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Praying mantis gets ready for winter


Ron Parker, of Courtland Township, sent us photos of a praying mantis doing something you may not have seen before.

“My wife first spotted the insect as it started to deposit its egg case on one of the posts on our chain-link fence,” wrote Ron. “I went out and started taking pictures as she did her work. Once she was finished she remained for some time with just one leg resting on the case as if she was waiting for it to harden. I looked this insect up on google and found that the adult usually doesn’t make it through the winter, but the young come out of the egg case in the Spring—if the case survives the winter and other insects!”

Thank you, Ron, for sending that our way!

Do you have photos of nature you’d like to share? Send them to news@cedarspringspost.com, and include your name, where you live, where the photo was taken, what’s in the photos, etc. We will print as space allows, and look forward to seeing your photos!

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More wildlife photos

Sue Harrison, of Nelson Township, sent us these photos of wildlife that were taken in her yard. “I saw this ‘hummer,’ the butterfly and the praying mantis all in the same day as I was watering my potted flowers,” noted Sue. “I thought they were each beautiful in their own way.”

According to Sue, the praying mantis was stalking a small spider on the handle of her planter and he was successful!

She said the hummingbird and the butterfly were both after the nectar of the Rose-of-Sharon flowers on the bush next to their house.

Great photos! Thanks, Sue!

If you have wildlife photos you’d like to send, email them to news@cedarspringspost.com with a short summary or explanation.

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