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The Post travels to the Netherlands and Germany

Recently the Post traveled to the Netherlands and Germany with Carl and Fran Hoitenga of Cedar Springs; Dave and Beth Hutchings of Rockford; Howard and Maryanne Wilson, Rick and Lorie Fahner, and Brenda Chafee all of Howard City; plus friends from other areas around the country.

The group traveled aboard Avalon Cruise Line’s “Felicity.” The cruise was described as an “active discovery experience” featuring walking and biking excursions in many ports along the Rhine River. At each port, passengers could choose from among many tours according to their own interests.The tours consisted of both historical and contemporary points of interest up close.

The cruise started in Amsterdam, Netherlands with stops at the German ports of Xantem, Duisberg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Engers, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Eltville, and Mainz. 

Thanks so much for taking us with you!

Are you going on vacation? Take the Post with you and snap some photos. Then send them to us with some info to news@cedarspringspost.com or mail them to Post travels, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. We will be looking for yours!

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The Post travels to Bavaria

The Post traveled to Bavaria this spring with the Cedar Springs Brewing Company Tour of Bavaria to sample some German beer, eat some great food, and see some amazing sights. According to Director of Happiness David Ringler, they had 26 guests join them on a guided tour of history, beer culture, and dining. The photo was taken in Bamberg, Germany, in the state of Bavaria.

Thanks David for taking the Post with you on your Bavarian adventure. 

Are you going on vacation? Take the Post with you and snap some photos. Then send them to us with some info to news@cedarspringspost.com or mail them to Post travels, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. We will be looking for yours!

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The Post travels—everywhere!

The Post traveled all over the world this year, including the old walled city of Lucca, in the Tuscany region of Italy, where Steve and Judy Reed visited in September. Photo by J. Reed.

It was a great year for our “Post travels to” feature in 2017. The Post traveled far and wide. It traveled as close as Traverse City, and as far away as New Zealand. Other places the Post traveled included: Weidman, Mich. to see Dr. Pol; Canada, the Danube River in Hungary and Germany; Great Britain; Peru; St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.; Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming; the Bahamas; Beijing; Big Bay, Mich.; Branson, Missouri; California; China; Cozumel, Mexico; Disney World; the Dominican Republic; Los Angeles; Fort Myers; Hawaii; Italy; Kentucky, Ohio; Shipshewana; and Spain.

We have run out of Post travel photos, so if you have one, please send it in! (See details in other Post travels story on this page.)

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Post travels to Europe


The Steinebach recently traveled across Europe on vacation and took the Post with them. They visited cities and sites in Italy, Germany and France, including Michaelangelo Park in Florence, Italy; the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy; the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany; and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Travelng with the Post was Curt and Carol Steinebach, their daughter Christina Dean, and their son Cayden Steinebach.

Cayden is an incoming 7th grader at Cedar Springs Middle School. Christina is a 2013 graduate from Cedar Springs.

The family had a lot of fun visiting sites in Europe as well as researching ancestral roots in Germany.

Thanks so much to the Steinebach family for taking us with you!

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The Post travels to Germany


The Post recently traveled to Dresden, Germany, with Kim Gillow and Mary Balon, of Solon Township, and their friend Harry Eastwood, of Australia. They spent two weeks travelling through Poland, Germany, and Austria visiting important WWII sites, including concentration camps, the Nuremburg courthouse and Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. This picture was taken half way through the trip in the town square in Dresden.

“Every day was interesting and informative,” said Kim, “and the local guides were wonderful.”

Thanks for taking us to Germany with you!

Are you going on vacation? Take the Post with you and snap some photos. Then send them to us with some info to news@cedarspringspost.com or mail them to Post travels, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. We will be looking for yours!

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Post goes to Berlin

Former exchange student Patrick Pender took The Post on a trip to Berlin after returning home to Germany. Check out the “property of Michigan” t-shirt!
Thanks so much, Patrick, for taking a little piece of Cedar Springs home with you. We are glad it could be the Post!

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Siferd family travels to ancestors’ homeland

Sandy & George Waite, Shirley Siferd-Hart, and Tim and Sue Wolfe stand in front of the Mountain Munchberg Lutheran Church in Munchberg, Germany. This is where all the Siferd Family was baptized and married in the 1700’s.

A 10-day trip to Germany in mid-September became a memorable journey for a local family. It was the culmination of 81-year-old Shirley Siferd-Hart’s 45 years of genealogy research. Shirley, formerly of Cedar Springs and now of Grand Rapids, traveled with her children, George and Sandy Waite, and Sue (Waite) and Tim Wolfe, to Germany, because it was the birthplace of Johann Adam Siferd, the ancestor who brought the Siferd family to America. Johann Siferd was born in 1754 in the small village of Unfriedsdorf, Germany. He came to America as part of the Bayreuth Military Regiment in 1777 by the British to assist them in the Revolutionary War.
This trip allowed Shirley to go back to where three generations of the Siferd Family lived beginning in the late 1600s. The carefully pre-planned trip included time spent with an English-speaking research consultant, historian, archivist, and genealogist. The family spent several days continuing the genealogy research, which involved reviewing microfiche film, maps, and handwritten documents in Nuremburg, Munchberg, and Bayreuth. A guided walking tour of Munchberg with a university student majoring in German history was also included.
Knowing Johann Adam Siferd was raised in a country setting with his father being a master weaver (land weber), the family decided to stay in a small rural village named Birk. The actual home they stayed in was originally a barn-home combination built in the 1700s. A history professor from the University of Bayreuth purchased the home a few years ago and restored it keeping as much of the original structure as possible. Those originals include exterior walls, feeding troughs, beams, and cement floors along with the wood fireplace that is still used to help heat the home. The property is now only a home and is centrally located among approximately 10 other simple homes in a valley with a small creek running through it.
Johann Siferd’s regiment sailed the Main River after walking approximately 50 miles from Unfirendsdorf to Ansbach. The Main meets the Rhine River in Bergin, where the family spent two nights. Johann’s regiment sailed on the three-masted schiff called the Durand and arrived in America after a six-week sail from Germany. The “SH Team” (Shirley Hart Research Team) spent one day cruising up the Rhine River trying to imagine what Johann may have been thinking as he left all his family and homeland for a country he had little knowledge of, in search of a better life.
Upon the advice of Tom Noreen, the family took a few side trips in the area to include a concentration camp, castles, vineyards, and numerous beer and wine tasting opportunities. Each meal proved to be an adventure in itself just trying to figure out what the menu meant, and then once the food arrived, figuring out what it really was.
“This was a dream come true for me after many years of research,” said Shirley. “To actually be there in Germany and stomp on the same ground where my father’s ancestors lived, worked, worshiped, and raised their families was a precious gift. Being able to do this with my children made it even more meaningful. Learning about my 7-time great-grandfather, Johann, who was a teacher of weaving, and knowing my father, too, was always learning and teaching, gave me an even greater appreciation of passing down traditions,” said Shirley.
Sue Wolfe added, “My mom has diligently worked on our family history. She made this information available for all future Siferd generations, and us. We now have a better understanding of our ancestors and what their lives were like. She showed us the sacrifices they made that allowed us to be who we are today. This history of our family bloodline was created from a much different period of time, when many of the people did not even read or write. My mom worked hard so that we might have the information, before it may be lost or nobody is around to tell the stories of our family. It was an awesome adventure to share with my mom and family. She certainly is passing down the importance of teaching and the privilege of learning.”
“I am proud to know where I came from and how I got here. That is rare in today’s world,” commented George Waite.

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