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5th Grader is Awarded in Rotary Essay Contest


One of CTA’s fifth graders has a lot to be proud of; he was one of 280 students from the Cedar Springs area to be picked for the Cedar Springs Rotary Club’s annual essay contest. Jacob Borden was awarded fourth place for his essay about his grandma. The essay contest’s theme asked participants to write about someone they feel is a responsible person. Jacob chose to write about his grandma and the reasons why he feels that she is responsible. “My grandma is outdoorsy, she walks every day. She goes to church and she hand-makes baby blankets for her church’s pantry.” He beamed as he spoke of his grandma, “I really respect my grandma.”

Jacob was awarded a $10 bill; he received a certificate and had a catered lunch with the Cedar Springs Rotary Club this past Wednesday. “We had tacos,” was Jacob’s response when asked about the lunch. During the lunch, Jacob had to read his essay to everyone at the lunch including his mom, grandma, teacher, Mrs. Norman, and his Dean of Students, Mr. Oldebekking, “I was nervous,” Jacob said. Any fifth grader would have been had he or she been in his shoes! CTA has a lot to be proud of in this young Charger. Way to go, Jacob!

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Creative Technologies Academy 2nd Trimester Honor Roll 2014-15

Middle School Honor Roll

Last Name, First Name Grade GPA

Almy, Cameron 07 3.25

Alverson, McKenzie 06 3.67

Armstrong, Casen 06 3.67

August, Danielle 08 4.00

Buchanan, Anthony 06 3.67

Bucholtz, Kaela 07 3.50

Calkins, Brianne 08 3.53

Crowder, Gillian 06 3.83

Davison, Matthew 08 3.73

Fahling, Gabriela 07 3.25

Felty, Chandler 08 3.00

Fulkerson, Lily 08 3.53

Hofstra, Hannah 07 4.00

Hutchins, Nathan 06 4.00

Hutchins, Steven 06 4.00

Ingersoll, Dawson 08 3.80

Jahns, Elizabeth 08 3.54

Lehman, Zoe 07 3.92

LeTourneau, Amy 06 3.67

Lovett, Nathan 08 3.20

Marek, Jeff 06 3.39

Mauric, James 06 3.22

McSorley, Carson 06 4.00

Miner, Kevin 06 3.17

Piotrowski, Addie 07 3.17

Shelagowski, Ashley 07 3.92

Sidlauskas, Willow 06 4.00

Starr, Marjorie 08 4.00

Stong, Taylor 07 3.25

Watson, Faith 07 3.25

Wierda, Tori 06 4.00

Wild, Kiarra 08 3.59

Wilhelm, Kristina 06 3.50

Winters, Logan 08 3.73

Wortz, John 06 3.28

High School Honor Roll

Last Name, First Name Grade GPA

Aguilar Barberan, Claudia 10 3.95

Alverson, Allie 10 3.33

Armstrong, Dawson 09 3.83

Aspinall, Cortney 09 3.39

Beck, Brandon 10 3.87

Bricker, Brianna 12 3.06

Colter, Logan 10 3.50

Davison, Joshua 11 4.00

Devries, Timothy 10 3.00

Fahling, Holly 10 3.00

Fisk, Kirsten 09 3.07

George, Jonathan H 12 4.00

Hanes, Victoria 10 3.72

Hawkins, Preston 12 3.39

Hofstra, James 09 3.72

Hoops, Jonathan 12 4.00

Hoops, Rebekah 12 3.39

Howard, Austin 09 3.89

Hubbard, Hannah 12 4.00

Huizinga, Clare 11 3.75

Keech, Kaleigh 11 3.93

Korody, Michael 09 4.00

Kyser, Jordan 11 4.00

Larsen, Kaitlin 12 3.13

Lawson, Tatyanna 10 3.33

Lehman, Ethan 10 3.43

LeTourneau, Johnathon 09 3.22

Martin, Kennedy 12 3.33

Miner, Leslie 09 4.00

Ogden, Logan 12 3.56

Price, Grace 12 3.50

Sager, Cassandra 11 3.33

Shears, Kelsey 11 3.50

Shelagowski, Autumn 10 3.61

Sidlauskas, Violet 09 3.93

Slocum, Aubrey 11 3.33

VanEnk, Annalise 11 4.10

Watson, Autumn 09 3.33

Wellman, Brittany 12 3.00

Winters, Derek 12 3.89

Wortz, Olivia 12 3.52

Yarrington, Dylan 12 3.45

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CTA Celebrates First “Wall of Honor” Induction; Coxons Honored

L-R Mrs. Lexie Coxon, Dan George, Dr. DeWayne Coxon

L-R Mrs. Lexie Coxon, Dan George, Dr. DeWayne Coxon

CTA held its inaugural “Wall of Honor” induction ceremony on Thursday, October 23 in the CTA auditorium. Dr. DeWayne Coxon and Lexie Coxon were honored as the first inductees. The Coxons were co-founders of CTA in 1998. Dr. Coxon served as a consultant for a time after the school was started and Mrs. Coxon has served the school as Superintendent/School Leader, volunteer, and board recorder.

“I’ve always believed in the value of knowing our history,” said Superintendent/School Leader, Dan George.  “The Coxons’ vision and efforts in establishing CTA is an important part of that. I want our students to know about people that made sacrifices and dedicated time and effort to making this school a viable choice for them and their parents. We established the Wall of Honor to recognize those people.” It is anticipated the Wall of Honor celebration will be an annual event for the school.



