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Letters to Santa Claus

It’s that time of year again, when kids can’t wait to mail their letters to Santa! To help parents out, the Cedar Springs Post has set up a special North Pole drop box. Every year dozens of kids use our special box for express delivery to the North Pole, and we make sure Santa reads each and every one! So, if you’d like to send a letter to Santa, and maybe get it printed in the newspaper, just drop off your letter in the bright red box labeled “Santa Mail” outside our office at 36 E. Maple Street, or mail your letter to: Letters to Santa, c/o the Cedar Springs Post, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

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Santa arrives in Sand Lake

There wasn’t much snow on the ground when Santa made his grand entrance at Sand Lake’s Santa Claus parade last week Saturday, but it was definitely a chilly celebration.
Santa and Mrs. Claus, Frosty the snowman, firetrucks, police and several floats made their way west on Lake Street from Fourth to Eighth, and over to the Sand Lake Nelson Township Library Saturday morning, much to the delight of dozens of children and their parents. Frosty greeted children as they went inside, and once inside, they had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s help.
Later that evening, the community held a tree lighting ceremony. They decorated the tree in Salisbury Park planted in memory of Jennifer Kowalczyk, 12, who died in 1984 of Burkette’s Lymphoma. The VFW served cookies and hot chocolate afterward, and there was music in the gazebo in the park.

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Residents celebrate tree lighting

Santa hitches a ride from the Cedar Springs Fire Department to the tree lighting event.

Excitement filled the air Friday evening, December 2, as boys and girls and kids of all ages waited for the moment Santa would arrive on the corner of Main and Ash Streets in Cedar Springs for the annual “Mingle with Kris Kringle”  event.
The evening started at 5 p.m. with a live nativity from Calvary Assembly of God Church, which included live actors and animals. They were later joined by the choir from the play, “A Christmas Carol.” At about 6:15, the children all began singing to see if it would bring Santa Claus to them, and it did! Santa arrived (much to everyone’s delight) and the Christmas tree was lit.
Afterward, people were invited to pet the animals, and those who had signed up to see Santa waited (or were supposed to) until their name was called, and then made their way over to the United Methodist Church and into a long winding line to see Santa. Children were entertained in a couple of spots along the way, with Tom Noreen and Donna Clark reading storybooks, and a couple of crafts in the gym.

A live nativity from Calvary Assembly of God Church started off the evening.

This year’s event was organized by Cedar Springs Area Parks and Rec Director Amanda Gerhardt, and Craig Owens, pastor of Calvary Assembly of God.
“I thought it went great!” said Owens. “I didn’t get an exact count, but we had at least 200 kids (based on how many crafts we did). So I would guess 300-350 total.”
Gerhardt said that the Community Action Network would talk about the event to see what could be improved for next year.

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Mingle with Kris Kringle

Mark your calendars now for Mingle with Kris Kringle—the  annual holiday tree lighting ceremony in Cedar Springs, where families gather to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season!
The event will be held on Friday, December 2, at the corner of Main and Ash Street in Cedar Springs. This year, the event is being organized by Cedar Springs Area Parks and Rec Director Amanda Gerhardt, and Pastor Craig Owens, pastor at Calvary Assembly of God.
There will be a living nativity beginning at 5 p.m. with actors and animals. They will be joined by actors from the upcoming play “A Christmas Carol,” who will sing Christmas carols. The tree lighting will be at 6 p.m. when Santa arrives. Afterwards, children may stay and pet the animals as they wait for their turn to see Santa. Activities may also be set up in the United Methodist Church to keep little ones busy.
The details are still coming in, so watch next week’s Post for the final details!

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Santa sighting

Tyrone Township resident Tom Scott caught a sneak peak of Santa in Rockford’s Santa Claus parade on Saturday, December 4 and sent us this photo. Thanks, Tom! We’ve heard rumors that Santa was also seen around Cedar Springs last weekend at both Family Fare and Classic Kelly’s restaurant, checking up on boys and girls and listening to what they want for Christmas. Don’t worry if you missed him; you might get a chance Christmas Eve!
If you want to keep track of where Santa is on Christmas Eve, did you know that NORAD tracks his journey? There is also a kids countdown tab where kids can visit the North Pole shops and play games. Check it out at www.noradsanta.org.

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Letters to Santa

letterDear Santa,
I want stinky garbage truck tractor & rocky kitchen Gator Golf game Toy story 3 actors Race Track Train track.

Love Brady Age 3


Dear Sannta,
I am trying to be good. I like you. I like toys. Can you bring me some? Thank you!

