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Animal photo bomb

People aren’t the only one who will stick their head into a photo where it doesn’t belong.

Jackie Gage, of the City of Cedar Springs, sent us this photo of a black squirrel with a brown tail. “As I opened my blinds to the slider this morning, there was a black squirrel with a light brown tail out there at my buffet tray so I went to get my cell phone,” she wrote. So she came back and took the picture. But later she saw something funny. “I didn’t see this visitor at all until I enlarged the picture,” she wrote. “I never saw him come or leave either! What a surprise!”

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Grumpy old robin a sign of spring


It’s now officially Spring, which means we see more robins. Jackie Gage, of the City of Cedar Springs sent us this photo of a robin visiting outside her window.

“Recently, I had a robin visit that looked old and grumpy,” wrote Jackie. “His back was a light gray and the orange breast was light also compared to the younger ones. He even had feathers sticking out of his chest, which reminded me of an old man’s hairy chest. He was huge, almost the size of a mourning dove. I named him Max, after the character of Walter Matthau on Grumpy Old Men. He came right up to my slider and had a staring match, eyeball to eyeball with my cat, Benny. Max looked grumpy about something and I tried to take a pic but he flew away each time he saw me. My granddaughter, Brenda Reed, 18  came to visit me last week and I told her about Max. Right after that he came again and she got some pretty good pictures!”

Thank you, Jackie, for sending us your photos of Max the robin!

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