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Post photo by J. Reed.

This curious little guy took a break from chewing on wood at the entrance to the Post Monday to peek through the window and see what we were doing. He and two of his littermates have taken a sudden liking to the strip of wood that runs along the bottom of the doorframe. According to several Internet websites, it’s not unusual for squirrels to chew on wood around your home. Do you have a non-toxic remedy to keep squirrels from chewing around your woodwork? Email us at news@cedarspringspost.com. Or, if you have any wildlife photos you’d like to send us, email them to the same address, and we’ll try to run them as space allows.

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Lazy days of summer

We’ve been through some hot and humid weather in the last couple of weeks, and the mild, breezy weather we’re having now is sure a relief! It appears, from the photo below, that we are not the only ones affected by hot weather.
Tom Parker, of Cedar Springs, sent us this photo taken last Saturday, of one of his backyard friends taking a break from the summer heat after a meal of corn and sunflower seeds. Ah, the lazy days of summer!

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