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Preparing For A Lifetime Of Health And Wellness


Physical education is a vital part of learning for students. Lisa Perry, the K-12 PE teacher, likes to tell the students that physical activity “feeds our brain” because when we are active, our bodies are stronger and work better, which helps us learn more. Most importantly, students are learning the value of a lifetime of physical activity and wellness. Each student has set goals for the year that they will be working towards. At the younger levels, basic movement skills are assessed and worked on. At the upper levels, fitness testing is assessed and incorporated into their PE time, and at the high school level, written tests are taken to test knowledge and understanding of team sports.

At the elementary level, all classes are learning the value of stretching and they begin each class with an aerobic warm-up and stretching. Each student is given the opportunity to lead stretching for their class. All classes also have the chance to earn a T.E.A.M. sticker during each class session in order to emphasize the “Together Everyone Achieves More” acronym. Students know that they only come to PE twice a week, so they are responsible for continuing our learning the other five days at home.

Grades K-2 PE Concepts: Spatial and body awareness; practicing eight loco-motor skills; movement in different tempos, directions, pathways, levels; identifying personal space; general coordination, balance and movement exploration and personal/social skills such as respect, cooperation, and teamwork. Beginning games include Cleanies/messies, Four Corners, Snake Game, parachute, Here Comes The Fox and Oscar’s trashcan.

Grades 3-5 PE Concepts: Fitness testing is used to measure growth throughout the year and includes sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, shuttle run, and one mile run. Kids have set fitness goals for the year, which they are working towards. The students are working through a soccer unit in which soccer skills are taught and then practiced during game play and drills. Their beginning games include: Sharks and Minnows, Statues in The dark, Bridgeball, Parachute, Octoball.

Middle School and High School PE Concepts: Students are working on different team sports which include: soccer, flag football, and basketball. Next trimester includes weight training, plyometrics, circuit training, and kickboxing. They work on these skills in class, and then use them toward the end of each unit to play the games. It is our goal that students can be exposed to a variety of activities that will encourage lifetime physical activity and wellness. Teamwork, cooperation, and putting forth a best effort are also key concepts for these classes

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CTA Welcomes New Teaching Staff


CTA welcomes new teachers to the team for the 2016-17 school year. Justin Harding, 8th grade and Middle School Science; Ben Fredrickson, High School Science; Todd Bowmar, High School English and Lisa Perry, K-12 Physical Education.

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