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Four-way stop installed at 13 Mile and Pine Island

This was the scene of a fatal crash two weeks ago at 13 Mile and Pine Island. Post photo by L. Allen.

Drivers traveling 13 Mile Road in Algoma Township need to be aware that they are now required to stop at Pine Island. Previously only those traveling on Pine Island were required to stop.

The Kent County Road Commission put the new stop signs in this week after the Kent County Board of Commissioner approved the all-way stop on Monday, August 14, during their August board meeting. 

It was just two weeks ago that Todd Carlson, 49, of Casnovia, was killed at that intersection while traveling westbound on 13 Mile after an eastbound vehicle turned left into his vehicle.

According to a press release from the Kent County Road Commission, “Modifications to traffic control are dictated by regulations set forth by the Federal Highway Administration, who identifies specific warranting criteria that must be met for a traffic control change to occur. The Kent County Road Commission routinely monitors intersections throughout its road and bridge network for changes that meet warrants for traffic control modification. Recent analysis of traffic volumes and crash history at the 13 Mile Road and Pine Island Drive intersection indicate that the necessary warrants have been met for an all-way stop to be installed.”

The intersection joins two other intersections—13 Mile and Algoma and 13 Mile and Edgerton—as four-way stops.

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