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Project Lifesaver

From the Kent County Sheriff’s Office

Do you have a loved one who is prone to wandering due to a cognitive condition like autism, Alzheimer’s, or another form of dementia? This program could literally save their life.

Our agency has partnered with Autism Support of Kent County, Inc. (ASK) for our Autism Awareness Patch program. Just one of the many critical services that ASK provides is Project Lifesaver, a search and rescue program operated internationally by public safety agencies. It is strategically designed for at-risk individuals who are prone to the life-threatening behavior of wandering. The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children with the propensity to wander due to a cognitive condition.

So, how does Project Lifesaver work? Your loved one wears a small transmitter on their wrist or ankle, like the one pictured, that emits an individualized frequency signal. If your loved one goes missing, law enforcement is notified and responds to the area. We then use a receiver, like the one our officer is holding in the picture, and the transmitter’s individualized frequency to locate the position of the individual.

Project Lifesaver does just that—it saves lives. For additional information on Project Lifesaver International Headquarters and how to register your loved one, visit https://www.autismsupportofkentcounty.org/ or https://projectlifesaver.org/.

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