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CTA Calendar

May 21 Literacy Night – 3-5 pm

May 21-22 Senior Trip to Cedar Point

May 22 No School for Students and Staff

May 25 No School for Students and Staff – Memorial Recess

May 29 Graduation @ Cedar Springs High School – 7 pm

June 2 Field Day (K-5)

June 4 Last day of school

June 8 Whitecaps game for CTA families

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2015 Wall of Honor

CTA Wall of Honor Members (L-R): Dr. DeWayne Coxon, Lexie K. Coxon, Alecia J. Terpstra, Amy Burton-Massey, Gary Bailey, Kyle Bohl, Gerry Verwey

CTA Wall of Honor Members (L-R): Dr. DeWayne Coxon, Lexie K. Coxon, Alecia J. Terpstra, Amy Burton-Massey, Gary Bailey, Kyle Bohl, Gerry Verwey

CTA inducted five people into the Wall of Honor for 2015, joining the two inaugural inductees from 2014, Dr. DeWayne Coxon and Lexie K. Coxon. The 2015 inductees are:

Gary Bailey – Director of Student Services, Board Member (President)

Mr. Bailey started the position of Director of Student Services and served the school for eleven years in that position. He most recently served CTA as President of the Board of Directors.

Kyle Bohl – Teacher, Director of Student Services, Board Member (Vice President), Mentor

Mr. Bohl is the only person to serve CTA as a teacher, administrator, and board member. Always willing to share his time and knowledge, he remains one of the most popular staff members among students, parents, and colleagues.

Amy Burton-Massey – Teacher, Building Leader, Mentor

Mrs. Massey was an elementary teacher for 11 years at CTA. Her infectious smile and outgoing personality was the face of our K-5 grades during her time her. She provided a safe, warm, and welcoming environment for our students and leadership for young teachers in our elementary.

Alecia J. Terpstra – Teacher, Class Advisor

Mrs. Terpstra is completing her 14th year of teaching secondary mathematics at CTA. She created the driver education program and taught driver education for several years. She has worked tirelessly over the years as a class advisor, sponsoring dances, fundraising, and planning, organizing, and implementing senior trips.

Gerry Verwey – Teacher, Coach, Mentor, NHS Advisor

Mr. Verwey taught secondary science for 7 years at CTA and he continued to coach cross country and basketball after leaving to teach at another school. He was a mentor to several young teachers and he will always be our “Coach” no matter where he is teaching and coaching.

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K-5 News

Mother Son Game Night was a hit!

Mother Son Game Night was a hit!

Daddy Daughter Dance is always a favorite.

Daddy Daughter Dance is always a favorite.

April and May were very busy months for the students at CTA’s elementary. We had two wonderful events occur during these months: the Daddy Daughter Luau and the Mother Son Game Night.

The Daddy Daughter Dance is one of our favorite events at CTA! At the beginning of every year, many, many questions are asked about the theme of the current year’s Daddy Daughter Dance. This year’s theme was that of a Luau, complete with lots of flowery leis and even a tiki hut!

Like every year, the girls enjoyed the time spent dancing, munching on yummy desserts provided by our families, and sipping on this year’s delicious smoothies made by two amazing CTA high school students: Hunter George and Kaleigh Keech. The greatest part of the evening occurred when all the dads joined their daughters out on the dance floor. The girls’ faces lit up with excitement to be dancing alongside their favorite guys.

Mother Son Game Night was a HIT! Moms and sons joined CTA staff members in playing every game known to man. You could hear the laughter coming from the Scattergories table, guesses being shouted out at the Pictionary station, and you could even feel the floor move in the Twister and Just Dance rooms. Seeing all of the smiling faces makes events like this a fantastic time for everyone!

The 2014-2015 school year is coming to a close and what a great year it has been for CTA’s elementary! Thank you to students, families, teachers, and administrators for making 2014-2015 one for the books!

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K-5 News: Reading Month Wrap Up

Mrs. Atkins reads to 2nd graders

Mrs. Atkins reads to 2nd graders

March was Reading Month and it is a favorite of ours at CTA! We Chargers really get into the friendly competition of reading. This past March was no different. Our theme was “Isle of the Reading Chargers.” Each grade had its own pirate ship that moved every week depending on the number of hours read. In order to reach the first island, “Port of Poems”, classes had to read 50 hours. The second island, “Port of Fairy Tales”, the class had to read 150 hours. When classes reached each port, the teacher would read texts from those specific genres to his or her class. When classes reached 400 hours, Mystery Readers arrived to their rooms. Pictured below: Mystery Reader, Mrs. Kelly Atkins, is reading to our lucky second grade class.

