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Storm topples tree

A portion of this tree fell on a house on 17 Mile Rd, west of Algoma, during a storm Sunday, July 1. Post photo by J. Reed.

A storm blew through the area on Sunday, July 1, leaving some 31,000 customers across the state of Michigan were without power, with Kent County the hardest hit. Over 14,000 people in Kent County without power. Many were located right here in Cedar Springs, and some did not receive power again until sometime Tuesday.

Downed trees were a common sight, including the one pictured above at a home in Solon Township, just west of Algoma and 17 Mile Rd.

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Spring takes area by storm


The Cedar Springs Post took a direct hit when winds blown in by a fierce spring-turned-winter storm ripped through our area last Saturday.

Owner and Publisher Lois Allen received several calls at her home about it. “The Post is under attack!” said one caller. And indeed, the Post was in the path of destruction as the high winds lifted the roof of Len Allington’s brick building on the corner of Main and Maple Streets and sent it airborne across the alley between the buildings. It landed on top of the Post, wrapped around a utility pole and entangled in electrical wires.

Consumer’s Energy cut the wires on Sunday and left the scene, leaving three businesses and several apartments without power until Tuesday afternoon.

“The more you depend on technology, the more helpless you become when it fails,” said Allen. “You can quote me on that.”

What many people thought was a tornado turned out to be straight line winds. The first storm rolled into our area at about 4:30 p.m. and was followed by several others throughout the night.  The National Weather Service said damage across West Michigan was consistent with winds gusting 75 to 85 mph, and lasted 3-5 minutes. The winds were equivalent to an EF-0 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

The winds blew in, and hail rained down, damaging cars, mobile homes, and other outside objects. The size ranged from a dime to a quarter. Some mobile homes were pelted with hundreds of holes. It covered the ground to a depth that looked like snow.

Trees were ripped out of the ground or broken all across the area—Sand Lake, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Kent City, and surrounding townships. The wind even blew the roof off of the gymnasium at Kent City.

In the aftermath of the storm, rivers and creeks were swollen and many areas are still under a flood watch.

Thanks to the many readers who sent us your storm photos!

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Storm brings down tree, powerline

A storm that blew through the city of Cedar Springs Monday evening weakened just before it got here but was still strong enough to topple a tree and snap a telephone pole.

The storm came through between 7:30 and 8 p.m. Tuesday, June18. It was originally issued as a severe weather warning, with high wind gusts and marble size hail that could dent cars. Just before it hit the National Weather Service downgraded it and cancelled the warning, but that was little comfort to Wayne and June Price and others on Ronald Street in Cedar Springs who lost power.

Wayne sent us these pictures, and explained that “It poured, the wind blew, and toppled the neighbor’s tree into the road in front of our house, snapping our power pole at the end of our driveway. The top of the pole leaned over the road breaking our power lines to the house.” Consumers Power spent the night repairing the damage, and power was restored about 5 a.m.


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Storms hit area hard

Mindy Abbott sent us this photo of the second storm coming in on Monday morning, July 11. It was taken from the Goodwill parking lot off 17 Mile Road and Edgerton.

The storms that blew into West Michigan about 8:00 a.m. Monday, July 11, caused at least one fatality, and left several areas with heavy property damage.

The National Weather Service, in Grand Rapids, said that their storm survey team confirmed straight line wind damage in Kentwood, Holland, and Portage. In Kentwood, there were maximum wind speeds of 85-90 mph, about the same magnitude as en EF-0 or low EF-1 tornado. The winds uprooted and snapped numerous large trees, several homes were damaged, and many power lines were brought down by fallen trees. A man was killed in Kentwood when a tree fell on the garage he was in at the time.

Cedar Springs and the surrounding area had some damage, including a tree down on 16 Mile and the White Pine Trail that brought down a power line. Power was out in several pockets across the area.

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Winter storm blankets area

icy branchesMichigan was socked with a winter storm that blew across the Midwest on Sunday, canceling more than 1,600 flights in Chicago and dumping enough snow in Minnesota to collapse the Metrodome just hours before game time.
School closings raced across morning television on Monday and tow trucks were busy clearing vehicles from icy roadways. No serious injuries were reported in our area which escaped inches of snowfall that hit places in Indiana with 30-plus. Get ready readers, it’s just getting started!
Help out our editor! Send in your storm or winter pics, i.e. snowmen, snow scenes, wintry weather… Send with info to news@cedarspringspost.com.

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