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CS Youth wrestlers still going strong

By Jacquie Troupe

“This week marks the 15th week of the Youth wrestling season. We started out the year with 82 wrestlers and we still have over 50 coming to practice twice a week,” said Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling coach Richard Haack. “We’ve had 50 percent or better placing at every tournament, with our first year wrestlers holding their own against opponents who’ve competed twice as long. We have a tough competition at Northview this weekend and Regionals will be here in a week and a half. I’m very excited about the number of kids I see qualifying for State.” 

The Streeter family travelled to Evart, joining 115 other grapplers in the weekly North Region tournament. Sierra Streeter’s fastest pin was 2:53 (80th), she scored 25 Total Match Points (10th) and placed 3rd in the 2011-13 43lb class. Bryson Streeter’s fastest pin was :39 (27th), he scored 10TMP (50th) and placed 2nd in the 09-10 52lb class. 

377 wrestlers headed to Traverse City to compete for this weeks Upper Peninsula shaped Greights medal. Four CSYWC grapplers competed and four brought home medals! Jaxon Fitzgerald placed 4th in the 2011-13 61lb class. Chasyn Winchel placed 3rd in the 09-10 67lb class. Jon Libera placed 4th in the 09-10 77lb class. Dakota Winchel placed 3rd in the 07-08 130lb class. 

420 wrestlers competed for the top spots at The Trojan Battle at the Bayou. CSYWC brought 26 grapplers with 21 placing in the top 4. They had 26 pins in 46:05 (3rd), 4 Techs in 10:31 (3rd), scored 437 TCMP (3rd) and finished the day 58W-34L (15th).  

In the 2011-13 age group Brycen Alber had a pin in 2:55 and placed 2nd in the 43lb class. Karsen Roelofs had 4 pins in 8:35 (5th), scored 35 TMP (17th) and placed 3rd in the 46lb class. Dillon VanDyke scored 32 TMP (21st) and placed 2nd in the 55lb class. 

In the 2009-10 Novice age group Tucker Dines had the overall fastest Tech with :46 (1st), his fastest pin was :45 (84th), he scored 30 TMP (36th) and placed 1st in the 55lb class. Zac Vu placed 3rd in the 97lb class. In the Open division Caleigh Wood placed 2nd in the 55lb class. Tucker Crystal scored 24 TMP (80th) and placed 1st in the 58lb class. Cade Troupe scored 14 TMP and placed 3rd in the 58lb class. 

In the 07/08 Novice Division Deegan Pike had 2 Techs in 7:08 (3rd) and his fastest was 3:15 (31st). He scored 55 TMP (2nd) and placed 1st in the 67lb class. Kaiden Dreyer had 3 pins 5:59 (23rd), his fastest pin was :50 (94th) and he placed 1st in the 80lb class. Conner Dines had 2 pins in 3:13 (57th), his fastest was 1:15 and he placed 3rd in the 80lb class. Thomas Prins scored 15 TMP and placed 2nd in the 100/110 class. In the Open Division Brandson Wood had 2 pins in 2:07 (46th), his fastest was 1:03 and he placed 1st in the 63lb class. Blake Falan had 2 pins in 1:20 (35th), his fastest was :27 (32nd), he scored 24 TMP (tied @80th) and placed 2nd in the 71lb class. Hudson Crystal had 2 pins in 5:31 (79th), placed 1st in the 90/95lb class.

In the 05/06 Novice Division Jack Sherburn’s fastest pin was :33 (57th) and he placed 4th in the 75lb class. In the Open Division Gabe Gair had a pin in 3:35, scored 24 TMP (tied @ 80th) and placed 2nd in the 112lb class. Wyatt Cooper had a pin in 1:23 and placed 1st in the 183HWT class. 

In the 03/04 Open Division Cole Haack had 2 pins in 3:10 (56th) and placed 3rd in the 114lb class. Ashly Erxleben had a pin in 2:52 and placed 4th in the 114lb class. 

In the High School Division David Erxleben had a pin in 1:42, scored 15 TMP and placed 2nd in the 128/133lb class.

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Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers bring home medals

CS Youth wrestlers show off their medals. Photo courtesy of Kathy Crystal.

By Jacquie Troupe

Twenty-nine novice wrestlers from Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling competed at Zeeland East High School in a Novice Duals Tournament on Saturday, January 27. They grappled against Hamilton, Zeeland, Allendale A & B and Byron Center. They finished in third place. 

