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Let your voice be heard on November 8

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Let your voice be heard on November 8

Our nation is extremely divided. Cedar Springs is, too. We all want what’s best for our nation and our school district. As a nation our national debt is a big concern. As a school district, it is important to retain a balanced budget while being transparent to our taxpayers.

As a nation, we must remember that all lives matter including the unborn. As a school district, we need to continue putting our kids first by offering intervention for the at-risk population and job training skills along with continuing the progress we have made by offering middle college and dual enrollment to the students who need to be challenged.

Our nation’s borders need to be secure, so we can live in a safe society. As a school district, we need to continue to keep our schools safe. Employing a safety officer is a start. Securing our schools, endorsing programs such as BE NICE and OK2Say, along with professional development for our teachers and staff are just a few of the other ways of maintaining a safe and healthy school environment.

I applaud everyone who wants to make our school district better. Each candidate has their unique gifts and abilities. Based on what I’ve read of each candidate, I feel that Heidi Reed and Joe Marckini have what it takes to sit on the school board. “As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls.” Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayer


Shelley Bauer, Nelson Township

Employee of Cedar Springs Schools

Parent of student at Cedar Springs Middle School

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 A vote to preserve and improve quality of school system

As a parent and active volunteer at my children’s school I care deeply about the students and staff at CSPS. The upcoming school board election will have significant impact on the future of CSPS. We need to elect individuals who are dedicated to addressing the educational needs of the district, are financially responsible and whose only agenda is in preserving and improving the quality of our school system. That is why I am voting for Joe Marckini and Heidi Reed.

Liz Grice, Algoma Township

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Candidate will ask ‘Who benefits?’

The primary function of the Board of Education is to oversee the education of students in the community. I support electing Heidi Reed for a school board member on November 8. The Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) lists indicators of effective boards and board members and it is my opinion that Heidi Reed will:

Focus on Student Achievement-Focus on issues that will improve student achievement.

Accountability-Play an active role in committee meetings and work sessions. Visit schools and other community events and help shape a positive public opinion about the district.

Culture and Conduct of Board Meetings-Value differences of opinion and don’t let the differences denigrate into personality conflicts. Publicly support the Superintendent and staff.

Ethics-Ensure that commitments and directives are in the best interest of the entire board and district and not the individual board member. Create an environment that discourages micromanagement or undermining of the Superintendent.

Heidi Reed’s desire is to watch over the districts assets, focus on finances and help create a collaborative environment amid ever changing dynamics and requirements of education. Her priority is to keep kids first by asking, “who benefits?” She looks forward to being a trustee for kids and the community.

Kathy Corwin, Solon Township

Community Member and Parent of CSHS Student

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