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Brewing Company buys Liquor Hut building

Post photo by J. Reed

Post photo by J. Reed

By Judy Reed

The Cedar Springs Brewing Company is taking shape at the southwest corner of Main and Maple Streets, and they now also own the building next door, formerly the home of Liquor Hut.

According to David Ringler, construction is on schedule—the structural masonry is complete and the steel framing is in place this week. “It’s been fun over the past couple of weeks to watch all the activity,” he said. “We should be seeing the walls and complete enclosure shortly and the flooring is scheduled for early July, followed by the start of equipment installation.”

Ringler said their brewhouse is custom designed and currently in fabrication locally in Belding, by Digital Fabrication, in partnership with Psycho Brew. “This is their first large system, but we wanted to work locally if possible, rather than commissioning a system from elsewhere,” he explained.

The company closed on the deal to purchase the neighboring building at 81 N. Main a few weeks ago. Ringler said they had offered to buy the building from Walker Liqours six months ago, but could not come to an agreement. About six weeks ago, those discussions started again.

Walker Liquors maintained their retail package liquor license, but the store is permanently closed. “They are still in the process of removing some of their equipment this week and we will begin further clean up of the building in the coming weeks,” said Ringler. “We don’t have any firm plans in place for the building, as our priority is getting the brewery and restaurant open, but we are seeking a retail tenant for the front space that will complement our project.”

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Council approves easement for brewery


By Judy Reed

Construction is underway again on the Cedar Springs Brewing Company, at 95 N. Main, after the Cedar Springs City Council approved a right-of-way easement last Thursday, May 7, allowing them to move the building two feet to the north.

Excavation of the site was started two weeks ago, and temporarily halted, when they discovered that the building next door, Liquor Hut, did not have a foundation, and they could not construct their building with a zero lot line without possibly damaging that one. The Liquor Hut building was built in 1900, and it’s unknown whether it was built on a slab, or if there is foundation under other parts of the building.

City Manager Thad Taylor told the Council that the most feasible plan was to move the proposed construction two feet to the north, on the city-owned property (where the sidewalk is.) They approved the easement 6-0.

Owner Dave Ringler said there will still be parking, and they are still looking at a late summer/early fall opening.

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Brewery begins site work


N-Brewery2The Cedar Springs Brewing Company finally began site work at the southwest corner of Main and Maple Streets Monday. They encountered a delay, however, when, according to owner David Ringler, they discovered during the course of the work that the building next door, which houses Liquor Hut, has no foundation. He said they are taking care not to damage the building, and had their engineers out at the site Wednesday morning to work out the location before they begin to pour concrete.

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City rejects offer on 95 N. Main

The building at 95 N. Main shortly before Cedar Auto Supply closed.

By Judy Reed


The third time was not the charm for the sale of city-owned property at the southwest corner of Maple and Main Streets.

Liquor Hut, who owns the business just south of the vacant building at 95 N. Main, originally offered to buy the old building, formerly home of Cedar Auto Supply, and demolish it. Last year the business submitted a revised offer saying they would rehabilitate the building. Then, in mid-February, they changed their mind and asked to only buy the two vacant parcels, after they had the building inspected and said they were told that the entire second floor contained asbestos.

City Manager Christine Burns took the offer to the City Council on March 8, but they were not receptive. Most council members agreed that selling off the two vacant lots left the building even less valuable than before, and that the property would be more marketable if the city demolished the building and sold the entire parcel together—four 66×132 lots.

“We can’t afford to keep putting money into this building,” remarked Mayor Pro-tem Christine Fahl. “We had to fix the roof last winter.”

Burns estimated it would cost $8000 to $10,000 to tear it down. They already have $20,000 invested in the building, and estimate that they could probably get $30,000 out of the property if sold as one parcel, which would recoup their costs. They are not allowed to make a profit on the property, since they bought it from Kent County due to a tax foreclosure.

Burns said that there is a fuel oil tank under the sidewalk on Maple Street that will also have to come out, but that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has given them permission to use part of an EPA grant to get that done.

The council asked the city manager to go ahead and get bids on demolishing the building.



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Cedar Springs man wins $250,000

Everett Atwood, of Cedar Springs, buys a lottery ticket almost every Friday from the Liquor Hut, located near the corner of Main and W. Maple in Cedar Springs. Last Friday, he hit pay dirt. Atwood was the lucky winner of $250,000 after purchasing a Mega Millions ticket.
The long time Lottery player and his wife are looking forward to purchasing their first home together and buying a new car. “The kids are getting anything they want for Christmas this year!” said Atwood.
According to the Michigan Lottery, over 95 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery tickets is returned to the state in the form of contributions to the state School Aid Fund, prizes to players and commissions to retailers.
In fiscal year 2011, the contribution to schools was over $717 million. Since its inception in 1972, the Lottery has contributed over $16 billion to education in Michigan.

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Liquor Hut purchases adjacent property

The City of Cedar Springs approved a resolution last Thursday evening to sell the property and building at 95 N. Main (corner of Main and Maple), formerly Cedar Springs Auto Supply, to Walker Liquors II, LLC (Liquor Hut) for $19,916.01. They plan to tear down the building to make room for more parking.

The city bought the property in 2009 when it went up for auction for unpaid taxes, and has been trying to sell it for redevelopment. Several people have looked at the building, but there have been no takers. “Right now, financing for commercial structures is very difficult,” commented City Manager Christine Burns.

The store plans to use only two of the three lots for parking. The third will remain as green space. In the event that Walker Liquors decides to build on the property, a deed restriction states they must leave some of it open for public parking.

The sale price is what the city has invested in the building. Burns said there was no incentive to sell it for more, because any excess would have to be returned to Kent County.

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