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DNRE collecting angler information

As fishing season shifts into a higher gear, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment reminds anglers that department personnel will be collecting data at lakes, rivers and Great Lakes ports about anglers’ fishing experiences.

DNRE creel clerks will ask anglers about how long they fished, what species they were targeting, how well they did, and where they live. In some cases, they may ask to measure or weigh fish and take scale samples.

The efforts are part of the Statewide Angler Survey Program.

“The point of the whole program is to characterize how many fish are harvested, how many hours anglers spend fishing, and what fish they’re targeting,” said DNRE fisheries biologist Tracy Kolb. “The primary goal is to ensure we have enough information to manage our fisheries across the state.”

Biologists will also try to determine “which lakes are really important to people, which lakes they’re willing to travel long distances to fish, and which lakes are mostly just local fisheries,” Kolb said.

It usually takes only a couple of minutes to answer the questions. The DNRE appreciates anglers’ cooperation.

Anglers interested in seeing the results from surveys of Great Lakes in previous years can find them on the DNRE website at www.michigan.gov/dnrfishing.

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DNRE announces new bowhunting program

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment announced the launch of the new Explore Bowhunting program. Explore Bowhunting is an outdoor conservation education program that focuses on the interactions of people with wildlife.

The program, developed by the Archery Trade Association (ATA), teaches students how to interact with the natural world by developing the basic skills used to bowhunt, which focus on getting close to animals. Not only does Explore Bowhunting teach students how to interact with nature using ageless hunting skills, it also teaches students an appreciation of what is around them and enhances their encounters with the outdoors.

The program is designed for students ages 11-17, however, this does not limit the use of the program. Adults and younger students would also enjoy this innovative curriculum.

“The Explore Bowhunting curriculum is more than a tool to teach bowhunting. It is designed to teach students how to feel comfortable in the outdoors whether the goal is to bowhunt, photograph wildlife, or interact with nature for any purpose,” said Mary Emmons, DNRE Archery Education coordinator.

The activities within the curriculum can be used from start to finish, individually or in units to teach the basics of bowhunting or to teach students necessary skills to get close to wildlife. “However, Explore Bowhunting is not a replacement for Hunter Education or the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP),” Emmons said.

The DNRE is currently seeking teachers, after school and recreational program leaders and others who are interested in implementing the Explore Bowhunting curriculum. Educators will be required to attend a free one-day instructor workshop prior to program implementation.

For more information on Explore Bowhunting or to register for a workshop, contact Mary Emmons at (517) 241-9477 or e-mail her at emmomsm@michigan.gov. You may also visit the DNRE website at www.michigan.gov/explorebowhunting.

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