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WMP wrestlers at NUWAY nationals


This past weekend West Michigan Pursuit traveled to the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek for the 2015 NUWAY Nationals. There were tough wrestlers from coast to coast, many champions and All-Americans from multiple states taking home the NUWAY Eagle super-sized trophies and All-American status. West Michigan Pursuit brought 10 grapplers to compete and 8 placed in the top eight. The team battled 44 times with 28 ending in victory.

Luke Egan entered Division 2 in the 52 lb wt class. He is a second year wrestler and is a first grader of Cedar Trails Elementary. Luke finished 6th in the Nation with a final record of 37-15 securing an All American Status.

Gage Bowen entered Division 2 in the heavy weight class. He is a fourth year wrestler and is a third grader of Woodview Elementary of Belding. Gage finished 5th in the Nation with a final record of 39-7 securing an All American Status.

Lee Braun entered Division 2 in the 56 lb wt class. He is a third year wrestler and is a third grader of Jamestown Elementary of Hudsonville. Lee finished 4th in the Nation with a final record of 36-8 securing an All American Status.

Blake Peasley entered Division 2 in the 64 lb wt class. He is a third year wrestler and is a second grader of Lakes Elementary of Rockford. Blake finished 4th in the Nation with a final record of 38-10 securing an All American Status.

Zak Schmid entered Division 4 in the 135 lb wt class. He is a second year wrestler as a seventh grader of Cedar Springs Middle School. Zak finished 4th in the Nation with a final record of 33-5 securing an All American Status.

Josh Vasquez entered Division 2 in the 49 lb wt class. He is a third year wrestler as a third grader of Oriole Park of Wyoming. Josh finished 3rd in the Nation with a final record of 54-5 securing an All American Status.

Jayden Marcano-Cruz entered Division 1 in the 45 lb wt class. He is a second year wrestler as a first grader of Grandview Elementary. Jayden finished 2nd in the Nation with a final record of 45-5 securing an All American Status.

Patrick Depiazza entered into Division 6 as a wild card in the High School division. Patrick is a sophomore of Cedar Springs High School and has been wrestling for thirteen years. He finished 2nd in the Nation, securing an All American Status.

There were over 270 teams competing this past weekend. Team awards were available for the top six programs. West Michigan Pursuit finished 3rd overall with a team score of 176. Region Wrestling of Indiana took first place with a score of 212.5 and Contenders Wrestling of Indiana took 2nd place with a score of 193. West Michigan Pursuit also finished 2nd for the win by fall category. Shore Sports Club of Ohio finished in first place for the win by fall category. Overall, West Michigan Pursuit ended the season on a high note. The program would not have its current success without its dedicated coaching staff: Head Coach and Owner, Dave Andrus; William Ketchum; and Dominick Chong. We look forward to next season and will watch our numbers continue to grow and succeed. We are the Pursuit of Champions.

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Youth wrestlers win big

S-Wresting-youth-win-bigCedar Springs Youth Wrestlers have been very busy and working hard, wrestling in at least three separate tournaments over the last two weeks. The first two tournaments were both held on February 16, 2104. Half of the team traveled south to wrestle in the Meijer State Games held at the Ford Fieldhouse, downtown Grand Rapids. Champions were Keaton Klaasen at 49lb in the 7/8 division and Gage Gardner at 145lb in the 13-15 division. Lane Wiggins-Russo took second in the 112lb in the 7/8 division.

The other half of the team traveled to the north to wrestle at Tri County High School in Sand Lake. Champions from that tournament were Pistachio Gonzales at 55lb in the 5/6 division, and Trever Marsman at 67lb in the 9/10 division. Second place finishers were Caleigh Wood at 37lb in the 5/6 division, Tacho Gonzales at 67lb in the 9/10 division, and Samuel Couturier at 112 in the 11/12 division. Rounding off the medal winners were third place finishers Chase Sarniak at 46lb and Dominic Vanderhyde at 55lb in the 5/6 division. Carter Falan also took third at 80lb in the 9/10 division.

On February 23, the entire team went to rumble at Sparta High School where they won a grand total of 18 medals!

