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*C-MEM-GinaCramerJanuary 21, 1932 – June 18, 1998


In loving memory of my mom, who passed away 16 years ago.

Even though it’s been 16 years, I still find myself reaching for the phone to call you. I want to share everything that’s going on – what the kids are doing, how the grandkids are doing, the sports games, the birthday parties. At every event, I feel the emptiness of not having you there – it does’t seem the same. I hear someone say Grandma, and I look around for you – instead they’re talking to me! The years go by, as they always will, and the memories and treasured moments we shared seem even stronger than ever. I love and miss you a lot, Mom.

Your loving daughter,


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Gina Cramer

In Loving Memory
Of my Mom, Gina Cramer

On June 18, 1998,
I lost my mom, who was my best friend.
We talked everyday about everything.
She was funny, smart, and very caring!
To lose a mom is to lose a part of
yourself – a part you can never replace.
I miss her so much.
She was the best.
Your Daughter, Robin

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