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Woman regains stolen cash in Christmas miracle

N-ChristmasMiracleWhen a purse is stolen, there is usually not much of a chance of getting back any cash that was tucked away in it. But thanks to customers and staff of a local business, and the Cedar Springs Unit of the Kent County Sheriff Department, a Christmas miracle occurred for one lucky lady.

According to Jane Weirda, office manager at Rowland’s Surplus Outlet, 130 W. Muskegon Street, a regular customer was shopping there on December 23, and set her purse down. When she realized it was missing, employees in the store and many of their customers searched for it. They finally found it, stashed away, with a large amount of cash missing from it. “It had been taken out of the bank that morning to give to her kids for Christmas,” said Jane.

They then looked at their security camera footage, identified the thief, and called police. A police officer went to the house of the suspect, then returned to the store with all of the cash. “It was fantastic,” said Jane. “We are very lucky to have such great community and customers who rallied to help this woman and we were so happy to have this have a happy ending! Christmas miracles do happen!”

Sgt. Jason Kelley with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department Cedar Springs Unit verified the money had been recovered, but as of press time, the suspect had not yet been arraigned. The suspect’s name is not released until after arraignment.

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