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Forum on UFOs in Michigan


On Thursday, August 17, Dr. Ron Pleune will hold an open forum and information meeting at the Cedar Springs Library from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a question and answer period from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., on the topic of UFO’s in Michigan as well as the greater Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sand Lake areas.

Dr. Pleune is a graduate of Aquinas College and Bethany Theological Seminary with majors in Business Management, Youth and Family Counseling as well as a Doctorate in Apologetics. He has taught at several colleges as an adjunct professor and recently taught an 11-week class in the Rockford Community Education Program on the Billy Meier UFO contacts that began in 1942. The course will be offered again this coming fall. Dr. Pleune is also a certified for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

Dr. Pleune became interested in UFO activity in childhood and was intrigued with the sightings in the 1960’s but never saw one until the spring of 1974 when he and his family moved to Rockford in 1973. One clear Saturday morning a UFO hovered a couple hundred feet above the back yard and a call was placed to the Grand Rapids airport. The airport confirmed that many calls were coming in about UFO being sighted in the Rockford area.

UFO sightings continued to be an interest and led him to his UFO teaching efforts in 2016, which includes a 2-hour session on how to contact UFOs. Personal contact efforts in 2016 resulted in 38 UFO flashing a light back when summoned by light signal, 4 UFO flyovers where UFO flew approximately 200 feet overhead, and one close encounter where a UFO hovered 50 ft. off the ground just 400 feet away when he and his wife arrived at their common UFO signaling field. In 2017, personal contacts are above the 2016 count…and you’ve got to hear of the UFO he summoned on Feb. 19 as well as how the UFO have flashed back on occasion when he has spoken into the night sky.

The community will be invited to share personal UFO experiences, express their interest in the formation of a UFO monthly fellowship, how to sign up for the 11 week course of the Billy Meier UFO story, and how to sign up for a class on how to signal UFO, which results in personal field training and a Certificate of Completion.

The Cedar Springs Library does not endorse nor bear any legal liability regarding the subject of this meeting offered by Dr. Ron Pleune for personal enrichment to those that are interested.

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