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City to hold public forum on marijuana businesses

A person weighing out marijuana. Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash.

November 15 5:30-6:30 p.m. at CS Public Library

The City of Cedar Springs wants to hear what citizens have to say about whether to allow marijuana businesses in the city, and if they do, what type of businesses they would like to see. Citizens can give their input at a public forum/conversation in the Cedar Springs Public Library’s community room Friday, November 15, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

“As I stated following the City’s decision to opt-out in November 2018, the City Council is reexamining their position on allowing marijuana businesses now that the State of Michigan has released their rules governing the businesses,” explained Cedar Springs City Manager Mike Womack.

The Village of Sand Lake rescinded their ordinance on medical marijuana earlier this week, and approved an ordinance allowing up to two marijuana dispensaries in the village. 

“After much discussion, research and deliberation, the Village passed a new ordinance allowing a dispensary,” explained Sand Lake Village President Tracy Quinlan. “We will allow up to two dispensaries that need to be part of a franchise.”

Muskegon also passed an ordinance allowing dispensaries, microbusinesses, and special pot events earlier this month.

Grand Rapids passed an ordinance allowing them earlier this year.

The purpose of the public forum is to discuss the recreational marijuana law and also ask for public input on some of the questions that the City Council members are considering. Womack said the questions he will be asking for the public’s input on include:

1. What types of recreational marijuana businesses/licenses are citizens interested in having in the City? Types include: Marijuana grower, marijuana processor, marijuana secure transporter, marijuana retailer, marijuana safety compliance, marijuana microbusiness, temporary marijuana event, marijuana consumption establishment.

2. Where in the city are citizens interested in seeing marijuana businesses? B-2 Central Business District (Main Street from Muskegon to Maple St.); B-3 Highway business district (Main Street from Maple to 18 Mile Rd); HC Highway commercial (Muskegon from Advanced Auto to US131 and White Creek Ave from Save-A-Lot to White Creek Lumber); I-1 Industrial.

3. How many marijuana businesses should the city allow to open? The city can allow any number between zero and unlimited for each type of business. (See number 1 for types of businesses.)

4. What reasonable (not “Unreasonably Impracticable”) restrictions should the City consider requiring of marijuana businesses in the City? 

a. 1000 feet from schools is standard but can be increased or decreased

b. Separation between different marijuana businesses?

c. Prohibit use of the marijuana leaf symbol in signage

d. etc.

Womack said depending on how the forum goes, he may schedule another public forum in December as well.  

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North Country Trail holds public forum 


Approximately 25 area residents attended a Public Forum presented by North Country Trail (NCT) and hosted by the Community Building Development Team (CBDT) at Hilltop Administration building on Tuesday, July 21. Representatives from North Country Trail included Chuck Vannette, West Michigan NCT President; Mark Weaver NPS, NCNST Superintendent; Chris Coudenslager, NPS/NCT Planner; and Luke Jordan, NCT Planner.

The NCT presenters are considering bringing the northern route of the longest walking trail in America through Cedar Springs, and also naming the City of Cedar Springs as a North Country Trail Town. These two distinctions could prove to be an important community asset according to Luke Jordan, a NCT Planner.

Two possible and tentative trail routes were presented connecting the White Pine Trail Russell Road Trail Head and Red Pine Trail Head/Rogue River State Game Area. Both trail options would be approximately 15 miles and would most likely be considered a 2-day hike. An important part of the final decision rests on community and property owner’s consent as well as the DNR’s permission to use some sections of the White Pine Trail.

Jordan explained the team’s objectives include characteristics of the trail being scenic, natural, cultural, and historic. A certified trail must be permanent and legal, and would be attached to any land deeds to protect the investment of the trail. Officials look for services and facilities, as well as accessibility. Partnership development and safety are also key in the final decision of a trail route.

Presenter Mark Weaver, NPS Superintendent, asked those in attendance to provide them with a “cool route plan through the city highlighting 10 activities, special events, points of interest, and all other information that would allow both hikers and those perhaps driving to Cedar Springs a pleasant hike experience through downtown.”

The NCT representatives were pleased with the community input and hope to have a final decision with a few months.

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