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Trufant Jubilee Queen’s pageant

L-R backrow Alexis Saagman, Alexis Riley, Kristin VandenBerg, Jenna Funk, Kayleigh Fuetz, L-R front row Elle Mahone, Bella Jacobs, Hannah Mahone.

The Trufant Jubilee is kicking off their 40th celebration with the annual Queens Pageant. These ladies have worked hard leading up to this event. On Saturday, August 25, at 3 p.m. sharp, the pageant will be under way. Kristin VandenBerg, the pageant coordinator, will be hosting from the stage as the ladies entertain with a dance, strut their stuff in casual wear, and finally glide across stage in formal wear. After a series of judging, the new 2018 queen will be announced.

This is the program’s second year as a scholarship pageant. The young ladies of Trufant will no longer be competing for just a crown and sash. The idea behind the scholarship is to encourage young ladies towards their future and to let them know that an entire town is behind them. There truly is “No Place Like Home” for our Wizard of Oz theme. 

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Trufant Jubilee pageant 2017


Two upcoming fundraisers

The 2017 Trufant Jubilee Scholarship Pageant is in full swing! These girls are looking forward to competing in the first scholarship program that the pageant has offered, on Saturday, August 26, at 3 p.m., at the Trufant DBS hall, 305 W. 2nd St, Trufant.

Kristin VandenBerg, this year’s new pageant coordinator said, “These girls deserve to earn something more than just a crown. They deserve to know that others believe in them and their future.”

The Trufant Pageant in the past has been well known and sought after by local teens. This year, however, it was a struggle to get more than one teen to compete. “Growing up, everyone was in the pageant! I remember sitting on the edge watching as the older girls would glide across the stage in their formal gowns, and get goosebumps when the queen was crowned. My goal is to help build this program into something that the girls are proud of again,” said VandenBerg.

This pageant is hosting two fundraisers; first a pop can drive in Trufant on August 15 from  6:30-8pm at Petersen Park and second, at Cedar Springs Brewing Company, August 21 from 4-9 p,m., where a portion of the food proceeds will be donated towards the pageant. You can find more details at their FaceBook page: Miss Trufant Jubilee Scholarship Pageant.

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