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April Fool’s winner

Congratulations to Kathy Anderson, of Algoma Township, the winner of our April Fool’s contest! Kathy’s name was drawn out of all those who correctly named the fake ad—The Rock On Salon, and all four fake stories—New Red Flannel Event (running of the bulls), Rockford Springs or Cedar Rock, Oldest cat to be featured on TV, and Tiger blood hits Cedar Springs. Kathy won a fast $20 cash for her efforts!
Kathy said she liked all the stories, but “best of all is the ad for the Rock on Salon. I’d go there every week! Keep up the good work all you creative people,” she said.

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Oldest Cat to be featured on TV

Those who start their mornings with the crew at the Today Show will want to stay tuned for Willard Scott’s segment announcing centenarians or those who have lived a minimum of 100 years. Upcoming this month, Willard will announce the first cat centenarian on the show. The Post has submitted Princess, our office cat for consideration. The Post building not only houses the best little newspaper in Cedar Springs, but also possibly the oldest living cat, too. “We don’t have a birth certificate or papers like with a dog, but we believe she’s at least 26 in human years and can prove she’s at least 20,” said Post Publisher Lois Allen. “So we called the Today Show as Ripley’s was just not that interested.”

Princess was originally owned by Deb Allington back in the 1980’s and was full grown when the Post published its first issues back in 1988. She was entered in an Independent Bank Photo Calendar Contest in 1990 and was also included in a photo that ran with an article in The Grand Rapids Press in 1993. It is estimated that in human years she is at least 25 years old. In cat years, that’s 175! But wait! She could be older!

Is there any special secret to Princess’ longevity? Is it Tiger blood we ask? Be sure to stay tuned…

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