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Cedar Springs HS streams high school sports

CedarSpringsTV broadcasting a home football game. Courtesy photo.

As many of you are aware, for fall sports this year at Cedar Springs High School, fans will be limited to two fans per each participant. You will need a special pass for entry which will be given to the athlete if you are one of those athlete’s two guests. Away contests will still require these passes, and it is up to each host school if they will be charging or not. Cedar will not be charging for home events.

How can other fans watch the games?

Cedar Springs High School Athletics, in conjunction with CedarSpringsTV (the high school video production class), is committed to getting events out for everyone to watch digitally online.  With the current restrictions on spectators this is an imperative thing for all Red Hawk fans. Since 2012 Cedar Springs HS has been a member of the National Federation of High School (NFHS) Network, which is the streaming platform that the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) utilizes. Through the NFHS subscribers have access to 1000s of events monthly across the country covering a multitude of sports and other activities. 

Is there a fee?

Subscribing to the NFHS Network is $10.99 a month or $69.99 a year (and you can cancel at any time). So, for the cost of roughly two tickets to a sporting event you will have access to a month’s worth of games.  

How do we watch?

NFHS Network offers a variety of ways to watch from smartphone apps, web browsers on tablets and computers, and even apps on Roku, Amazon Fire, and AppleTV. There is definitely a way for you to catch the games. See https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/ways-to-watch.

How do we sign up?

Link to subscribe to NFHS


Which games will be livestreamed?

All games at Red Hawk stadium will be live streamed. That includes jv and varsity boys’ soccer and freshmen, jv, and varsity football. We are still trying to ensure that girls volleyball will be able to be streamed as well. With other sports such as cross country, tennis, and golf, we are working on alternate ways to get those out for people as well that will most likely not air on the NFHS Network page.

In regard to away games, those are often streamed as well by the host school. In the case of football, if the host school does not have streaming capabilities for varsity football, CedarSpringsTV will make sure it is streamed via their page on the NFHS Network.  

Can a business subscribe to NFHS?

The personal subscriptions are intended for use by the subscriber and unfortunately not intended for business use.  Those businesses are generally used to paying fees for cable and satellite companies that are different from this program.  

Who do we contact if we have a question?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the high school athletic department (Mr. John Norton – john.norton@csredhawks.org), or CedarSpringsTV’s director (Mr. Justin Harnden – cedarspringstv@csredhawks.org).

We look forward to helping you all get the most high school sports that you can – even in this crazy time we find ourselves in.  
Go Red Hawks!

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