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Be the referee


By Mark Uyl, Asst. Director, MHSAA

2018 Football Rule Changes 

The biggest rules changes in high school football across the country this year involve player safety. When any required player equipment is missing or worn improperly, an official’s time-out shall be declared, and the player must come out of the game for one down. This includes players not wearing knee or thigh pads or rolling their pant legs up over their knees and equipment such as shoulder pads or back pads being exposed. The other change continues to hone the definition of a defenseless player. This time affecting the quarterback once he has thrown the ball and becomes a passer. Until that time, he is defined as a runner. As a passer, he continues to be defenseless until the pass ends or he moves to participate in the play. The penalty for hitting a defenseless player is 15 yards.

Be the Referee is a weekly message from the Michigan High School Athletics Association that is designed to help educate people on the rules in different sports, to help them better understand the art of officiating, and to recruit officials.

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