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We, too!


Women across America have stood together to say, “Me, too.” We will not be violated by those in power.

Now all Americans should rise up and say, “We, too, will not allow our public lands to be violated.” Those in power should not be allowed to rape our National Monuments with strip mining and rip down trees with chains.

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah is a beautiful land where my family has hiked and camped for 39 years. It has incredible rock formations, awe -nspiring plateaus, and unique wildlife.

While hiking out to a waterfall we have seen eagles soaring and mule deer grazing. We camped next to hoo doos, watching jackrabbits and red fox. We witnessed dozens of cottontails and big horn sheep while driving at dawn. We keep going back to one special spot to try to spot that badger again.

This is our heritage, land protected for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. We, too will not be violated by those in power.

Karen Mueller,

Courtland Township

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