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Post editor honored

Cedar Springs Post editor Judy Reed was honored at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, at Cedar Springs Public Schools, for being named to the 2011 Media Honor Roll.
The program, sponsored by the Michigan Association of School Boards, recognizes media representatives statewide for fair and balanced reporting on school issues and providing valuable information to the community on public school issues. Reed was one of 24 media professionals across the state to receive the honor.
The Cedar Springs Board of Education nominated Reed for the honor, and Board president Joe Marckini presented her with the certificate Monday evening.
Criteria for the district selection included media representative’s efforts to get to know the superintendent, board president and the district’s mission and goals; report school news in a fair, accurate and balanced manner; give a high profile to positive news about schools; visit the schools; and maintain a policy of no surprises by sharing information with school officials.
“Districts across Michigan appreciate these reporters for their balanced and accurate approach to sharing both the challenges facing our schools and the successes achieved by local teachers, students and school boards. Their work aids local communities in focusing on the goal of providing the best public schools we can for every child,” said Kathy Hayes, MASB executive director.
Reed has been reporting on education for the Post since the mid-1990s, and became editor of the paper in 2006. She also was selected for the Media Honor Roll in 2008.
The 2011 Media Honor Roll appeared in MASB’s June 20 edition of Headlines.

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Sheriff deputies honored

Kent County Sheriff deputies keep residents in and around the greater Cedar Springs area safe day in and day out. The Cedar Springs Post joins Sheriff Larry Stelma in  congratulating several employees on their promotions and retirements.
Captain Michelle Young will be promoted to the Rank of Chief Deputy.  Lieutenant Kevin Kelley will be promoted to the rank of Captain of the Road Patrol Division and Lieutenant Charles Dewitt will be promoted to the rank of Captain of the Technology/Communications Division.
Chief Deputy Bruce Partridge is retiring after 36 years of service, Captain Jack Medendorp; 35 years, Captain Darrell Singleton; 28 years, Lieutenant Jack Stewart 37 years; and Lieutenant Dave Mervau 25 years.


Chief Deputy Michelle Lajoye-Young

Michelle began her career at the Kent County Sheriff’s Office on December 11, 1989 as a Corrections Officer.  In 1994, Michelle was promoted to Sergeant overseeing the records unit and in 1999 she achieved the rank of Lieutenant. In August 2002, Michelle was assigned as Lieutenant in charge of the road patrol’s south substation.
On January 1, 2007, Michelle was promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned to the Technology/Communications Division.  Michelle was instrumental in the development and activation of the central call taking center implemented in 2010.  Michelle is being promoted to Chief Deputy of the County Sheriff’s Office

Captain Kevin Kelley

Kevin began his employment with the County at the Sheriff Department on June 5, 1989 as a County Patrol Officer.  Kevin was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2003 and in 2007 Kevin was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in charge of the Technology/Communications division.
Kevin is being promoted to Captain in charge of the Road Patrol Division.

Captain Charles Dewitt

Chuck began his career at the Kent County Sheriff Department on July 31, 1995 as a County Patrol Officer. While on the road patrol he also worked as an E-Unit officer.
In 2002, Chuck was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the detective bureau and in 2007, he was promoted to Lieutenant.
Chuck is being promoted to Captain in charge of the Technology/Communication Division.


Chief Deputy Bruce Partridge

Bruce Partridge began his 36 year career with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office as a Cadet in 1973 and was hired as a Correction Officer in 1974. He was assigned to the Road Patrol Division in 1974 and worked as a Patrol Officer. In 1999 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and was tasked with the responsibility of implementing a security plan for the new Kent County Courthouse. In 2006 he was promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned to the Road Patrol Division.  In 2009, he was promoted to the Rank of Chief Deputy.

Captain Jack Medendorp

Jack Medendorp is a 35 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and began his career in 1973. He realized his passion for law enforcement and dedicated his career to the citizens of Kent County and the Sheriff’s Office. He was a Corrections Officer for one year, and then became a Road Patrol Deputy in 1974. Captain Medendorp was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1986, Lieutenant in 1997 and Captain in 2009.

Captain Darrell Singleton

Darrell began his career 28 years ago at the Kent County Sheriff’s Office on May 19, 1982 as Corrections Officer.  On July 24, 1989 he was promoted to Corrections Sergeant and on February 6, 1995 he was promoted to Lieutenant.  On April 17, 2006, Darrell was promoted to Security Captain in the Correctional Facility, in charge of the staffing.

Lieutenant Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart began employment at the Kent County Sheriff’s Office on September 25, 1973 as a Cadet.  In 1998 he was promoted to sergeant assigned to the Detective Bureau supervising the Family Services Unit.  In September 2004, Jack was promoted to Lieutenant assigned as Director of the Kent County Emergency Management.

Lieutenant Dave Mervau

David started at the Kent County Sheriff’s Office on June 3, 1985 as a County Corrections Officer. In 1993 he was assigned to the Patrol Division.  On September 23, 2002 he was promoted to sergeant assigned to the Road Patrol and eventually assigned to the Vice Unit as Sergeant.  Dave was promoted to Lieutenant on September 8, 2008 assigned to Detective Bureau.

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