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Subscription winners!

Have you subscribed yet to the Cedar Springs Post? If not, you are missing out on a chance to win some great prizes from local businesses!
You, too, can win by subscribing to the Post for only $25 per year. Fill out the entry form on this page and mail, or subscribe through our website (www.cedarspringspost.com) using Paypal.
This week’s winners are:
*Rosemary and Michael Gray, of Courtland Township, won a dinner for two from the Cedar Springs Big Boy, located on the corner of 17 Mile and White Creek in Cedar Springs.
*Dominic Merlington, of Solon Township, won a large one-topping pizza from Hungry Howie’s on the corner of Main and Muskegon St. in Cedar Springs.
*Selene Marsteiner, of Solon Township, won four movie passes to the Kent Theatre in Cedar Springs.
Winners must pick up their prizes HERE at the Post within 14 days or the prize will be awarded to someone else. We are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday. Please call 696-3655 to make other arrangements.
Thanks so much to the businesses partnering with us in this drive! If you are a business who would like to donate a prize, call us at 696-3655.
*Subscribers are assigned a number, and then chosen at random through a computer website, www.random.org.

Thank you to all of this week’s subscribers!

Kathryn  & Donald Poling
Jerry & Norma Engelman
Ed & Alice Jackson
Bradley Grove
William & Billie Cichewicz
Edward & Carol Hordyk
Angela Cowell
Muriel Casterline
William & Esther Elliot
Vicki & Sam Peterson
Angela Roberts

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We have winners in the Post subscription drive!

Are you looking for a cure to what ails you? Need some good news for a change? The good news is that everyone wins when you buy a subscription to the Cedar Springs Post!
This week, we drew the names of two lucky winners, who each won four tickets to see the Lipizzaner Stallions this Sunday at VanAndel arena! The winners are:
•    Daniel and Donna Clark, of Cedar Springs
•    Helen Pike, of Sparta
Congratulations to our winners! And it’s not too late for the rest of our readers to subscribe and be entered to win some great prizes from area businesses! See the entry form on this page for details.

Thank you to all of this week’s subscribers!

Daniel & Donna Clark
Mary & Dennis Menke
Fred & Carollee Gunnell
Rex Nielsen

Lee Ann Eary

Patricia & David Eary
Harold & June Middleton
Anne Heath
Annetta Fisk
Cheryl Rose
Robert & Jean Snow
Robert Ruwersma
Rosemary & Michael Gray
Marilyn & Carl Neff, Jr.
George & Eldona Allington
Joanne Furhoff
Kim Gillow
William & Ruth Stalhood
Delores Rau
Dwight & Josephine Jamison
Freda & Eugene Naffziger

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To be or not to be…

by Lois Allen

Do you smell something funny? It’s probably this newspaper. It’s dead.
That’s what everyone tells me. As the owner of one of them, I feel I have better odds playing the Lotto. And now it’s that time again—time for our annual subscription drive.
For over twenty years we’ve beaten the odds. Why do we keep trying when all others around us are failing? Because, you are still reading this newspaper. Who cares what they say. The people of Cedar Springs can read! We’re not stinkin’ yet!  And so maybe I won’t retire. The Post will try and stick around for another year. And, as long as our local business community continues to believe, (and run ads) we will continue to keep an eye on Cedar Springs.
For everyone with students of Cedar Springs schools, the Post will be there, sitting in for parents at school board meetings, so you don’t have to. (Unless you want to of course.) For another year, the Post will be on the scene when history happens, snapping photos and taking notes. It will live on and strive every day to inform you—to be the eyes and ears and the voice of you, the reader.
It takes communication to make a village. The Post is the tool that is the voice of Cedar Springs. It is the source that brings us together in one voice of celebration, of pride and sometimes of sorrow.
Now is your chance to gamble on us. For twenty-five bucks (the cost of two gallons of gas) you can get your Post delivered in your mailbox for another year and also a chance to have a great night on us!
Those who subscribe right away will be immediately entered to win an evening experiencing a live performance of the Lipizzaner Stallions. This is an event that only comes once every few years and is a lifetime experience for any horse lover at heart.
Don’t have an envelope? Can’t find a pen? Out of stamps? Don’t know where the post office is? Not to worry. The Post has gone high tech. We have Paypal! It’s as easy as going to the nearest computer and typing www.cedarspringspost.com.
Now you’re just one click away. Scroll until you see our “Buy It Now” button and the rest is easy. Or, you can pick up the phone and call (616) 696-3655 with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover. You need to hurry to get a shot at the free tickets. The one and only performance is Sunday, February 6. We’ll be giving away two sets of 4 tickets (a $100 value!)
Thanks for reading!

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