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Development causing problems


Nelson Township has not yet granted Allen Edwin Homes its request for the rezoning of the property located at 6500 18 Mile Road for the building of an OSPUD development. However, building of the first unit has begun.

Woes and hazards for motorists driving on Shaner and 18 Mile Roads came on the first day (August 24) with the arrival of the developer’s construction equipment and hauling rigs. The area where the construction was taking place was a field with soft ground and no driveway to get to the actual building site. One semi driver chose to park his rig behind the stop sign on Shaner’s southeast corner, blocking all clear vision for drivers needing to get on or off either of the roads. Other smaller vehicles parked on the narrow road shoulder in front of the stop sign. One accident took place in the intersection, while the vehicles parked were in the clear vision area. On September 8, a more hazardous situation came about when double tandem rigs hauled in tons of dirt up Shaner to the building site. This time the haulers used the eastbound lane of 18 Mile to back up their rigs, in order to turn around to get southbound on Shaner. The northbound lane of Shaner was used for parking the loads while the dirt was being unloaded. This activity lasted from early in the morning that day until around 2:30 p.m. This is only a sample of what is to come if the developer gets the request for rezoning and the rest of the building starts.

On September 21, Allen Edwin Homes will present yet another new plan for its condominium site to the Nelson Planning Commission. This proposed development has already raised several legitimate concerns with residents living nearby, and others not so close. Some of these concerns seem to have fallen by the wayside where the Township Board and Planning Commission are concerned. For instance: increased traffic, well water contamination, well water supply, and the other impacts that a development of such density will have on current property owners/taxpayers. The amount of time that the Township has spent on it should be a strong indication that what Homes wants to do on the property isn’t compatible to the location.

Mary L. Stidham, Nelson Township

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Driver falls asleep; hits oncoming car

The driver of this car fell asleep and hit an oncoming vehicle the evening of July 4.

The driver of this car fell asleep and hit an oncoming vehicle the evening of July 4.

Police and fire and rescue responded to the scene of a two-car head-on collision in Nelson Township shortly before midnight on Thursday, July 4.

According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, a young male driver traveling westbound on 17 Mile, between Shaner and Ritchie, dozed off and hit an oncoming vehicle. According to police at the scene, the occupants of the cars suffered minor injuries and would not be transported to the hospital. Cedar Springs Police and Cedar Springs Fire and Rescue assisted at the scene.

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What warrants a four-way stop?

This crash at 15 Mile and Shaner last week involved 11 people, with one airlifted to the hospital with a head injury. The eastbound car stopped at the stop sign on 15 Mile and then pulled out in front of the Durango that was heading north on Shaner.

By Judy Reed

A serious accident at the intersection of 15 Mile and Shaner Avenue last week in Courtland Township have neighbors wondering what it will take to get a four-way stop put in.
“Does someone have to die?” asked Sharon Parker, a neighbor who was at the scene of last week’s crash, and helped lift the SUV off of a teen pinned underneath the tire.
Several people have complained to the Post that it is hard to see at the intersection if you are traveling on 15 Mile. But does that warrant a four-way stop?
According to data on the Kent County Road Commission website, traffic volume in the area has grown little over the last several years, and sees about 2,000 cars in a 24-hour period. That’s two-way traffic, so could be 1,000 cars going then coming home. Traffic counts have actually dropped on 15 Mile through that area, between 2005 and 2008, and increased only slightly on Shaner.
Tim Haagsma, P.E., Director of Traffic and Safety at the Kent County Road Commission, said that they have to follow a manual put out by the federal government called the Public Manual of Safety Control Devices, when gauging whether an intersection warrants a four-way stop. “We look at both traffic volumes and crash rates,” he explained, “and they have less than one-third of the number of crashes needed.” He went on to say that according to their data, there were three crashes reported at that intersection between 2005 and 2010, and what would warrant a four-way stop would be five crashes in a 12-month period.
“That intersection is not near the rate where we’d say a problem occurs,” noted Haagsma.
He said that following federal guidelines helps eliminate a proliferation of four-way stops where they could do more harm than good. Haagsma noted that while a four-way stop would reduce right-angle crashes, it would lead to more rear-end crashes. “We always have to look at the trade-off,” he said.
But Parker would like to see the guidelines changed, and she is asking concerned residents to call Senator Mark Jansen’s office at 517-373-0797. “Maybe if enough people call we can get it changed,” she said.
Parker also had a request for all the neighbors that go through there. “Slow down! It could be your child next time.”

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Man critically injured in accident


AeroMed was called to the scene of a two-car accident in Courtland Township Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Ron Parker.

A two-car accident in Courtland Township Tuesday afternoon left one man with critical injuries and several others with minor scrapes and lacerations. The accident happened about 4 p.m. at 15 Mile and Shaner Avenue.


At least one teen was critically injured when he was ejected from this SUV Tuesday afternoon. Post photo by J. Reed.

According to police, a witness told them that a red Chevrolet Malibu was at the stop sign in the eastbound lane of 15 Mile at Shaner, when it pulled out in front of a white Dodge Durango traveling north on Shaner. There is no stop sign on Shaner, and the two vehicles crashed in the intersection. The Durango left the roadway and overturned in a yard north of the crash. A teen male sitting in the rear of the Durango was ejected and landed underneath the tire of the SUV in a yard just north of the intersection. The victim, Matthew John Slabbekoorn, 17, of Algoma Township, was airlifted from the scene by AeroMed with a head injury.

There were seven passengers in the Durango. The driver, Benjamin Creed Sullivan, 19, of Courtland Township, was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Brooklynn Jenette Hommerson, 17, of Sparta, was transported to Butterworth by Rockford Ambulance with minor injuries. The other passengers were treated for minor injuries at the scene and declined to be transported to the hospital.

There were four passengers in the Malibu. The driver, Terese Clement, 42, of Courtland Township, and three children, Jack Clement, 6, John Clement, 1, and Greg Clement, 1, suffered minor injuries and were all transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Assisting at the scene was the Kent County Sheriff Department, Cedar Springs Police, Sand Lake Police, Courtland Township Fire, Cedar Springs Fire and Rescue, Rockford Ambulance, and AeroMed.

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