“I’m really happy with the way these Novice kids wrestled this weekend,” said Coach Jake. “There were some tough matches. We won some, we lost some but now we have a goal to set for the end of the year.”

Eight Cedar Springs wrestlers headed to Big Rapids High School on Sunday, January 28, to chase the Greights medal. Seven were successful. Chasyn Winchel was 10th overall in pins with 3 in 2:08, his fastest being :33. Karsen Roelofs tied for 53rd with 2 in 1:41, Tucker Crystal was 63rd with 2 in 2:33 and Hudson Crystal was 80th with 2 in 3:26. Tucker Crystal had the fastest Tech for the team and was 19th overall with 2:11. Leading scorers for the day were Tucker Crystal with 28 match points, Jaxon Fitzgerald with 21 and Hudson Crystal with 16. They finished the day 8th in Pins with 11 in 11:14, 19th in Match Points with 109 and finishing the day 18-12. 

In the 2011-13 age group Karsen Roelofs placed 3rd and Jaxon Fitzgerald took the top spot in the 61lb class. In the 2009-10 age group Tucker Crystal and Chasyn Winchel placed 3rd and Jon Libera took the top spot in the 77lb class. In the 2007-08 age group Dakota Winchel placed 4th and Hudson Crystal took the top spot in the 90lb class.

Cedar Springs took 12 wrestlers to West Ottawa for the West Region competition on Sunday, January 28. Conner Dines was 7th overall in Pins with 3 in 2:22 and Tucker Dines tied for 31st with 2 in 2:32. Blake Falan had the fastest Tech for the team and was 11th overall with 3:14. Conner Dines had the fastest pin for the team with :27, tied for 31st overall. Carter Falan tied for 43rd with :33, Tucker Dines tied for 70th with :42. Conner Dines had the most Team Points overall with 27.5 after 4 matches, Tucker Dines had 19.0, Blake Falan had 18.5 & Deegan Pike finished with 16.0. Tucker Dines had the most Single Match Points for the team with 20 and was 3rd overall. Conner Dines had 16, Blake Falan had 15 and Cameron Ellison had 15. The team finished 25th overall, going 18-17 for the day, 11th in Pins with 8 in 8:07 and 10th in Match Points with 148. 

In the 2011-13 age group Dillon VanDyke placed 3rd. In the 2009-10 age group Tucker Dines placed 2nd. In the 2007-08 age group Donivin D’Antuono placed 3rd, Deegan Pike placed 2nd and Conner Dines (80lb) and Blake Falan (71lb) took the top spots. In the 2005-06 age group, Gabe Gair placed 2nd. In the 2003-04 age group Ben Brunner placed 3rd.

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WMP at Fremont and Eagle Claw

Pictured is WMP wrestler Selena Stalker, who took 2nd Place in the 4/6 age group at Fremont. Photo by B. Chong.

Pictured is WMP wrestler Selena Stalker, who took 2nd Place in the 4/6 age group at Fremont. Photo by B. Chong.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit had one individual enter the Eagle Claw tournament in Carson City last weekend. Logan Bennett entered the 11/12 age group in the 85 lb wt class. Bennett went 3-1 and finished for a True 2nd Place.

The rest of the team traveled to Fremont for the MYWA Greights tournament. WMP had 20 individuals enter and placed 16 in the top four.

Finishing in fourth place was 155 lb Aaiden Dowdell, 13/15 age group; 122 lb David Erxleben, High School division; 67 lb Tyler Parmeter, 7/8 age group and 80 lb Isaiah Smith, 9/10 age group.

Finishing in third place was 75 lb Carter Castillo, 11/12 age group; 67 lb Chayson Eberspeaker, 7/8 age group; and 61 lb Spencer Schoenborn, 7/8 Novice age group.

Finishing in second place was 64 lb Quinten Cassiday, 7/8 age group; 80 lb Blake Hammer, 11/12 Novice age group; and 61 lb Selena Stalker, 4/6 age group. Champions of the day were 63 lb Luke Egan, 9/10 age group; 58 lb Drew Moro, 7/8 age group; 75 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group; 59 lb Josh Vasquz, 9/10 age group; 55 lb Kellen Weckesser, 7/8 age group and 46 lb Blake Werkema, 4/6 age group.

