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March 29 Weather Make Up Day – School is in session!


April 1-5 No School for Students and Staff – Spring Break

April 18 Cedar Springs Community Night @ Cedar Springs High School – Come visit our booth!

April 22 Family Night – 5-7 pm

April 22 Parent / Superintendent Town Hall Meeting – 7-8 pm

April 23-25 K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences (by appointment)

April 25 9-12 Parent Teacher Conferences (by appointment)


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CTA Honor Roll


Creative Technologies Academy 1st Trimester Honor Roll

High School Honor Roll

Middle School Honor Roll


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Open Enrollment

Creative Technologies Academy

350 Pine Street

Cedar Springs, MI  49319

(616) 696-4905


Open Enrollment Period

for the 2013-14 School Year

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Creative Technologies Academy Annual Public Notices 2012


 The Creative Technologies Academy’s Board Policy Manual contains the following policy which is applicable to all Title I schools. CTA does NOT receive Title I funds, nevertheless it adheres to the following policy:

In accordance with the requirement of Section 1111 of Title I, for each school receiving Title I funds, the School Leader shall make sure that all parents of students in that school are notified that they may request, and the Academy will provide the following information on the student’s classroom teachers:

A. whether the teacher(s) have met the State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject areas they are teaching;

B. whether the teacher(s) is teaching under any emergency or provisional status in which the State requirements have been waived;

C. the undergraduate major of the teacher(s) and the area of study and any certificates for any graduate degrees earned;

D. the qualifications of any paraprofessionals providing services to their child(ren);

 In addition, the parents shall be provided:

 The notices and information shall be provided in an understandable format, and to the extent possible, in a language the parent(s) understand.


 Parents have the right to inspect any instructional materials used as part of the educational curriculum for their student. Instructional material means instructional content, regardless of format, that is provided to the student, including printed or representational materials, audiovisual materials, and materials available in electronic or digital formats (such as materials accessible through the Internet.) Instructional material does not include academic tests or academic assessments.

 Asbestos Management Plan

The Asbestos Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires all schools to have an “Asbestos Management Plan” and to make that plan available to all concerned parties. Creative Technologies Academy, an asbestos free school, hereby notifies all parents, building occupants, and the parent-teacher organization that the Asbestos Management Plan for all buildings under the jurisdiction of this local education agency is available in the principal’s office of Creative Technologies Academy located at 350 Pine Street in Cedar Springs Michigan.

This notification is to advise all concerned parties that the Asbestos Management Plan required under the AHERA is available for review upon request. The plans can be viewed by any person during normal business hours. Those interested in reviewing the Asbestos Management Plan can inquire about the hours and times that the plans are available by contacting Mr. Dan Clark or the School Leader at 616-696-4905.

Creative Technologies Academy has followed all of the laws pertaining to asbestos in schools for the state of Michigan. Based on the findings, there is no asbestos on the CTA campus. Steps have been taken for a permanent exemption because there is no asbestos to monitor or remove.

Integrated Pest Management Policy and Plan

In accordance with Michigan Regulation 637, the following policy and plan has been adopted at:

Creative Technologies Academy 350 Pine Street Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires that the Academy use the least hazardous methods first (fly swatters, vacuuming, housekeeping practices, elimination of insect/rodent food, harborage of entry points, etc.) to remove pests from the school environment before resorting to chemical treatment.

Only professional licenses individuals shall be allowed to apply commercial grade pesticides or herbicides and proper advance notification of application(s) shall be given. No area(s) shall be treated while occupied by staff or students

Notice of this service shall be published to all parents, guardians or students, and staff. In case of emergency, limited use of pesticides or herbicides is permitted without advance notice.

This universal sign shall be posted for 48 hours after commercial application of pesticides or herbicides is made, or for an appropriate period of time as recommended by the licensed professional.

Pesticides In Use

Rodent or pest sightings shall be reported to the school office and shall be recorded in the IPM Log Book. The licensed person providing the pest control service shall review this list prior to providing treatment within or outside the building.

Board Adopted: August 9, 2001

Board Recorder: Lexie K. Coxon


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Traditional/Grades K-5 7:55 am – 2:40 pm

Traditional/Grades 6-12 7:45 am – 2:30 pm

FlexTrac/Grades 9-12 1:45 pm – 6:15 pm

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Rick the Reptile Guy

The students in grades K-8 of Creative Technologies Academy had a special guest the last day of school before their Spring Break!  Rick DeRidder, also known as “Rick the Reptile Guy,” put on two assemblies for CTA’s students to help bring their science classes to life by sharing some of his reptiles with the school through a show and tell-style presentation. This interactive assembly allowed the students to touch, smell, see, and in some cases SIT on the reptiles! Above all of the fun and jokes provided by Rick the Reptile Guy, he also was able to relay an abundance of fun facts about the reptiles he brought and reptiles in general.

