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Cheer team takes second at tournaments

The Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer Team has been working hard and living up to their team motto of, Never Settle.

On February 1, they arrived at Sparta High School for the OK Blue Competitive Cheer Competition.  After 2 rounds of competition, the Lady Hawks were only 3 points from first place.  After a hard fought third round, the Lady Hawks took second place falling to Comstock Park by only 6 points.

The cheer team traveled to Lowell’s Invitational Cheer Meet on Saturday, February 4.  They went head to head with some of the areas top teams and after 2 rounds of competition only a few points separated the Lady Hawks from Jenison who was holding second place and Kenowa Hills in first place.  It was an exciting round 3 with the Lady Hawks scoring their best in the third round for the season and after all points were calculated, the Lady Hawks took second losing to Kenowa Hills by only 5 points. The team also achieved their highest final score of 739.1 for the season showing that this team is not giving up.

“The competition at Lowell was in my opinion the best competition this season, by far. We really stepped it up, and got another high score of the season,” said junior Devon woods. “The announcer kept calling off schools, finally placing us at second, and second place couldn’t have felt better. This competition really showed me why I do competitive.”

“After seeming to struggle to get the consistency going, this week seems to be a turning point for the girls,” noted head coach Pam Ingles. “Our round 3 has finally scored 304.5 and one of our goals was to score above 300. We will continue to focus on the details in all 3 rounds to prepare for the upcoming competitions.”

The Red Hawk Competitive Cheer Team competing at conference finals at press time on February 8 at Cedar Springs High School. They will then travel to the Delta Plex on February 11.  Come on out and show your support for our Lady Hawks.

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Cheer team take first and second place finishes

The Cedar Springs Varsity Competitive Team has been showing what they’ve got this season, finishing usually in the top two.  After losing many seniors last year the team has had their struggles, however using their team motto of never settle, they have shown that they can and will overcome. Their season started when they finished 2nd at the Cedar Springs Invitational on January 7, losing to Kenowa Hills. On January 12, they went on to fight for another 2nd place finish at the OK Blue Conference Tournament at Belding, falling short of a 1st place finish by only one point to Comstock Park. The Red Hawk Cheer Team achieved another 2nd place finish on January 18 at The OK Blue Conference Tournament at Comstock Park, again falling to Comstock Park’s 1st place finish. The Red Hawks continued to show their determination, clinching another first place finish at the Red Hawk Invitational on January 26.

Changes in the team’s line-up have also been an obstacle for the Red Hawks. It showed in last week’s competition, where they placed 6th out of 11 at East Kentwood. “This season has definitely been a season of lessons learned about perseverance and the will to overcome obstacles, “ said head Coach Pam Ingles. “This team has shown that they will do what it takes to get the job done for any given competition.” Ingles went on to say, “We will continue to work on cleaning up our rounds and working towards our goal of advancing out of the district competition in three weeks.  I know that they will push and work hard to get the job done.”

The Red Hawk Competitive Cheer Team will continue to fight for those top finishes when they travel to Sparta on February 1st and again when they travel to Lowell on February 4th.  Please come and cheer on these hard working girls and show them they are supported.

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Congratulations to the Varsity Competitive Cheer team!

Red Hawk Cheer team 7th in state

“Take the Lead” was the team motto for the season and it seemed to take on different meanings over the course of the season.  One might interpret it as taking the lead in all 3 rounds to win that competition while another might interpret it as being the leader for their team. Throughout this season, this team definitely encountered numerous adversities that they had to overcome in order to reach their final goal of making it to the D2 Competitive Cheer State Finals. The week before State Finals wasn’t any different, the team would have another obstacle to overcome as they entered into the State Finals competition.

“I’m so proud of how all of the girls really pulled together and helped each other out while we were preparing for the biggest competition of our season. I saw new leaders stepping up on our team and our team motto ‘take the lead’ took on a whole new meaning for me!” said Coach Pamela Ingles.

As Saturday approached, the team was continuing to prepare for their competition by finishing all the last minute details for each round.  At the end of their practice on Friday, the girls took a few minutes to share a funny memory from the season with their teammates and several had tears from laughing so hard about a memory that may have been forgotten.  They also shared what they were going to do at State Finals to give everything they could for themselves and their teammates as this would be the last time this team would compete together this year. Saturday morning, the team traveled to the Delta Plex in style. A limo transported all 20 teammates and their coach to the State Finals competition at the Delta Plex.

“It was nice to be able to surprise the girls with special transportation for something that they have worked so hard to accomplish all season—making it to State Finals,” remarked Coach Ingles.

When they arrived to the Delta Plex, they were greeted by several of their fans holding a banner that said “Congratulations Cedar Springs Varsity Cheer.” Out of the 20 girls on the team, 11 where returning from last years team. For 9 of the girls, this experience would be a brand new experience.

