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Secure Act is destructive


Earlier in November, the US House Committee on Natural Resources passed an energy bill to remove public input for management of public land energy management. H.R. Bill 4239, the bill “SECURE Act,” prioritizes fracking above all other energy sources, decimates rules that regulate drilling, guts public involvement and input on development through the National Environmental Policy Act. It gives the states permitting and oversight authority over energy development on federal lands. I think this applies to Manistee National Forest, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Seney National Wildlife Refuge and other lands the public owns.

You own federal public lands throughout the US but the committee bill limits management decisions to the state where they are located even though most owners do not live there. A goal is to prevent public involvement in energy policy. You might be aware the President has expressed a desire to open National Parks to mining as well as other lands designated for other purposes.

The bill weakens protections for marine mammals, expands offshore drilling in America’s oceans, undoes protections in the Arctic, and eliminates the ability for a president to withdraw and protect areas from drilling off the coasts. It’s destructive for protection of wild areas, ground water protection, and forest management.

The SECURE act could come to a vote on the House floor at any time. I encourage you to protect citizen rights to have continued management input for your shared property ownership. Contact your member of the US House of Representatives to request no vote when the bill comes to the full house. For many of us it is Justin Amash. 

Steven J. Mueller, Courtland Twp

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