“West Michigan Pursuit and the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling have been stepping up their training and combining practices as they head to Regionals,” said Head Coach, Dave Andrus. “These kids have been pushing each other to secure their spot for an opportunity to compete at the State Finals. I have the highest confidence in these kids to do so.”

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Youth wrestlers travel to Belding


by Jacquie Troupe

About 395 wrestlers traveled to Belding on Sunday, December 18. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling had 26 wrestlers and their families come out for a day of great food and even greater competition. “We have a lot of parent support for these kids and it shows in the way they perform every week,” said Coach Marsman. “We can only teach them so much on the mat. When you have dedicated parents teaching those social skills, keeping the motivation for the sport strong and building up the self-esteem of these kids it makes our job as coaches that much easier.”

The team had 10 pins, 37 wins, 46 losses, and scored 267 match points.

The team’s fastest pin was by William Dickinson in 17 seconds. Sierra Streeter had her 1st pin in 32 seconds; Blake Falan in 38; and Chasyn Winchel pinned his opponent in 41 seconds.

Blake Falan had the team’s fastest total pin times with 2 in 1:22.

In the 2012-2010 Open division Chasyn Winchel placed 2nd in the 55lb class, Jaxon Fitzgerald placed 3rd in the 55lb class, Sierra Streeter placed 4th in the 40lb class and Ben Streeter placed 4th in the 58lb class.

In the 2009-2008 divisions Caleigh Wood placed 3rd in the 49lb Open class, Blake Falan placed 3rd in the 64lb Open class, Cade Troupe placed 4th in the 49lb Novice class, William Dickinson placed 4th in the 61lb Novice class and Jonathan Libera placed 4th in the 67lb Open class.

In the 2007-2006 divisions Brandson Wood placed 1st in the 55lb Open class, Dakota Winchel placed 2nd in the 110lb Novice class and Thomas Prins placed 3rd in the 90lb Novice class.

In the 2005-2004 divisions Carter Falan placed 1st in the 105lb Open class and Logan Troupe placed 1st in the 100lb Open class.

In the 2003-2002 Open divisions Trevor Marsman placed 1st in the 85lb class, Andrew VanGessel placed 1st in the 95lb class & Ariana Meyers placed 2nd in the 155 class.

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WMP wrestlers head to state finals


These West Michigan Pursuit wrestlers will wrestle in the state finals. Photo by B. Chong.

By B. Chong

West Michigan Pursuit traveled to Northview for the 2016 Western Regionals this past weekend. Twenty-two grapplers placed in the top five out of the 31 entered, and 21 are moving on to the 2016 State Finals. WMP claimed 58 victories out of 67 battles.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Aaiden Vasquez, who battled back for a true second placement with a record of 5-1. Individual placements are as follows:

Fifth Place medalists include 143 lb Jordan Andrus, High School division, and 80 lb Logan Bennett, 9/10 age group.

Fourth Place medalists include 130 lb Isaac Casey, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Brocke Fisher, 13/14 age group; and 138 lb Patrick Fliearman, High School division.

Third Place medalists include 163 lb Xavier Anderson, High School division; 61 lb Logan Galinis, 6 & under age group; 64 lb Tyler Parmeter, 7/8 age group and 145 lb Zak Schmid, 13/14 age group.

Second Place medalists include 55 lb Quinten Cassiday, 7/8 age group; 155 lb Jacob Galinis, High School division; 115 lb Logan Hull, High School division; 148 lb Lucus Pienton, High School division; and 52 lb Aaiden Vasquez, 6 & under age group.

Western Region Champions are 59 lb Michael Cannon, 9/10 age group; 61 lb Chayson Eberspeaker, 6 & under age group; 58 lb Luke Egan, 7/8 age group; 49 lb Jayden Marcano-Cruz, 7/8 age group; 55 lb Drew Moro, 6 & under age group; 72 lb Blake Peasley, 7/8 age group; 64 lb Isaiah Sostenes, 7/8 age group; and 55 lb Josh Vasquez, 9/10 age group.

Special recognition goes out to Luke Egan, Jayden Marcano-Cruz and Blake Peasley for their 2014, 2015 and 2016 West Regional Champion status.

This year’s Finals will be held at the Kellogg Arena the weekend of April 1-3. The time is here and the focus is on for the Pursuit to the Podium.