Mr. Oldebekking gets sprayed with silly string

Mr. Oldebekking gets sprayed with silly string

The K-8 staff set a goal of 4000 hours throughout the whole month of March. After the first week, students in grades K-8 read almost 1000 hours! Each week of March, we met altogether and unveiled the leading class. It was a tight race between three grades throughout the month; first, fourth, and a surprise appearance by the sixth grade class. In the end, the first grade pulled out the win; they read over 720 hours during the month! Since they were the highest reading class, the students were able to pick a staff member to spray silly string. Of course they chose our much-beloved Mr. Oldebekking! During our Student Showcase, the first graders were able to silly string him in front of the whole school! This year’s March is Reading Month was quite the success! Thank you everyone for your support of this initiative!

CTA K-8 during the Month of March read 4339 hours! WAY TO GO CHARGERS!!!!

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CTA Calendar


April 23 Daddy/Daughter Dance (grades K-6): 5-7 pm

27 HIV/AIDS Health Curriculum Meeting for 5th grade Parents: 4-4:30 pm

Family Night: 4:30-6 pm

Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting: 6-7 pm

May 1 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm

HS Prom @ Boulder Creek – 7 pm

4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week

5  New/Prospective Family Open House: 5:30-7 pm

6 NHS Induction Ceremony: 1:30 pm

7  Mother/Son Game Night for grades K-6: 4-6 pm

8 Mobile Dentist: 8:30 am

12 Wall of Honor Celebration: 2 pm

15  Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm

Carnival/Art Gallery Night: 5-8 pm

18 Girls Charging Ahead 5K – 3:15 pm

21 Literacy Night: 3:15-5:15 pm

21-22 Senior Trip to Cedar Point

22 No School for Students and Staff

25 No School for Students and Staff – Memorial Recess

29 Graduation @ Cedar Springs High School – 7 pm

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Employment Opportunities


There are no position openings at CTA at this time. However, the administration invites interested parties to submit a letter of interest and resume for the following positions that may become available during the 2015-16 school year:

• Certified teachers at all grade levels and subject areas (please include letter of interest, resume, and copy of teacher certification)

• Online learning teacher (please include letter of interest, resume, and copy of teacher certification)

• Administrative Assistant (four year degree preferred)

• Food preparation and custodial staff

Please submit letters of interest, resumes, and appropriate credentials by email to Dan George, Superintendent/School Leader, at dgeorge@ctachargers.org.

Submitted letters of interest and resumes will be kept on file. If a position becomes available that aligns with a letter, resume, and credentials, CTA will notify the prospective applicant with an email including the job posting, application deadline, and job description.

CTA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristic in its programs, activities, or employment opportunities.

Our Mission

Creative Technologies Academy is a K-12 learning community committed to strengthening character and promoting a safe, scholarly, and supportive environment that develops life-long learners.

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5th Grader is Awarded in Rotary Essay Contest


One of CTA’s fifth graders has a lot to be proud of; he was one of 280 students from the Cedar Springs area to be picked for the Cedar Springs Rotary Club’s annual essay contest. Jacob Borden was awarded fourth place for his essay about his grandma. The essay contest’s theme asked participants to write about someone they feel is a responsible person. Jacob chose to write about his grandma and the reasons why he feels that she is responsible. “My grandma is outdoorsy, she walks every day. She goes to church and she hand-makes baby blankets for her church’s pantry.” He beamed as he spoke of his grandma, “I really respect my grandma.”

Jacob was awarded a $10 bill; he received a certificate and had a catered lunch with the Cedar Springs Rotary Club this past Wednesday. “We had tacos,” was Jacob’s response when asked about the lunch. During the lunch, Jacob had to read his essay to everyone at the lunch including his mom, grandma, teacher, Mrs. Norman, and his Dean of Students, Mr. Oldebekking, “I was nervous,” Jacob said. Any fifth grader would have been had he or she been in his shoes! CTA has a lot to be proud of in this young Charger. Way to go, Jacob!

