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Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers head to state

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers after a successful regionals. Photo by J. Troupe.

By Jacquie Troupe

Thirty-eight Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers competed at the Myway West Regionals March 10-11 for the top four spots in each division to continue on to the State competition on March 23-25. 

The team placed 2nd in pins with 38 in 59:49; 3rd in techs with 4 in 14:23; and 1st in Team Points with 586. The kids went 85-61 for the weekend. 

According to Coach Scott Marsman, they are so proud of themselves and of their hard work and dedication. They are anxious for the State competition and are looking forward to the fun times with their teammates. 

In the 2011-13 division 43lb class, Sierra Streeter scored 27 TMP (tied for 70th), placed 4th. Brycen Alber placed 5th. In the 52lb class Nolan Averill had 2 pins in 2:30 (73rd), 38 TMP (tied for 24th) and placed 2nd. In the 55lb class Dillon VanDyke had 2 pins in 1:20 (43rd), his fastest pin was :36 (tied for 70th) and he placed 3rd. The Champion in the 64lb class was Jaxon Fitzgerald. He had 2 pins in 2:11 (62nd), his fastest pin was :11 (4th). The Champion in the 67lb class was Ben Streeter. His fastest pin was 1:58.

In the 2009-10 divisions, Tucker Dines scored 55 TMP (most on the team and tied for 3rd) and placed 6th in the 52lb class. Caleigh Wood had 2 pins in 3:32 (94th) and placed 5th in the 55lb class. Tucker Crystal had a pin in 1:17 and placed 3rd in the 58lb class. The Champion in the 67lb class was Chasyn Winchel. His fastest pin was :27 (tied for 40th). Alex Hanes placed 3rd in the 72lb class. The Champion in the 77lb class was Jon Libera.  He had 2 pins in 2:28 (tied for 72nd). Zach Vu placed 5th in the 97lb class. 

In the 2008 division Deegan Pike placed 5th in the 63lb class. Austin Averill placed 6th in the 67lb class. Spencer Schoenborn placed 4th in the 67lb class. The Champion in the 71lb class was Blake Falan. He had 3 pins in 4:31 (15th), his fastest pin was :25 (tied for 28th).

Olivia Lawson placed 3rd in the 85lb class. 

In the 2007 divisions Trenton Perez placed 3rd in the 59lb class. Brandson Wood placed 3rd in the 63lb class. Kaiden Dreyer had one Tech in 2:20(12th), scored 53 TMP (7th) and placed 3rd in the  80lb class. Rory Shoenborn had two Techs in 8:13 (7th), 48 TMP (9th) and placed 5th in the 80lb class. Gavyn Byxbe placed 3rd in the 85lb class. Hudson Crystal had 2 pins in 2:24 (68th) and he placed 2nd in the 90lb class. Dakota Winchel placed 2nd in the 130lb class. 

In the 2006 division Wyatt Cooper placed 2nd in the 183lb class.

In the 2005 division  Gabe Gair had two pins in 2:00(57th), 1 Tech in 3:50 (49th) and placed 5th in the 105lb class. 

In the 2004 divisions the Champion in the 114lb class was Carter Falan. He had two pins in 2:28. Logan Troupe had a pin in 2:11and placed 4th in the 122lb class. Ben Brunner had a pin in 1:22and placed 3rd in the 122lb class. The Champion in the 170lb class was Maston Wood. He had a pin in 4:04.

In the 2003 division Ashly Erxleben placed 6th.

In the 2002-03 HS division Andrew VanGessel had a pin in 2:29and placed 5th in the 115lb class.

In the 1999-2001 division David Erxleben placed 5th in the 133lb class.

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