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Hometown Hero


L.Cpl. Mark Taber Jr

L.Cpl. Mark Taber Jr., of Cedar Springs, is currently deployed with the 3/7 Weapons Company in Afghanistan.

A resident of Cedar Springs since the age of two, Mark is a homeschool graduate, and completed the law enforcement program at the Kent County Technical Center. He also enjoyed his time at Cedar Springs Public Schools while enrolled there. But it was hard to beat the experience of helping the Algoma Christian Knights basketball team to an undefeated season while enrolled there. When possible, Mark enjoys volleyball at Sparta Baptist Church and plays on the Algoma Baptist Church softball team, as well as playing guitar on ABC’s “Jam Nights.”

But as a U.S. Marine, his life is currently consumed with the defense of his country. After going through Boot Camp in San Diego, California, he went on to graduate from the School of Infantry in San Diego and Camp Pendleton, California. He then took Arabic language classes (Pashto) at San Diego State University for use on duty in Afghanistan.

Mark is qualified as a 240 Gunner, and the vehicle mounted full auto 40 MM grenade launcher, and is currently positioned as the .50 Cal. Gunner in the turret of a MATV (the HUMV’s big brother).

Mark has been given the privilege of being his platoon’s prayer leader both in California and Afghanistan.

Mark is the son of Linda Taber and Mark Taber Sr.

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