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Creative Technologies Academy 2nd Trimester Honor Roll 2014-15

Middle School Honor Roll

Last Name, First Name Grade GPA

Almy, Cameron 07 3.25

Alverson, McKenzie 06 3.67

Armstrong, Casen 06 3.67

August, Danielle 08 4.00

Buchanan, Anthony 06 3.67

Bucholtz, Kaela 07 3.50

Calkins, Brianne 08 3.53

Crowder, Gillian 06 3.83

Davison, Matthew 08 3.73

Fahling, Gabriela 07 3.25

Felty, Chandler 08 3.00

Fulkerson, Lily 08 3.53

Hofstra, Hannah 07 4.00

Hutchins, Nathan 06 4.00

Hutchins, Steven 06 4.00

Ingersoll, Dawson 08 3.80

Jahns, Elizabeth 08 3.54

Lehman, Zoe 07 3.92

LeTourneau, Amy 06 3.67

Lovett, Nathan 08 3.20

Marek, Jeff 06 3.39

Mauric, James 06 3.22

McSorley, Carson 06 4.00

Miner, Kevin 06 3.17

Piotrowski, Addie 07 3.17

Shelagowski, Ashley 07 3.92

Sidlauskas, Willow 06 4.00

Starr, Marjorie 08 4.00

Stong, Taylor 07 3.25

Watson, Faith 07 3.25

Wierda, Tori 06 4.00

Wild, Kiarra 08 3.59

Wilhelm, Kristina 06 3.50

Winters, Logan 08 3.73

Wortz, John 06 3.28

High School Honor Roll

Last Name, First Name Grade GPA

Aguilar Barberan, Claudia 10 3.95

Alverson, Allie 10 3.33

Armstrong, Dawson 09 3.83

Aspinall, Cortney 09 3.39

Beck, Brandon 10 3.87

Bricker, Brianna 12 3.06

Colter, Logan 10 3.50

Davison, Joshua 11 4.00

Devries, Timothy 10 3.00

Fahling, Holly 10 3.00

Fisk, Kirsten 09 3.07

George, Jonathan H 12 4.00

Hanes, Victoria 10 3.72

Hawkins, Preston 12 3.39

Hofstra, James 09 3.72

Hoops, Jonathan 12 4.00

Hoops, Rebekah 12 3.39

Howard, Austin 09 3.89

Hubbard, Hannah 12 4.00

Huizinga, Clare 11 3.75

Keech, Kaleigh 11 3.93

Korody, Michael 09 4.00

Kyser, Jordan 11 4.00

Larsen, Kaitlin 12 3.13

Lawson, Tatyanna 10 3.33

Lehman, Ethan 10 3.43

LeTourneau, Johnathon 09 3.22

Martin, Kennedy 12 3.33

Miner, Leslie 09 4.00

Ogden, Logan 12 3.56

Price, Grace 12 3.50

Sager, Cassandra 11 3.33

Shears, Kelsey 11 3.50

Shelagowski, Autumn 10 3.61

Sidlauskas, Violet 09 3.93

Slocum, Aubrey 11 3.33

VanEnk, Annalise 11 4.10

Watson, Autumn 09 3.33

Wellman, Brittany 12 3.00

Winters, Derek 12 3.89

Wortz, Olivia 12 3.52

Yarrington, Dylan 12 3.45

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CTA Celebrates First “Wall of Honor” Induction; Coxons Honored

L-R Mrs. Lexie Coxon, Dan George, Dr. DeWayne Coxon

L-R Mrs. Lexie Coxon, Dan George, Dr. DeWayne Coxon

CTA held its inaugural “Wall of Honor” induction ceremony on Thursday, October 23 in the CTA auditorium. Dr. DeWayne Coxon and Lexie Coxon were honored as the first inductees. The Coxons were co-founders of CTA in 1998. Dr. Coxon served as a consultant for a time after the school was started and Mrs. Coxon has served the school as Superintendent/School Leader, volunteer, and board recorder.

“I’ve always believed in the value of knowing our history,” said Superintendent/School Leader, Dan George.  “The Coxons’ vision and efforts in establishing CTA is an important part of that. I want our students to know about people that made sacrifices and dedicated time and effort to making this school a viable choice for them and their parents. We established the Wall of Honor to recognize those people.” It is anticipated the Wall of Honor celebration will be an annual event for the school.



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Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Creative Technologies Academy

8th Semi-Annual

Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Monday, November 3, 2014

6:00 – 7:00 PM – Town Hall Meeting

(Child care provided)


  • A time for information and discussion of CTA policies and programs and issues that are important to your child’s education*
  • $100 gas card drawing


*CTA Administrators and Teachers will be available to answer any questions about the topics discussed, address any concerns of a general nature, and welcome any positive feedback on the school year to date.


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