Nintendo DS
Marvel Heros
Travel DVD Player
Pop the Pig
BNE Darroos

Love Eden

Dear Santa,
Big sister dolly D5i
5anta Dolli
Tor 5snow man bell5

Brooklyn Age 4

to: Sant Class
From: Allyson Ladd


Video Gril
Reskue Pup
The move elf
Harry Potter Lagoe Casle
Sun Glasse
Play moblie Capera
Baby Algone
Dsi Games
Cristmis music
Go Go My wakin Pop rudof
Hagid Doll Horse and Price Calse
Fine Fish



Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents you brought me last year. And thank you for the presents you are bringing. This is who I am, Logan Friskey. I am 4 years old (mommy is typing exactly what I say). I would like a race car; a mustang with a green ruby in the back not sticking to it.
I would like a big, huge, little toy gun.
I would like some more super hero capes and super hero maskes.
I like huge big foots and huge mustangs
I would like pirate stuff with little toy guns and one hook on my head.
I want GI Joe stuff and bean bag chair stuff.
I would like the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” cause it is super really cool.
I would like a fishing pole; a new on e for fishing for real; for real fish. Yea, like moving fish for water in the sea. And that’s it.

Mommy, spell my name for me way far on the bottom like this, L-o-g-a-n.

I love you Santa,
Logan Thomas

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year. I wanted to write a letter to you just like my big brother Logan, but I am only 1 year and 10 months old and don’t know how to write or type. Mommy is helping me out. If you could find it in your heart to maybe bring me a couple of the following, I would be so happy!

A new pretty girl baby doll
A new dolly bed for my babies
A Disney Princess Top Tracks book with an “IPOD”
Fancy Nancy things and books
Anything Elmo or Abby Caddaby
Ballet slippers for dress up
Dolly clothes
Baby bottles for my hungry babies
High cahir for my babies
Hello Kitty purse
Some Vtech toys or Leap Frog
Pretties for my hair
Hats. I love hats

Thank you for reading my letter Santa. I hope it finds its way to you soon. I know you work for God in celebration for Jesus’ birthday. I will gladly give a toy in Jesus name to a child who isn’t as fortunate as me and my brother Logan.

Blakelyn Rose Friskey

Santa Clause, Thank you for my new baby sis, when she gets her. I only have 2 more months to go. Santa if you can’t bring me a lot of presents, just like may be 2 of them. Can they please be starwars gifts. That would be ok your favrit person.
River Ethan Oligney
P.S. I moved from grant to Cedar Springs now hope you can find me.
Thank you Santa
From River

Dear Santa,
My name is Kaleb Nique, and I am three years old. This year I have been a good boy. For Christmas I would please like a buzz lightyear action figure, a buzz lightyear movie, a new shrek movie, a new buzz lightyear and shrek shirt. A new nemo fish. I would also like a tool set with a hammer, and a shed to play in the snow with. I like eating the snow.

Thank you,
P.S. I will leave out milk and cookies for you.


Dear Santas
I am 5 years old Im a good boy, I do all my chores. Daisy is good to. Can I please have biveos silly string. Toys 4 Daisy, Wii, and 2 bones for dogs.

Alan Molock

Dear Santa,

This year I would like toy story 3 diary of a wimpy kid. A xBox 360 Kinict or DSI, Hot wheels custom motors. I would also like a arihogs helocoper. Now that I got the list part out the way I would ask you how was your year? My year was horrable 2 people died in my family my great gradma and my great aunt, thats enough about me christmas is comeing so hop on that slay and make sure to pass out presints to all the good kids.

Love Brandon Kramer
P.S. I am one of them.

Dear Santa I want a brand new DS because I broke my DS I want Xbox 360. Toy story the game C. Brown DVD Thamsbromers the Game the Bad game, playstation.
Alex Kramer
I am one of them

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Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. I would like a new monster truck, lego blocks, and Toy Story 3. Thanks, your friend, Spencer A. 3 yrs old.

Dear Santa Clas,
I would like a baby alive zobols vidyo barby a video camra and 2 stufet animal rander.
Love Madelin

Dear Santa,
I would like a military playset and the truck from Toys R’ Us that goes over dirt, snow and water.
Love Gerald

Dear Santa,
I would like a Santa Cause car, a baby reindeer and reindeer dirt.
Love Garrett Scott

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. I would like Mind-flex dragonoide collasise new supermario bros wii.
Your friend, Nicolas Hernandez
Age 7
Dear santa,
Hope you will like the milk and cookies you’ll get from all the kids and ope I’m on the nice/good list. hopefully I get what i want and the other kids what i want mabe is…

• gautar
• Ds games
• bizerd maker
• Ds game holder

Love Brooke Weeks
Logan Troupe's tree

Dear Santa
May I plee have a pilo pet dopin or unocorn?
Barbie pet dog swim schoole?
horse pant hit? Brir red stabols?
horse vet cit? dog sed and pepper on snavy fun pet set?
Love Taryn

Dear Santa,
May I have my own monster truck, dump truck, croc-block wagon, a dino flashlight or the little people wheelies stand and play? I hope you have a safe trip throughout the world.
Love xoxox
Caden Glenn

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas. I’v tried very hard to be good. Here’s some idea’s of what i’d like for christmas.
• Fashion designing kits
• American girl doll outfits
• embroidery floss
• Build a Bear puppy roller skates and leash

Sincerly, Olivia Branch

letter to santa

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