Junior Kelli Markosky described her first year experience at State Finals as, “One word—accomplishment. I know that’s what was on everyone’s mind as we walked through the doors of the Delta Plex and realized ‘WOW, we met our goal…we are at State Finals.’ As we stood in line for the national anthem, our hearts were pumping with excitement.”

The Delta Plex was filled to capacity and this was the biggest crowd the girls would compete in front of all year. After they finished round 1, they had their highest round 1 score of the season with a 223.3.  After all the teams had finished round 1, the Red Hawks were in 7th place by .2 behind Kenowa Hills.  Round 2 was started off by Gibraltor Carlson who had 16 girls on the floor compared to Cedar’s 12.  The girls knew they would have to go out there and have their best day in round 2.  Again, they had one of their best round 2 scores with a 235. With only one round left to go, the Lady Red Hawks were still in 7th place behind Lakeshore. Kenowa Hills had dropped to 8th place with an 8 point penalty during round 2.

“Walking out for round 3 was my last time to compete with this team, I knew I had to make it the best round ever and make it a lasting memory for our seniors,”  said sophomore Nicki Luevano. They earned a round 3 score of 307.6.

All of the hard work that started in November would be finished after round 3 was completed.  The perseverance, determination, hard work, and dedication to never give up led this team to their 2nd State Finals appearance, one that they hope will continue as a tradition into the upcoming years.

“It was an amazing feeling to be back at State Finals. Now we just need to aim to go back next year.  I would be so ecstatic if we went to State all four years of High School,” said sophomore Katie Maka.

As the final scores were tallied, the Cedar Springs Red Hawks would score their highest score of the season – 766, which would place them as the 7th best team in the State for D2. “7th isn’t what we were hoping for, but considering everything our team went through I’m satisfied. We found that when its necessary we can pull together and we did as we earned our highest score of the season!” remarked senior Brittany Lenardson.
In the future when this team reflects on their season, they will remember all of the memories they made during practices, competitions, team bonding activities, and ultimately the journey throughout the season to make it to their final goal – making it to the D2 State Finals Cheer Competition. As stated by senior Heather Mindler,”It was the best experience ever to compete at the State Finals!”

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Red Hawk cheer team heads to state

Cheer team takes third at regionals

Next stop: State finals!

One major goal was set as a team by the Varsity Competitive Cheer team back in November at the beginning of their season…to make it to the D2 Competitive Cheer State Finals. Many hours of practice, competing, changing the rounds to make them better, and getting the girls to push themselves to work harder finally paid off at the Regional competition on Saturday at Grand Rapids Christian.

Seniors on the cheer team. Back: Ally Byrnes, Amber Dunham, Brittani Tozer, Kirsten Vanloo. Front: Taylor Denslow, Brittany Lenardsen, Heather Mindler.

The Red Hawks were the first team to start off the competition in round 1.  “We talked all week about coming out in round 1 and to give everything they have because once your done you can’t go back and do it over,” said Coach Pamela Ingles.  That is exactly what they did and had one of their highest scores with a 223. They were in 3rd place by 1.5 points.

Next, they had to prepare for round 2, which is the round that really starts to separate the teams scores because of the difficulty of skills used. The Red Hawks had really been working very hard to clean up all of theory skills on round 2 and it was well worth it. They scored a 232, which pulled them up to 2nd place.

One more round to go and they could be competing at the State Finals again.  “I remember telling them before round 3 to think about the details we had been working on all week and most of all to have fun!” remarked Coach Ingles.  They had a solid round 3 with their highest score of the season with a 308.

In the end, they placed third, ¾ of a point behind second-place Kenowa Hills. Mount Pleasant won the District, and Stevensville Lakeshore took 4th, to round out the top four heading to state

Their hard work all season-long earned the Red Hawks a return trip to the State Finals.  They will be competing at the D2 Competitive Cheer State Finals on Saturday, March 5 at the Delta Plex.  Starting time will be 10:00 a.m. Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. for spectators.

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Cheer team headed to regionals

The team of 21 Varsity Competitive Cheerleaders had a goal in mind when they walked into the Kenowa Hills gym for their District Competition on Saturday, February 19. They wanted to extend their season by being one of four teams that would qualify to compete at the Regional competition at GR Christian HS on Saturday, February 26. However, they were not the only team at the District Competition that had that goal. Every team dreams of advancing to the next post season competition, but only the top 4 will advance.
“The girls knew they would have to have 3 solid rounds in order to advance and that the competition would be one of the toughest they had faced all season,” said Coach Pamela Ingles.

After round 1, GR Christian was in the lead with a score of 224. The 2nd place team was at 220 and the Red Hawks were in 6th place with a score of 218.3.  Second-sixth place were all within about 2 points of each other. That only confirmed how tight the race to the finish would be. After round 2 the Red Hawks had moved up to 2nd place and were still hoping to win the District title. After the girls finished their round 3, they knew that had a chance, but would it be enough to catch Kenowa Hills who was currently in the lead?