Ms. Amy Burton, 4th grade teacher stated, “This is by far one of the best assemblies we have ever had at CTA! It was fun and full of excellent facts and our students were captivated for the entire time.” Rick DeRidder is employed by Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park, located in Alto, MI. Kyle Bohl, Director of Student Services, commented on Rick the Reptile Guy’s presentation when he said, “Rick’s passion is what struck me the most. If our students can be as passionate about their futures as Rick DeRidder is about his profession, our students will be able to accomplish their dreams and goals like he has!”

Rick the Reptile Guy asked that CTA come up with the name for his next reptile that will soon be staying at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park: a 14-foot alligator! All suggestions can be given to Mr. Bohl to be entered into the contest! Once the suggestions have been tabulated the students of CTA will have a vote for the best name for the alligator!

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CTA’s March Reading Race

The elementary grade levels of Creative Technologies Academy challenged one another to a reading race throughout the month of March. Since March was designated throughout the State of Michigan as “Reading Month” the first grade made a challenge to the rest of the elementary at a kick-off celebration in late February. When asked about the challenge, Mrs. Jamie Pressler, first grade teacher and originator of the challenge said, “Utilizing a school-wide challenge is not only fun for everyone involved, but it truly gets the kids’ noses in books because they want to read and do well to help their classes, not just because they have to.” The challenge stated that if a student reads for a certain length of time with an adult then those minutes allowed their class to move the racecar along the “reading racetrack” in an effort to win the race!

Every Monday and Thursday the entire elementary school came together to cheer on their race car, as the teachers were able to move their cars according to how many minutes their class read that week. Kyle Bohl, Director of Student Services stated, “It was great to hear young people reading throughout our classrooms, hallways, offices and playground throughout March. Students took charge of their own learning and when that happens it’s definitely authentic.” Many students were able to read with an adult of their choice at school if they did not have an opportunity to read at home with a parent or guardians.

A celebration of enjoying rootbeer floats as an entire elementary was the culmination to a wonderful month full of reading. The class with the most minutes read was honored in an extra special way, however, with this race, everyone won!


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CTA Calendar

April 19 Family Night (5:00 PM – 8:00 PM – includes Town Hall Meeting at 7:00 PM)

April 19 Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting  (7:00 PM)

April 24-26 Elementary and Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences (by appointment)

April 26 High School Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:00 – 7:00 PM)

April 27 No School for Students and Staff except that FlexTrac will hold school for weather make-up day

May 2 Teacher Professional Development (3:00—4:00 PM)

May 4 No School for Students – Teacher PD Day (9:00 – 3:30 PM)

May 4 Prom – Boulder Creek Golf Club (7:00 PM – 11:30 PM)

May 10 CTA Board Meeting (3:30 PM)

May 18 K-5 Field Day – Lunch with Parents (Noon – 2:15 PM)

May 24 Graduation (7:00 PM)

May 28 No School for Students and Staff (Memorial Day)

May 31-June 1 Final Exams for High School

June 1 Last Day of School for 2011-12



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Notice of Open Enrollment CTA Now Enrolling for Fall, 2012

Creative Technologies Academy is now enrolling for 2012-2013.  Classes are filling up so do not delay in finding out more about becoming a Charger!  CTA is a tuition free, K-12 public charter school authorized by Ferris State University.  We offer activities ranging from middle school and high school sports to drama, art, and prom.  Interested in smaller class sizes for your students that focus on high academic achievement?  Wanting a safe place for your children to learn?  CTA implements Smart Character Choices, a character education curriculum that focuses on relationship building and creating an environment safe for learning.


Please contact Kyle Bohl, Director of Student Services, at (616) 696-4905, ext. 228.

Dated: April 19, 2012


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CTA students state champs in math

This group of CTA students earned the title of 4th grade math Academic Charter State champions. Post photo by J. Reed.

Rep. Peter MacGregor, CTA School Leader Dan George, and 5th grade teacher Aaron Kenemer. Post photo by J. Reed.

Students, parents and teachers at Creative Technologies Academy in Cedar Springs all have something to be proud of—last year’s 4th grade students were named by Bridge Magazine as a 4th grade math Academic Charter State Champion. One hundred percent of students tested received proficiency on the test.

The charter school, located on Pine Street, enrolls 302 students in K-12th grade. The magazine asked School Leader Dan George what the secret to their success is: “We have small class sizes,” explained George. “There are about 20-21 students in elementary-grade classrooms, along with a half-time paraprofessional for every teacher. (They get) lots of individual attention. We have wonderful teachers and a wonderful staff.”

On March 23, the students, who are now 5th graders, received a pizza party to celebrate, and special guests Peter MacGregor, 73rd District Representative, and Cedar Springs Mayor Pro-Tem Christine Fahl were on hand to congratulate the students. MacGregor presented George with a special tribute from the State of Michigan, and Fahl presented him with a “You make a difference award” from the City of Cedar Springs.


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