Medal winners in the 5/6 age group were Veronica Tapia 2nd at 37lb, Caleigh Wood 4th at 37lb, Gavyn Byxbe 4th at 52lb, and Pistachio Gonzales 1st at 61lb. In the 7/8 age group winners were Nehemiah Kaiserlian 2nd at 46lb, Keaton Klaasen 2nd at 49lb, Tommy Stevens 1st at 58lb, Jordan Kaiserlian 2nd at 58lb, JuanAngel Acosta 4th at 72lb, Wyatt Cooper 3rd at 82lb, and Lane Wiggins-Russo 2nd at 112. Winners in the 9/10 age group were Landon Demorest 1st at 55lb, Trever Marsman 2nd at 63lb, Tacho Gonzales 4th at 67lb, and Carter Falan 2nd at 80lb. Medal winners in the 11/12 age group were Reese Gonzales 4th at 95lb and Samuel Couturier 3rd at 112lb. Allexis Gonzales was the lone placer in the 13-15 age group with at 4th place finish at 122/130lb.

Keep your eyes on the Post for more exciting results from your Red Hawk youth wrestlers, including results from the NUWAY National Dual Tournament where five of Cedar Springs own wrestlers represented Team Michigan.

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Youth wrestlers keep winning


Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers made their presence known at the annual Lowell Red Arrow Open/Novice wrestling tournament held at Lowell High School on January 12. Youth Hawks brought home a total of 12 medals from this tournament, as well as a Grand Champion from the NUWAY Great Lakes Championship held in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Medal winners in the 4-6yr division was Veronica Tapia 2nd/37lb, Pistachio Gonzales 2nd/55lb, Brandson Wood 3rd/43lb, and Gavyn Byxbe 3rd/49lb. In the 7/8yr was Tommy Stevens 1st/58lb and Lane Wiggins-Russo 3rd/112lb. In the 9/10yr was Landon Demorest 3rd/55lb, Carter Falan 3rd/80lb and Sergei Byxbe 3rd/100lb. In the 11/12yr was Reese Gonzales 1st/95lb and Samuel Couturier 3rd/112lb. Allexis Gonzales took 4th in the 138lb 13-15yr age division.

While his team mates wrestled locally, Ryan Ringler traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he was crowned Great Lakes National Champion in the U-12 Heavyweight division.

Cedar Springs youth coaches George Gonzales Sr, Jake Marsman, Bryan Goike, and Paul Ringler are all very excited to see all of the talent being shown in the youth program, which feeds into the Middle and High School Programs. Coach George says, “I love watching the middle and high school wrestlers. Especially, those who were once part our youth program.” He also hopes that the wrestling program will be restored to its full potential, as Cedar was once known to be a wrestling powerhouse.

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National wrestling champs

The 2012 NUWAY National Wrestling Duals were held in Battle Creek, MI on Sunday February 12, 2012. There were 32 teams in four different age groups, competing for the NUWAY National Team Champion title. Teams came from all over the nation, from as far Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California to compete.  Four of the wrestlers who were sent to represent Team Michigan were from the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club, one in each age group.

Landon Demorest and Jordan Ringler both made the MYWAY Red Teams.  Landon, who went 4-1 with 3 pins, wrestled on the MYWAY U8 Red team, which placed 5th over all. Jordan, who went 2-2 with 1 pin, wrestled for the MYWAY U14 Red Team which placed 7th overall.

Ryan Ringler and George Gonzales Jr. both made the MYWAY Blue teams. Ryan, who was on MYWAY U10 Blue team, was the only undefeated wrestler in the 95lb weight class. He went 6-0 with 3 pins. His team took the championship in U10 division. George Gonzales Jr, who was on the U12 MYWAY Blue team, also went undefeated in the 140lb weight class, but was the only wrestler in his weight class to pin all of his opponents. He defeated Jalen Lesane from North Carolina, who was 40-0, with a pin in the third period. George was also awarded the Oustanding Wrestler Award in the U12 division for having 5 pins in an accumulative time of 4:55. His team also took the championship in the U12 division. Overall, Team Michigan Blue took championships in each age group.


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