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WMP grapplers medal in four tournaments

Pictured is 52 lb Greights Champion Ethan VanDyke. Courtesy photo.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit travelled to four different regions this past weekend.

The West Region was held at Grand Valley University. WMP had six grapplers enter and five finished in the top four. 66 lb Travis Pike, 9/10 age group and 133/158 lb Isa Starr, 11/12 age group both finished 4th. 114 lb Evan Mouch, 13/15 age group and 122 lb Korbin Oliver, 13/15 age group both finished 3rd. GVSU Champion is 57/60 lb Jace Schut, 9/10 age group. 

The Southwest Region was held at Vicksburg. WMP had seven enter, placing six in the top four. 49 lb Emmett Russo, 5/6 age group and 60 lb Carter Giles, 9/10 age group both finished third. 75/80 lb Alex Russo, 11/12 age group went 5-1, finishing as a True 2nd. Vicksburg Champions are 64 lb Dylan Russo, 7/8 age group; 85 lb Alex Buskirk, 11/12 age group and 54 lb Brody Compau, 9/10 age group. 

The Greights tournament was held by the Metro Region and hosted by Hazel Park. WMP entered four and three finished in the top four. 63 lb Tatianna Castillo, 9/10 age group took 3rd in the open division. With no competition entered in her weight class, she bumped to the 76 lb wt class and took 4th in the girls division. Greights Champion is 52 lb Ethan VanDyke, 5/6 age group. 

The North Region was held at Chippewa Hills. WMP entered four and all four claimed Championships. Chippewa Hills Champions are 60 lb Brennan Dietz, 9/10 age group; 80 lb Luke Egan, 11/12 age group; 105 lb Blake Peasley, 11/12 age group and 63 lb Blake Werkema, 9/10 age group. 

Overall WMP entered 21 grapplers to compete this weekend and finished with nine Champions. We had 76 matches and 51 of those ended in victory. 

“We had kids scattered this weekend between having kids entered in four different tournaments and some taking the time off to attend the Iowa vs. Michigan State college duals in Lansing. These kids continue to impress me with their skill sets. Even with limited coaching staff available this past weekend, WMP still claimed nine Championship titles. Congratulations West Michigan Pursuit, you truly are the Pursuit of Champions,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus.

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