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Sand Lake sets up giving table and little library

Giving table in Sand Lake outside of the Village offices.

The Village of Sand Lake is reaching out to the community to make things a little stressful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our first priority here in the Village of Sand Lake is to help our residents in as many small ways we can,” said Village President Tracy Quinlan. “One of the ways we are doing this is through a Giving Table and a Little Library.”

“Giving Tables are inspired out of the passion people feel to help each other. The Village of Sand Lake is passionate about helping others. Born out of this passion and caring, the Village of Sand Lake has established a Giving Table. The Giving Table is located outside the main doors of the Village offices. Anyone can come to the Giving Table to either donate items or take items they need during this time,” she explained.

Anyone can take a book from the Little Library outside Sand Lake Village offices.

Quinlan said the idea of the Little Library was presented by a local 8-year-old, Bentley Monroe, who recently visited an airport library while traveling with his family. “Bentley sent us a message with his idea along with his donation of some of his books,” she said. “Amazing!”  

The Little Library is set up just like an airport library: grab a book to go or leave a book for someone else. The books at Sand Lake’s Little Library are organized by age levels.  Everyone is encouraged to grab a book to read when they drop off or pick up items from the Giving Table.

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Giving table for those in need

By Judy Reed

Giving table in front of Five Star Realty before it was transferred to City Impact. Photo by L. Allen.

Local realtor, Laura Ensley, wanted to do something to help those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic. So last weekend she set up a “giving table” in front of her business, Five Star Realty, on Main Street. 

“We started out with our team filling up the giving table,” explained Ensley. “I knew a lot of kids might not be able to afford to eat during the day, and even though they are serving some food at the school, they might not be able to get there. And other people need food, too.”

So they loaded up the table, and people began coming and taking food for free. And then other people began bringing food to put out on the table as well. They had fresh eggs, water, toilet paper—many things people were looking for. “People were bringing all kinds of stuff,” she said.

One of the most heartfelt moments for Ensley was when a family came to get some supplies from the table. “I could see the mom talking to the kids, and before they left, they all knelt down and prayed,” she said. “It was very cool.”

Then three days after they put up the giving table, the governor temporarily shut down all non-essential businesses due to the spread of COVID-19. Ensley’s was one of them. 

“We are not deemed an essential business,” explained Ensley, “so we needed to find a new home for the table.”

Table in front of City Impact. Facebook photo.

The table now has a new home in front of 288 N. Main Street, at City Impact, an outreach center next to Dollar General on the north end of the City. “It’s the perfect place, really. I watched so many people come and go there to get groceries,” she said.

Earlier Wednesday, there were plenty of canned goods as well as deli sandwiches, cookies, and more. If you are in need of food, stop by there and check it out. 

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