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Wetland restoration construction underway 

Local high schoolers worked on the wetland’s construction project and planted over 600 native wetland plants to further enhance the wetland’s capacity to filter polluted runoff.

Trout Unlimited and local partners recently began construction of two wetland restorations in downtown Cedar Springs. Wetlands provide vital, valuable services such as filtering pollution from stormwater runoff, providing fish and wildlife habitat, and controlling floodwaters. The wetland restoration sites, though both small, are a high priority for water quality improvement due to their proximity to Cedar Creek and their location in urban downtown Cedar Springs. Cedar Creek is one of the coldest tributaries to the Rogue River and supports healthy populations of brook, brown, and rainbow trout, but is at risk due to the continued development of the watershed and wetland loss. 

SouthPeat Environmental LLC and Dean’s Excavating completed construction on the first wetland restoration near the Cedar Springs Library. Trout Unlimited’s Green Team of local high schoolers also worked on the project and planted over 600 native wetland plants to further enhance the wetland’s capacity to filter polluted runoff. The second wetland, just upstream, is due to be completed by the fall. The Department of Environmental Quality awarded Trout Unlimited over $200,000 of grant funding for this urban wetland restoration initiative in the Rogue River watershed. The City of Cedar Springs and the Cedar Springs Community Building Development Team has contributed $22,000 to this project.  

These wetlands will not only improve water quality of Cedar Creek and the Rogue River but also provide the Cedar Springs community many opportunities to experience nature through enjoying the birds and butterflies, observing the blooms of native flowers throughout the seasons, and hearing the songs of spring peepers and other wildlife. 

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Crash punctures dump truck gas tank

Post photo by J. Reed.

Post photo by J. Reed.

By Judy Reed


A crash at the corner of Main and Muskegon Streets in Cedar Springs last week Thursday, July 25, resulted in a gas spill from a dump truck leaving a construction zone.

According to Cedar Springs Police officer Chad Potts, a jeep driven by Caroline Bartlett, 68, of Cedar Springs, was heading eastbound on Muskegon Street about 2:45 p.m., when it approached the Main Street intersection and tried to turn right. When the driver realized she couldn’t make the turn and was going to hit the barricade, she tried to abort the turn and went straight, and struck the driver’s side of a Dean’s Excavating truck that was heading north through the intersection. The crash ruptured the fuel tank on the dump truck and Cedar Springs firefighters and others worked at the scene to clean up the spill.

Post photo by J. Reed.

Post photo by J. Reed.

Neither the driver of the jeep nor the driver of the dump truck, Gary Wall, 55, of Leroy, were transported to the hospital. They sought their own medical attention.

In a related incident, a firefighter at Main and Church Street was directing traffic away from the accident, when a southbound pickup with yellow lights rotating proceeded through that intersection without stopping and bumped the firefighter with his mirror. He was not injured and no citation was issued.

According to Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent, the truck was owned by Dean’s Excavating and had been called in to help with the cleanup. But the firefighter didn’t know that. Parent cautioned citizens to always stop and identify themselves if they need to be at the scene of an accident. “When in doubt, they should stop. They shouldn’t think that everyone knows what they are there for,” he said.


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