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Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books teams and their coaches were supported by classmates during the event.

CTA students in grades 3-6 were separated into mixed-grade level teams in an effort to face off against other teams in their second annual Battle of the Books! Each team was given six books to read for this year’s competition. On March 30, students battled it out against other teams by answering questions from each book. Although the scores were very close, here were the final results:

1st Place: Fictionaries (Yellow)

2nd Place: Book Dominators (Red)

3rd Place: Book Wizards (Blue)

4th Place: Hard Covers (Green)

Congratulations to our second annual Book Battlers! We were so very impressed with your hard work and dedication in reading the books on your list this year. Until next year, Just Keep Reading…..Just Keep Reading!

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