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Letters to Santa

Dear Santa

I want a camera

for Christmas

From, Holly




Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Mario kart 8 for wii u,Splatoon for the wii u. Some AmiGos whic are littel figuerine you can use in wii u game’s like mario kart 8 and more. The final thig I want is the “new” nitendo 3ds xl in red. If you can only get me one thing thats ok because I know there’s a lot of kids who need toys and want toys.

I hope you have a safe flight on Christmas eve night. I’ll make sure to make you fresh cookes to leva you and a Glass of milk. I also wanted to say thank you for giving Grayson a home because last year I asked you the thig I wanted most was for Grayson to find a home and the home he found was ares. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Courtney Mooney

P.S sorry for bad spelling.




DeAr SANtA, i WANt

StAr WArs CArS

Pic KAXe (minecraft) StuffeD ANiMAlS. C-3PO FigUre

Lego SW Senate Commando Troopers

Lego MiNi FigUreS


Millennium Falcom – Star Wars Lego

aNd boW aNd arroW

gArAge PlAySet HOt WheelS 50 PACK/20 PACK

Lego Movie Emmets Constructo Mech





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