When the announcer was getting ready to read the final results, the girls were huddled together in their team circle hoping that they would advance to the Regional competition and extend their season. Fourth place went to Sparta, 3rd place went to Mona Shores, 2nd place went to Cedar Springs, and 1st place went to Kenowa Hills. The team was excited that they would be continuing on.

The next goal is to be in the top 4 at the Regional competition, which is this Saturday at Grand Rapids Christian High School at 10:00 a.m. This competition will be even tougher since it will be combining 3 districts, 12 of the top teams on the west side of the state, and only 4 will advance to the State Finals.

“This team definitely has the talent, potential, and drive to advance to the State Finals again, but we will need 3 solid rounds as I feel this competition will be even tougher that the District Competition,” commented Coach Pamela Ingles.

Please come out and support the girls at GR Christian HS. Starting time is 10:00 and doors will open for spectators at 9:00. Cost for entry will be $5.00 per person.

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JV Cheer remains undefeated

A wintery morning that covered the streets with snow could not stop the Cedar Springs Red Hawk cheer teams from heading to Mount Pleasant for a competitive cheer invitational on Saturday. A competition with 28 JV and Varsity teams from all around the state kept the girls busy all day.
Both Red Hawk teams did very well.  The JV team set another new Rd 3 record with a score of 277.9.  The Varsity team also had the highest rd 2 score among all of the Division 2 teams there with a score of 235. In the end, the JV team remains undefeated and they claimed another 1st place victory. The varsity team finished in 3rd place.
Both teams will be competing on Thursday, January 27 at Cedar Springs HS in their home invite at 6:00 p.m.

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Cheer teams dominate with first place finishes

MS cheer team

The Cedar Springs Middle School Cheer Team.

What does it take for a team to prepare for a cheer competition?  Hours of practice perfecting motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting.  It’s a sport that some are starting to realize is growing in numbers in Cedar Springs and around the State.
Saturday’s cheer competition was held at Cedar Springs High School and started with 10 middle school teams competing for the first place title. The Red Hawk MS team earned their first first-place finish on Saturday morning.  It was also the first time for the 5/6th grade competitive team to exhibition what they have been working on to prepare them for the upcoming years in a sport they already love.
Saturday afternoon would be the start of a busy upcoming schedule for the JV and Varsity teams. Both teams have been working really hard to perfect their rounds. It was a successful afternoon for both teams. For the JV team, they broke the JV records for their highest ever score in Rd 1 – 207 and in Rd 3 – 270.2. They won the JV division and with their final score, they beat several Varsity teams and would have placed 4th out of all the teams that competed that afternoon.

varsity cheer

The Cedar Springs Varsity Cheer Team.

The Varsity team has also been working very hard to fulfill the team motto “Take the Lead” as early as they can in a competition. They were in the lead after round 1 and continued to hold that lead for a 1st place finish.
“We changed a lot of things in our rd 1 and in our rd 3 since our first competition in December,” said Coach Pam Ingles. “The girls did a great job and it is fun to see them finally start to come together and work together to accomplish our goal.”
After the competition was finished, every Cedar Springs cheerleader could be seen proudly wearing their first place medal. “I’m so proud of everyone,” remarked senior Heather Mindler. “They all went out there and worked hard to earn their first place medal!”

5th and 6th grade Cheer team

Cedar Springs 5th & 6th grade Cheer team.

JV cheer

The Cedar Springs JV Cheer Team.

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Competitive Cheer wins first match at Comstock Park

varsity cheer

Varsity Competitive Cheer team. Photo by P. Wolters

Saturday, December 11th marked the official beginning for the JV and Varsity Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer teams. Both teams competed at Comstock Park on Saturday for the CCCAM (Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan) Scholarship Invitational. With only four weeks to prepare three rounds of material to perform for the judges and the crowd, the Red Hawks had a lot to get finished.
“It’s nice to finally have scores from judges to see what we need to continue to work on throughout the season. It gives us a good starting point with the judges feedback,” said Coach Pam Ingles.
Comstock Park was one of six locations around the state that hosted a CCCAM Scholarship Invitational. All the money raised from the team entry fees, spectator fees, and t-shirt sales is put towards the scholarship fund. Last year $30,000 was awarded to seniors throughout the state! That is the largest scholarship amount given away from any high school coaches association. CCCAM is hoping to give away more money in scholarships this year with adding additional sites for the competitions.

JV cheer

JV Competitive Cheer team. Photo by P. Wolters

JV and Varsity both won their division at the competition to start off their season! JV scores were: rd 1 – 170.3, rd 2 – 151.8020, rd 3 – 235.3, total – 557.4020. Varsity scores were: rd 1 – 205, rd 2 – 203.0870, rd 3 – 265.3, total – 673.3870.
Their next competition will be on Saturday, January 8, at Cedar Springs High School.

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