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Band and Orchestra Festival    

CSPS-BandFestivalMarch 6, 2015  


High School Auditorium

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Coral to celebrate 150 years

The town of Coral was founded in 1862 during Civil War days, and will be celebrating its 150th birthday this year. The Coral Days Festival Committee has been working hard to mark this special occasion with a celebration during the annual Coral Days Festival, June 22-23. The committee has been raising funds to add some historical flavor to the celebration. They will open a time capsule buried in 1962 to begin the Friday night events. A room will also be set up with memorabilia from the old days of Coral. If anyone has antique or historical items or photos that they want to loan to the committee for those two days, they may contact Kathy Gunderman at 231-354-6431 (Coral Power Shop).

There will also be an old-fashioned bucket brigade race and a soap box derby. The committee is also hoping to have some ancient cars and tractors on display. There will be the usual car show and firemen’s water ball and a host of other activities to enjoy as well. Crafters interested in renting a table or businesses interested in getting in the souvenir book should call Kathy at the above phone number.

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An idea to raise funds for Red Flannel Day

From the editor

We’ve been getting comments on the story we ran last week “Festival proposed city pay to use trademark.” Below we are printing a letter we received, and a few samples of comments from our website and our Facebook page. Please visit those sites at www.cedarspringspost.com and www.facebook.com/cedarspringspost to read all the comments, or post some of your own. You can also email us at news@cedarspringspost.com.


An idea to raise funds for Red Flannel Day


Dear Editor,

One idea about gaining money  to support Red Flannel Day could be a Booster Club. The Cedar Springs Red Flannel Day Boosters Club, an independent club composed of our citizens, and one ex-officio member from the City Council and one ex-officio member from the RFF.

We have many public-spirited folks in the Cedar Springs community. A concerned, dedicated leader of the Boosters, with the help of the Boosters committee, could create programs to earn money specifically for Red Flannel Day expenses.

Very truly yours, 

Lyle Perry, Jr


Some online comments 

I was intrigued by Ms. Andres’ statement, “is it the city or the festival?” This is not an either-or, but a both-and. Without the City’s support, there would be no Red Flannel Festival; without the Red Flannel Festival, the City wouldn’t have a signature event.

The City made a decision based on budgetary constraints, and donors stepped up to cover the RFF’s deficit. This is probably what should continue. A true win-win for everyone.

Craig Owens, Cedar Springs


I’m pretty sure that Red Flannel weekend brings the most business in one weekend than any other weekend of the year.

Benjamin Knapp


This has everything to do with the relationship between the committee and the City Manager. As the article says…it’s been a cooperation in the past. The only reason it isn’t is because the CM sprang on the RFF charging them for city services.

I do think the RFF needs to be knocked down a peg or 2. They think they run the town. I think it’s time for “Cedar-fest,” move it up a month for nicer weather and tell the RFF we’re no longer interested. It will be hard to protect that precious logo without income.

William Wheeler


I think this is very irritating of the RFF to do. Amazing how the amount is exactly the same as the cuts last year. As a society we’ve all had to endure cuts. They should not be immune, and the residents should own the TM not the committee. I as a resident would not want to profit off of history. The TM is synonymous with the city of Cedar Springs. Let’s keep politics out of the underwear!!

Katie Griffard Kangas


I am fine paying a little more in taxes to support our festival. Every year it brings in revenue to our local business, and that is worth supporting. The festival really just needs the city to cover the police and DPW workers, they are not trying to make a profit off any of us.

Molly Nixon


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Library teen film festival

Go beyond YouTube! Teens in 6-12th grade are invited to meet the challenge of producing a real film for the Kent District Library Teen Film Festival. The top ten entries will be shown on the big screen at Celebration Cinema North, 2121 Celebration Drive NE on Saturday February 12 at 10:30 a.m. Prizes go to three winners. Film submissions are due this Saturday, January 8! Additional information and applications can be found at www.kdl.org/teens/go/film_contest.

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