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K-5 News

Mrs. Harwood

Mrs. Harwood

Ms. Norman

Ms. Norman

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Campbell

The 2014-2015 school year has started with some changes and additions, but CTA Elementary is stronger than ever. We welcomed new teachers for third and fourth grade. Mrs. Kayla Campbell is our new amazing third grade teacher and Miss Kristi Norman is our new outstanding fourth grade teacher. We also have a long term substitute teacher for fifth grade, Mrs. Miranda Harwood, who is filling in for Mrs. Kate Norman while she is out on maternity leave. Our CTA family sends a big welcome to these teachers.

With these changes and additions, CTA Elementary has had a fantastic start to the 2014-2015 school year! We have wonderful returning and new students and families. This year is shaping-up to be one for the record books! As a school, we have decided to focus on four key features of our character education program this year: Be safe, be responsible, be respectful, and be accountable; the fourth key feature is new to us this year. All students and teachers have agreed to follow these traits when at school and beyond. To honor this pledge, each student and teacher signed the “WE ARE CHARGERS” board pictured below.



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K-5 Holiday Concert

CTA-holiday-concert-webFourth Grade performing at the Christmas concert.

On December 19th CTA Elementary had a choir concert for an audience including the middle school, high school and parents.  The auditorium was packed with many family members who were there to support their children.   Each grade, kindergarten through fifth grade, chose two Christmas songs to perform.  The classes prepared diligently during the month of December by practicing their songs.  Lilley Smith, 3rd grade, said “I think all of the classes did a really good job.”   Jaden Sancho, 5th grader, “It was really good and it was fun getting to perform in front of an audience.  It took a lot of work preparing for the concert but it was worth it.“ Mrs. Honeysett, first grade teacher commented, “It was fun to see the kids in the holiday spirit.  It was neat to see all of the support from the parents who filled the house.  I look forward to having another holiday concert next year.”


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Be a Charger!

Dean of Students, Dave Oldebekking,  reviewing with students the three traits of a Charger

Dean of Students, Dave Oldebekking, reviewing with students the three traits of a Charger

The CTA Elementary school has been working on a school wide initiative of being a Charger.  They met as a school and determined that the three most important characteristics of being a Charger were to be respectful, be safe, and be responsible.  Every Monday morning the Elementary school meets to review the trait of emphasis for the month.  This time is also used to spotlight students who are being great Chargers.  During one of the morning meetings a student was recognized for helping to pick up trash and being respectful of the playground.  At another meeting a couple of students sang a song talking about how to be a Charger.  Dave Oldebekking, Dean of Students, leads these meetings every Monday morning.  “These meetings are great because they help to promote school unity and our common goal of being a Charger,” said Mrs. Honeysett, first grade teacher.

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