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Community steps up for Lifewalk

N-lifewalk1-photo-webN-Lifewalk3-overhead-webA stream of lime green T-shirts wove its way down through the heart of Cedar Springs on Saturday, June 14. Alpha Family Center held its first 5K LifeRun early with 12 runners participating, and 14 children taking part in the FunRun around the Skinner Field track. Then 180 walkers came out at 10 a.m. to celebrate Alpha’s 18th Lifewalk!

Chris Anton, youth Pastor at The Springs Church, opened the fundraising event with a hearty welcome to everyone for taking time out to support life and to help this worthy cause. He gave the walk instructions, which included stopping at key places to pray for our area churches, schools, city hall, the police station and Alpha Family Center. He reminded everyone to return to Morley Park for a short time of fellowship and heart-felt prayer for the unborn.

The walkers returned to the park for a time of refreshment, door prizes, face painting, a clown, and a report that included the total amount raised this year, which was $11,300.

N-Lifewalk2-group-webLifewalk makes up a huge portion of Alpha’s operating expenses each year. Alpha helps over 100 families per month, and gives away 14,000 baby and maternity items per year. They also offer free pregnancy self-testing, parenting classes and support for abuse, miscarriage, post-abortion and sexual integrity classes.

Kim Ferguson shared her experience as a new peer counselor and the rewards she receives being a part of an organization making a difference in our community.

Jenn Anton, Alpha’s new Lifewalk Coordinator, shared the good news about abortions being down in the state of Michigan. Her closing prayer was for protection of unborn babies as colorful balloons filled the sky in memory of the 54,000 babies that have been aborted since abortion became legal in 1973.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, you can contact Alpha Family Center at 616 696-2616, or donate at their website:  www.alphafamilycentercs.org.


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House makes way for green space

By Judy Reed


A house that had seen better days is now making space for something new.

N-HouseThe house, formerly at 95 E. Maple, was torn down a few weeks ago.

When The Springs Church, located at the corner of Oak and Grant Streets, began to buy the older homes on the block so they could expand their parking to accommodate growth, the house at 95 E. Maple was the only holdout. When the landlord decided to sell it a few years ago, the church went ahead and bought it, although they had finished their parking lot. Since then, the house has been put to good use.

There were renters in both sides of the duplex, but those on the east side soon moved out. The church, who has a heart for serving the community, turned the east side of the house into the Embrace Home, a short-term transition home for moms that need to get back on their feet. The moms had to fill out an application and agree to an action plan.  They also received counseling and coaching from local missions Pastor Cherri’ Kerr. The church helped several families in crisis get a hand up this way.

For the last year, The Springs’ new youth pastor, Chris Anton, lived in the house while waiting to get married.

When the renters on the west side moved out this year, the church had to make a decision on what to do with the home—renovate it or tear it down as originally planned? Things started to go wrong with the home, and improvements were going to be costly.

“It would cost too much to bring it up to code to rent,” explained Senior Pastor Barry Briggs. “It really needed a lot of work. We decided it was better to bring it down and turn it into something good for the kids and community.”

The area has now been graded and seeded, and a new sidewalk put in. “I’d like to see hard benches, a picnic table, maybe playground equipment,” explained Briggs.


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