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Teacher to stand trial

A Cedar Springs High School teacher will stand trial in Circuit Court for allegedly having sex with one of his students.
63rd District Court Judge Sara Smolenski ruled on January 5 that there was enough probable cause in the case against Jon Jungkind, 44, to bind it over to the 17th Circuit Court for trial.
The student, now an 18-year-old senior, testified that she and Jungkind had sex at his home in August, after talking about her crush on him. She also said she thinks they had sex at least one other time, after a bonfire, but that she was drunk and didn’t remember the date.
The teen said that she became pregnant as a result of their sex in August, and that Jungkind bought her abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy.
Jungkind has taught at Cedar Springs since August 2003. He taught general chemistry, AP chemistry, the science of science fiction, and physics. He was also chair of the science department, and involved as an advisor in some student clubs, such as National Honor Society, and the Eco-club.
He is currently on administrative leave and his pay is being put into an escrow account. The school district filed charges against Jungkind with the state tenure commission, and if the tenure commission decides in the school’s favor, the pay will be returned to the district.

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Fisk denied new trial

By Judy Reed
The State of Michigan Court of Appeals ruled last week that Bobby Jay Fisk, 28, is not entitled to a new trial in the murders of Robert and Norma Bean, 66, of Howard City.

Bobby Fisk

Fisk and Timothy Stephan, 29, both of Howard City, and both parolees, entered the Bean residence in the early morning hours of October 6, 2008 and stole their ATM card, a gun, and some Vicodin tablets while the couple slept. When they couldn’t get money out with the ATM card, they returned to the Bean home and kidnapped them at gunpoint and forced them into their own vehicle. The suspects then drove the Beans to various locations in Montcalm County in an attempt to obtain money. The suspects eventually drove the Beans to the 14000 block of Beardslee and murdered them.
Stephan pled guilty to the murders in 2009, and received life in prison. Fisk was convicted in 2010 and received four life sentences: one for kidnapping, one for armed robbery, one for felony murder, and one for premeditated murder, without possibility for parole. He also received 30 to 45 years on three counts of first-degree home invasion, 6 to 10 years for possession of firearms by a felon, two years for felony firearms. Fisk appealed the conviction and sentencing.
The Court of Appeals ruled that Fisk was not denied the effective assistance of counsel and is not entitled to a new trial. His appeal maintained that trial counsel was ineffective and should have moved to suppress Fisk’s statements to police immediately after the murders.

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