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Body found in woods in Newaygo County

D’Anthony Keenan’s dismembered body was found in the woods in the Crystal Trails area.

Anthony Shawn Blamer Jr.

The Newaygo County Sheriff Department has arrested a Fremont man after a dismembered body was found in the woods over the weekend.

According to police, they received a call at about 6:06 p.m. Saturday, August 5, about a possible body located in the woods of the Crystal Trails area between 20th and 28th Streets, in Sherman Township (between Fremont and White Cloud). The victim, a black male, was found deceased. He was later identified as a missing Muskegon man, D’Anthony Keenan, 24.

Police asked for help from anyone who had trail cameras in the area for footage between Friday, Aug. 4, and Saturday, Aug 5. They also asked for help locating a white 2007 Chevy Tahoe, with tinted windows, with license plate number HAYMER3.

Police arrested Anthony Shawn Blamer Jr. in the death on Monday, August 9. They developed him as a suspect after looking at Keenan’s Facebook activity and seeing that they planned to meet in North Muskegon.

Detectives said Blamer told them that an argument about money led to them fighting, and Keenan’s death. Blamer reportedly said that Keenan pulled a gun, which they struggled over in the Tahoe, and it went off multiple times, accidentally shooting the victim in the head.

Blamer reportedly drove the Tahoe to a carpool lot in Fremont and left it there, with Keenan’s body inside, and returned the next day with a chainsaw to dismember it, to make recognition harder.

The suspect also led investigators to the place in Oceana County where he left the bag containing Keenan’s head and hands, and the swamp where he tossed the chainsaw.

Blamer was arraigned on Tuesday, August 8, in the 78th District Court, in Newaygo on charges of dead body mutilation, failing to contact authorities about a dead person and being a habitual offender.

Newaygo officials believe that the death actually occurred in Muskegon County, and Muskegon Police have not yet charged Blamer.

Anyone with information related to this incident are asked to call 231-689-5288. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call Silent Observer at 231-652-1121.

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Sand Lake man dies after stabbing


A 28-year-old man died Monday evening after being stabbed in the chest.

According to the Newaygo County Sheriff Department, they were dispatched to 6236 E. 124th St. in Ensley Township, Newaygo County, Monday evening, May 5, on a stabbing complaint. Once Deputies arrived on scene, they encountered a male victim laying in the entryway of the residence with a stab wound to the chest. Officers began to render first aid to the victim until medical assistance arrived on scene, and shortly after the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man was identified as Charles Franklin Rainey, 28, of Sand Lake.

He reportedly lived at the home with his girlfriend, Tricia Hill, and her young daughter.  Police noted that two people at the home were interviewed, and that the case would be reviewed by the Newaygo County Prosecutor’s Office.

Rainey was in the class of 2005 at Tri County High School, and recently moved back to Michigan from Tennessee.

Hill told a local news station and police that the stabbing was in self-defense and that she didn’t mean to kill him.


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Task force to investigate unsolved homicide

Shannon Siders

A task force led by investigators from the Michigan State Police that includes the Newaygo County Sheriff Department, Newaygo City Police and Newaygo County Prosecutor Robert Springstead, is focusing on the 1989 homicide of Newaygo resident Shannon Marie Siders.
Shannon, 18, was last seen on July 18, 1989. Her body was found on October 15, 1989 in a wooded area near M-82 and Thornapple Road in Brooks Township, Newaygo County. It was an area of the forest known as “the pit,” where young people hosted parties. An autopsy determined the manner of death to be homicide.
For the past 22 years, area detectives have continued to investigate the case, following up on hundreds of tips. The task force was assembled in September 2011, and has reviewed the nearly 2,000 page report and associated tips, and examined evidence collected by the original investigators. Task force members are confident that advances in forensic science and information technology will generate new leads and aid investigators in solving the case.
Detectives ask anyone with information on the death of Shannon Siders to contact D/Sgt. Scott Rios of the Michigan State Police Hart Post-Newaygo Detachment at (855) 830-6843 ext. 222 or email rioss@michigan.gov.

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