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Retirement – Linda Pompa

Congratulations to Linda Pompa for her 30+ years at the United States Postal Service with 9+ years at the Cedar Springs Post Office. Linda will be retiring at the end of the month.

Thank you from the community for your many years of service.

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In last week’s Red Flannel Post section, we ran article about the new cancellation that the US Post Office will use to hand stamp mail brought to the counter on Red Flannel Day, in honor of the special 75th anniversary. Unfortunately, our typist was cross-eyed from staring at a computer screen for so long that evening, and misspelled the last name of the Cedar Springs Postmaster. Her name is Linda Pompa (not Popma). Our typist is now looking for a new job. We recommended that she not apply at the Post Office, however.

(Actually, Linda was very nice about the mistake. Sorry, Linda!)

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