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Post travels out west


N-Post-travels-out-west2-OvokaitysTom and Donna Ovokaitys and their four children—Breeann, Kayla, Ellie, and Jared—recently took a 10-day family vacation together out west, traveling 4,200 miles in a rental van. And the Post traveled with them!

“We started the sight seeing in Colorado with a Cog Railway trip to Pike’s Peak and then hiking around Garden of the gods,” said Donna. “We learned of the Colorado incline (one mile straight up the side of Pikes Peak) and Breeann could not resist! She made it in 29:28 and had sore muscles the next day to prove it.” They visited Great Sand Dunes National Park, then headed to Mesa Verde where Donna needed to deal with her fear of untethered heights and small enclosed places, while walking around  Balcony House and Cliff Palace. “This ended up being my highlight!” she said. They then went to Four Corners National Monument where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah all meet. Close by was the beautiful Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, where some of the family were wondering at first “where is the forest?”

“Our next stop was at the Grand Canyon, where the views were fabulous and we learned not to blindly trust the GPS to navigate the way out of the park,” continued Donna. “We did not drive into the Grand Canyon on a 2 track!” They then visited Hoover Dam, where the temperature was 103 and theyall agreed that they love Michigan weather. Their final stop was to go White Water Rafting on Clear Creek in Colorado.

“None of us had ever gone rafting prior to this event, but there were no beginner rapids for us to experience as a result of the snow melt being extreme at that time of the year,” explained Donna. “So, we went for a ride on class 3 and 4 rapids in 36 degree water. This was, hands down, the family favorite. It was only about a 45-minute trip, but there was a new thrill every other second!”

After that they started the long trip home. “We were all tired and ready to end the vacation, but the memories will be with us forever,” she said.

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The Post travels to Utah

Tom and Char Dubridge of Sand Lake travelled to many parts of Colorado and Utah earlier this month. This picture was taken at Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah.

Tom and Char Dubridge of Sand Lake travelled to many parts of Colorado and Utah earlier this month. This picture was taken at Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah.

Tom and Char Dubridge of Sand Lake travelled to many parts of Colorado and Utah earlier this month. This picture was taken at Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah. They also visited their daughter, Sherri Innis, in Vail, Colorado, and relatives in Grand Junction Colorado, and a brother in Ticaboo, Utah.

Thanks, Tom and Char, for taking us with you!

Are you going on vacation? Take the Post with you and snap some photos. Then send them to us with some info to news@cedarspringspost.com or mail them to Post travels, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. We will be looking for yours!

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The Post travels to Beaver Creek, Colorado

N-POST-travels-to-ColoradoDuring a recent ski vacation to Beaver Creek, Colorado, Brenda (Rau) Rarick and family took the Post along to stay abreast of the happenings back in Michigan.

“I am a 1986 graduate of Cedar Springs High School and have stayed in touch with the local news through a subscription to The Cedar Springs Post, which my parents John and Jeanne Rau renew for me each year on my birthday,” explained Brenda, who now lives out of state.

In the photo, Brenda and her son Kyle Rarick pause during the Winterfest activities in Beaver Creek to catch up on some reading.

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Post goes to Colorado


The Post went with Mark and Ann Balczak to the NCAA Nationals in Pueblo, Colorado last week, where they went to see their son, Justin, compete. The photo shows Justin after his two day Decathalon 2nd place win, May 23-24. Justin is a sophomore at Lake Superior State University. For more details on his win, see page 16.

Congratulations, Justin, and thanks to Mark and Ann for taking us with you!


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Teen killed by falling rock

A 17-year-old Cedar Springs High School student died Wednesday when she was hit by a falling rock in Colorado.

According to Kate Rusch, spokesperson for Estes Park, Colorado, Audra Brownell, the daughter of Scott and Diane Brownell, was struck about 4 p.m. in an open space off the Estes Park’s Town Hall parking lot. It was reportedly a town “green space” in a grassy area with a creek running through it. A cliff rises above the area.

Rusch said that emergency responders were on the scene immediately, and the young woman was pronounced dead from her injuries. Her parents were notified last night.

The Estes Park Police Department is conducting a death investigation and interviewing numerous witnesses to the incident. An autopsy was scheduled for today.

“The community is devastated by this tragic incident and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim,” said Estes Park Mayor Bill Pinkham. “Our police department is working around the clock to sort out the details of the incident.”

Rusch said town officials are assessing the safety of the area where the rock fell and will take necessary precautions.

Brownell had just finished her junior year at Cedar Springs High School.

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