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Man pleads guilty in horse barn fire


Payton Mellama

Payton Mellama, 20, of Lowell, pled guilty this week to Arson 3rd degree and animal cruelty for a fire he started at a Lowell barn that caused the death of 13 horses and significant damage to the propery.

Mellama was a neighbor who had previously volunteered at the Center for Equine Learning, which was operated out of the barn. Mellama had a long history of mental health and behavioral issues.

After months of investigation, by the Kent County Sheriff’s Dept., in cooperation with the Kent county Prosecutor’s office, Mellama admitted his involvement in a statement to investigators during the course of plea negotiations. The parties entered into a plea agreement, designed to protect the community while still addressing the defendant’s circumstances. The man points of the agreement are:

  1. He will serve a 5-year-term of probations, with no early release or attempts to seek release.
  2. He will be continually housed and treated for the first three years at a residential facility with may include electronic tethering..
  3. Mellama will have no contact with victims or property, nor with the property he currently lives on,

This agreement ensures that the defendant will be housed in a secured facility for at least three years and receive the treatment he needs.

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