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Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Creative Technologies Academy

8th Semi-Annual

Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Monday, November 3, 2014

6:00 – 7:00 PM – Town Hall Meeting

(Child care provided)


  • A time for information and discussion of CTA policies and programs and issues that are important to your child’s education*
  • $100 gas card drawing


*CTA Administrators and Teachers will be available to answer any questions about the topics discussed, address any concerns of a general nature, and welcome any positive feedback on the school year to date.


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Revised School Hours effective September 8, 2014

Start / Dismissal

Grades K-5: 7:50am /2:55 pm

Grades 6-12: 7:45 am / 3:06 pm

FlexTrac Grades 9-12

Session A (7:45am – 12:40pm + 2 self-scheduled hours)

Session B (9:51am – 2:45pm + 2 self-scheduled hours)

Dismissal Schedule for Early Release Days

Grades K-5: 12:55 pm

Grades 6-12: 1:00 pm

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Mr. Andrew J. Willis – President

Mr. Kyle Bohl – Vice President

Mr. Stephen W. Phelps – Secretary

Mr. Shane Courbier – Treasurer

Mr. Eugene Burley 

Mr. Wallace Murphy 

Mr. Michael Tawney 


Board of Directors Regular Meeting Dates 2014-15

(Meetings are open to the public and are held at 3:30 pm in Room 302 of the CTA Administration Building)

August 13, 2014

September 24, 2014

October 15, 2014

November 19, 2014

January 21, 2015

February 18, 2015

March 18, 2015

April 15, 2015

May 20, 2015

June 17, 2015 (Organizational Meeting @ 3:30 pm; Regular Meeting @ 3:50 pm)



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CTA Calendar



September 18 Cross Country Fremont Invite


September 19 Picture Day – all grades


September 19 Grades 6-8 Back to School Kickoff for Parents and Students of Middle School – 6-9 pm


September 26 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm


September 27 Cross Country Allendale Invite – 8:30 am


October 10 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm


October 10 Cross Country – Montabella HS – 4 pm


October 18 Cross Country – Michigan Class “D” State Championship

October 18 1st Annual Harvest Festival – 3-6 pm (PA sponsored)

October 18 Harvest Festival Dance – 6-9 pm


October 21-23 Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences  (required of all students and parents)

October 23 Wall of Honor Recognition – 2 pm – CTA Auditorium


October 24 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm


October 27 Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting – 6:30 pm


October 30 Cross Country Banquet and Awards – 6 pm

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Class of 2014 Valedictorians Announced

Alicia Beck

Alicia Beck

Dani George

Dani George

CTA is proud to recognize Dani George and Alicia Beck as Co-Valedictorians for the Class of 2014. The two seniors have identical 4.17 GPA’s and they have never received less than an A in any high school or dual enrollment college class.

Dani is the daughter of Dan and Debi George of Cedar Springs and Barbara Mull of Rochester, New York. She plans to continue her education at Indiana Wesleyan University where she will major in biochemistry leading to a career in medical practice or research.

Alicia is the daughter of Clint and Amy Beck of Sand Lake. She plans to continue her education at Valparaiso University where she will major in elementary education.

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CTA 5th Grader Wins National Award


CTA-Calvin-Caulkins-National-Award-WinnerThe Read Naturally program, a research based literacy development program selects one student in the nation each month as its Star of the Month. The Read Naturally Star of the Month program is designed to celebrate students who work hard to improve their reading skills. Each month, they select one student to feature in their newsletter. The selected student wins a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card, and the school or teacher who nominated the student will receive a $200 gift certificate for Read Naturally materials.

Read Naturally released this statement recently:

“Congratulations to Star Student Calvin Caulkins from Cedar Springs, MI! Calvin is a fifth-grade student at Creative Technologies Academy. Calvin’s teacher, Sarah Classen, had this to say about him:

Calvin came to me at the beginning of last school year. Calvin has a hearing impairment that was undetected until 3rd grade. Due to this, he missed much of his reading phonics instruction.

When he first started working with me, Calvin was not able to read. He wanted to be able to show me that he could do these things, but he truly did not know how to do them.

Calvin has been nothing short of a hard worker for me from day one. He comes into the Reading Lab every day and gets right to work on his stories. Since last year he moved up from one and a half levels! He always has a positive attitude and even though some sounds are hard for him to hear, he strives extra hard to make those sounds in all the words he is now reading. He no longer struggles with writing and reading like he did before. He sounds unfamiliar words out and smiles a lot more these days! His confidence has grown a great deal and he has even taken on a Kindergarten reading buddy, once a fear of his, this past month. He is a bright spot in my day and I am super impressed at all the progress he is making!”


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CTA Girls Baskteball Sponsors Euchre Tournament to Help Our Own


On January 31st a house fire totally destroyed the home of a CTA family.  The family lost their home and almost all of the family’s possessions.  In keeping with our “CTA Family Values” we wanted to come together to help this family in their time of need.  The girls’ basketball team rallied together right away to help their teammates get new shoes and new gear.  PE teacher and varsity women’s basketball coach, Ryan Krombeen, organized a euchre tournament to help raise money for the family.  The euchre tournament was held on Saturday February 8th at the TGIF on Alpine Avenue.  Twenty people competed in the euchre tournament.  The students and staff that participated in the euchre tournament were Hunter George, Dani George, Analiese VanEnk, James Hoftstra, Mrs. Terpstra, Mrs. Honeysett, Mrs. and Mr. Krombeen and Mr. George.  James Hoftstra was partnered with his father and they made it all the way through the bracket to the finals.  They ended up losing in the finals but they put up a good battle. “I was really happy with the turn out and the excitement shown by the participants.  It was great to see CTA families coming together to help support one of their own,” Mr. Krombeen commented.



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