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Be on lookout for suspicious activity


The Michigan State Police reminds you that homeland security starts with hometown security.

The public can assist law enforcement by being our eyes and ears—by being vigilant, observant, and reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement.

If you see something suspicious, you should immediately notify law enforcement. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

In Michigan, non-emergency suspicious activity can be reported to the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center by phone at 1-855-MICHTIP (855-642-4847) or online at www.michigan.gov/michtip.

In large gatherings and populated places, be responsible for your personal safety. Make a mental note of emergency exits and locations of the nearest security personnel.

Indicators of Suspicious Activity

Michiganders should be on the lookout for indicators of suspicious activity that may include:

An unattended object or one that appears out of place, especially in crowded or public areas.

Individuals exhibiting strange or abnormal behavior.

A strong odor coming from a building or vehicle.

Someone entering or exiting blocked or unauthorized areas.

Individuals who quickly leave when seen or approached.

Someone tampering or interfering with surveillance cameras.

An overloaded vehicle or one that seems out of place.

Someone taking photos, videos or drawings of high-profile or highly populated buildings or structures.

Exposed wiring or other abnormalities.

Michiganders are reminded to be on the lookout for the seven signs of terrorism, which include surveillance, elicitation, tests of security, acquiring supplies, suspicious persons out of place, dry run/trial run, and deploying assets.

Active Shooter Guidance – Run, Hide, Fight

If you find yourself in an active shooter situation, you have three options: run, hide or fight.

Run if a safe path is available. Always try to escape or evacuate even if others insist on staying. Encourage others to leave with you, but do not let the indecision of others slow down your own effort to escape. Once you are out of the line of fire, try to prevent others from walking into the danger zone and call 9-1-1.

If you cannot get out safely, find a place to hide. When hiding, turn out lights, remember to lock doors, and silence your ringer and vibration mode on your cell phone.

As a last resort, working together or alone, act with aggression, use improvised weapons, and fight.

Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC)

Located within the Michigan State Police, the MIOC operates 24/7 providing a critical link to all levels of government and the private sector in the sharing of critical information as it pertains to crimes, threats, and hazards.

Established in 2007, the MIOC is one of 78 fusion centers nationwide that exchange information and intelligence to fight crime and terrorism.

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