teacher to get in free. Independent Bank of Cedar Springs sponsored the pop and popcorn for every first grader who either had a library card or got a brand new card.

“The Kent Theater had their first string working ticket sales and concessions and did an outstanding job of getting people out of the lobby and into the auditorium,” said Donna Clark, Director at CSPL. “This year we had no families standing outside in the cold waiting to get inside and there were no bottle-necks at the concessions.  It was exciting to see whole families joining in the fun!”

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