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Going beyond the walls


Photo by R. Maurer

Photo by R. Maurer

The Springs Church took their worship to the streets last Sunday—literally.

About 150 people participated in the church’s annual “Beyond the Walls” event, where the congregation leaves the walls of the building behind and reaches out to people in the community by serving.

Cherri’ Kerr, local missions pastor at The Springs, located at 135 N. Grant,  said the day is not about recruiting people to come to the church—it’s about serving others.

“We just want people to know that we are friendly and we care about them,” said Kerr. “But it’s also about discipleship. It gives people in the church an opportunity to be a part of the community and learn about their needs.”

The church started this outreach five years ago, and Kerr took over organizing it three years ago. She said that each year is different. “Each year I try to find more ways for people in the church to engage personally with people in the community,” she explained. “I want people to understand that our heart truly is to serve, to show the love of Christ. It’s really about learning to serve and love people sacrificially. We don’t expect anything in return.”

Photo by R. Maurer

Photo by R. Maurer

This year the church had 14 teams for Beyond the Walls. Some of the projects included visiting and singing at Hope Network; fifth and six graders visiting patients at Metron; a team fixing a broken water fountain at Metron; a group delivering bags of groceries to people; a team doing yard work and washing windows at the Post; another group handing out water bottles on the White Pine Trail; others handing out grocery totes to people; individuals visiting the elderly at Mildred Houting in Sand Lake; a group handing out chips and pop; a team walking around the city and praying; and another picking up trash. A couple of other new fun projects included a money drop at a local grocery store, where the team dropped dollar bills in grocery carts for people, then went to the McDonald’s drive thru and passed them out, and a veterans fanfare, where people dressed in red, white and blue and stood at the Main and Muskegon Street intersection with signs that told people to honk if they love vets.  They reportedly had just under 4,000 honks. A couple of support teams stayed at the church and worked either caring for kids age 4 and under, or working in the kitchen to prepare lunch for the volunteers, and goody trays that were delivered to the city school, city hall and fire department on Monday.

After the event, the teams came back to the church to have lunch and talk about what they did. “I like it when I see something come out of it,” said Kerr. “When people understand it’s not just a one-day project.” She noted that several individuals made connections they plan to foster—such as visiting more often at Mildred Houting and Metron.

Kerr doesn’t yet have any specific plans for next year’s event.  “Every year I try to pay attention to what’s needed, and just trust that we’ll be where God wants us to be,” she explained.


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Ten ways to get your joy back

Pastor Barry Briggs
The Springs Church
135 N. Grant, Cedar Springs

If someone were to ask you, “What’s the easiest thing to lose?” what would you say? My keys, my cell phone, the TV remote? Do you know what the easiest thing to lose is?  Your joy. You can lose it just like that. One phone call, an email, a letter, a conversation and boom – it’s gone.
David prayed this in Psalm 51:12a (NIV) “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation…”
He had lost the joy. Maybe you have too.  If so, God wants to restore your joy. And one of the quickest ways to get your joy back, believe it or not, is by spreading joy. You can actually restore your joy by spreading joy.
I heard about a guy this Christmas who paid off someone’s lay-a-way bill at Kmart.  They came to pick up their stuff and found out it was all paid for. I’m sure that spread the joy!  How fun would that have been for the person who received it, and for the person who did it? It inspired another guy who heard the story and he went and paid off $2000 worth of lay-a-way items for people!
Don’t just take and take and take.  Find some way in life to give something back.  That will restore your joy.
The Bible says this in Acts 20:35b (TEV) “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”
That’s absolutely true.  There’s more happiness in being the gift, than in getting a gift.  God says, “You need some joy?  Here’s what I want you to do, be the gift to someone this week. Spread some joy. Brighten up someone’s day.  It will brighten your day too.”
Here are 10 ways that you can spread joy this week:
1. Be positive.
With the down economy and bills falling behind this can be really tough to do; but being positive will encourage those around you and bring you joy in the process.
2. Smile at everyone you come in contact with.
Smiles are contagious! Someone can be going through a hard time, really discouraged, and you give them a big smile, and they can’t help but smile back. I love giving the gift of joy because this gift gets passed around so easily! Giving out smiles, looking people in the eye and being super friendly is something that we all are capable of doing.
3. Leave an encouraging sticky note on a few of your co-workers computers. Don’t sign it. Just do it.
4. Give a Thank You card to someone who has made a difference in your life.
5. Run errands for a new mom (or someone who is sick).
6. Say “Please” and “Thank you” – show sincere appreciation.
7. Invite a friend over for coffee or dessert.
8. Give kind words freely.
Honestly, after a day of “You didn’t accomplish this; and you got a D on that test; and your monthly projections were off by a long shot… blah, blah, blah…” we all need to hear something positive.
9. Thank our wonderful military personnel each and every time you see someone in uniform. Look them in the eyes and say “Thank you”.
10.    Write a note to your children expressing how proud you are of them.  Leave it on their pillow or in their lunch box.
There is something deep within us all that knows it is better to give than to receive.  There’s no joy like spreading joy! Start looking for opportunities to spread joy. When you do, you’ll see them pop up all over the place. This week do just one thing a day to spread the joy to the people around you. Each and every act of joy, regardless of what it is, will make a difference. It will give joy to others, and at the same time it will give joy to you.
You can make a difference!  The real question is—will you? How are you spreading joy?

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Man injured when car hits tree

This van slammed into a tree in the Springs Church parking lot Monday. Post photo by J. Reed.

A Sparta man suffered several injuries Monday his van ran into a tree off a church parking lot.
Thomas Brant, 67, of Sparta, was picking up a box of food in the Springs Church parking lot at 135 N. Grant in Cedar Springs Monday afternoon.
A budget rental truck was set up in the parking lot, and seniors were driving up to get their food. “He stopped to get his food, and then the van shot forward,” said witness Robert Wright, who was in line behind Brant. “He side swiped the trunk and ran into the tree.”
Cedar Springs Police Officer Chad Potts said that while leaning over to open the door, the victim’s foot may have slipped and hit the accelerator.
Brant was treated by Cedar Springs Fire and Rescue and transported to the hospital by Rockford Ambulance with a possible broken arm, dislocated shoulder, and burns on his face from the air bags being deployed.

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