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Fire destroys Nelson Township home

Fire consumed this Nelson Township home last Friday evening, April 13. Photo from Bruce Duncan.

By Judy Reed

An old home at 8147 19 Mile Rd, about ¼ mile east of  Pine Lake Rd, was destroyed in a fire Friday evening, April 13. 

According to Bruce Duncan, who lives nearby at 19 Mile and Pine Lake Rd, the house was under renovation and had recently received a new steel roof and had other repairs done.

“We don’t know how it started, but we were still up when the firefighters started to arrive,” said Duncan. “I walked out to the corner to look and counted 7 fire trucks, 2 ambulances and 2 tanker trucks that were bringing in water from Pine Lake. It was pretty involved by the time the first trucks started to come in. The house on the corner was damaged some from the heat of the fire.”

There wasn’t much left of this home at 8147 19 Mile Rd. Post photo by L. Allen.

Duncan said that years ago the home belonged to a Gladys Hicks, who was his girlfriend’s grandmother. “She remembers visiting and playing in the old house growing up. She was from the Gillespie family and with family ties, it was sad to watch it burn down. There’s a lot of history in that old house. The house on the corner next to it that received some damage was smaller back then and was a tenant house for the field workers,” he explained.

Some of the fire departments on scene included Spencer, Sand Lake, and Cedar Springs Fire Departments. The Post put in a call to Spencer Fire and Sand Lake Fire for some official information, but did not yet have that info by press time. 

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Fan ignites fire in Spencer home

By Judy Reed

This Spencer Township home caught fire while the family was away Sunday. Post photo by C. Bigney.

This Spencer Township home caught fire while the family was away Sunday. Post photo by C. Bigney.

A Spencer Township family went canoeing for the day Sunday, only to return and find tragedy at home.

According to Spencer Township Fire Chief Allen Wright, they responded to a house fire at 11801 19 Mile Road about 10:45 a.m. Sunday, August 9. When they arrived, no one was at home, but the upper portion of the modular home was in flames.

Post photo by C. Bigney.

Post photo by C. Bigney.

Six fire departments fought the blaze or provided support on the scene, including Spencer, Cedar Springs, Trufant, Sand Lake, Oakfield, and Algoma. Wright said it took about 15 minutes to knock the fire down, and they spent another half hour dousing hot spots. The upper portion was destroyed by the fire, and the basement level suffered water damage.

There were no injuries to firefighters, however, a family cat perished in the fire.

Wright said the fire started in the living room next to a chair. He explained that an electric fan in the window was left running and may have fallen out of the window and started the fire.

The family is reportedly staying with relatives in the area.

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