Each year the number grows of how many WMP grapplers qualify for State,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus. “My first year running WMP, I had seven grapplers qualify with three Regional Champions. Four years later, I have 21 grapplers qualifying with eight Championships. These kids and their parents continue to impress me with their neverending support and dedication. The combined efforts are what make this program such a success.”

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Youth wrestlers medal at tournaments

Troupe facing off against his opponent in the 46lb 09-11 All class. Photo courtesy of J. Troupe.

Troupe facing off against his opponent in the 46lb 09-11 All class. Photo courtesy of J. Troupe.

By J. Troupe

Despite the weather last Sunday, January 10, the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club sent 21 wrestlers to tournaments in Grand Haven and Big Rapids.

“The kids are really starting to put their moves into action and it’s showing in their matches. Out of 21 wrestlers, 15 medaled. We have some great young wrestlers!” said Coach Jake Marsman.

Ending the day 4th in their weight classes were Tucker Crystal in 46lb 09-11 All, Zack Haack in the 61lb 07-08 Novice & Gavyn Byxbe in the 67lb 07-08 Open brackets.

Finishing in 3rd Place was Logan Troupe in the 85lb 03-04 Novice bracket.

2nd Place grapplers were Treyce Niles in the 49lb 09-11 All, Reed Haack in the 61lb 09-11 All, Trevor Marsman in the 75lb 03-04 Open and Austin Miller in the 183lb 03-04 Novice brackets.

1st Place Champions were Blake Falan in the 55lb 07-08 Novice, Keaton Klaasen in the 59lb 05-06 Open, Hudson Crystal in the 72lb 07-08 Open, Blake Pickard in the 80lb 05-06 Novice, Andrew VanGessel in the 85lb 01-02 All, Carter Falan in the 90lb 03-04 Open and Ariana Meyers in the 133lb 03-04 Open brackets.

If you would like to check out our program please feel free to check out a practice at the Cedar Springs High School on Tuesday or Thursday evening at 6 p.m. in the wrestling room.  Also look up our Facebook page Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling or our homepage http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=cedarspringswrestling.

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Five youth wrestlers state champions


Five state champions…one for each month that the Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers have worked toward the MYWAY State Wrestling Championships. Since early November, youth wrestlers and coaches have been sacrificing and training in hopes of earning the coveted title of State Champion. Twenty of those Red Hawks, along with approximately 2,500 other youth wrestlers, earned their spot to wrestle at the 2015 MYWAY State Championships, held at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Michigan,  March 28, 29 and 30.  Of the 20 who competed, twelve of them placed in the top eight, further qualifying them to compete in national events. Possibly the biggest accomplishment of any club in the state of Michigan is that Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling had five wrestlers crowned 2015 State Champions!

Eighth grader, Ryan Ringler, went 4-0 to earn his fifth State Champion title! Ringler’s second period pin in the championship round against Aaron Gilmore of Donahoe secured his 2015 State Champion Title in the 170lb, 13/14 division.

Allexis Gonzales, also an eighth grader, took Girls State Champion in the 14U division at 130lbs. She went 5-0, winning her first four matches by pins. She earned a minor decision in her championship match against Kelsy Coger of Pennfield.

Seventh grader, Reese Gonzales, went 4-0, pinning all of her opponents, in a round robin. She earned Girls State Champion at 110 lbs in the 14U division. Her toughest match was against runner-up Payton Smith of Clio, who she pinned in the second round.

Zoe Gonzales battled her way to Girls State Champion at 76lbs in the 11U division. Gonzales went 3-0, winning each match by only one point. In the championship round, she beat Karlie Woodall of Coloma, with a score of 3-2. Gonzales won after she earned a reversal in the last few seconds of the third round.

Cora Gonzales was the youngest Girls State Champion for the Red Hawks this year. Gonzales, who wrestled at 52lbs in the 9U division, went 4-0, with 3 pins and one decision. She won her State Champion title with a 5-0 decision in the final round against Tricia Pyrzewski  of Gladwin.

Freshman George Gonzales Jr. battled the toughest side of the 20-man chart to earn his second place finish. With a record of 4-1, he suffered his only loss, at 174lbs in the 15/16 division, against Trevor Piggott of Ionia.

Seventh grader Rosie Castro finished in second place at 122lbs in the 14U Girls Division. She had first and second round pins to secure her spot in the championship round where she took runner-up to Kennedi Gotha of Linden.

By placing in the top three spots at State or top two in the Girls division, all seven wrestlers listed above won a custom championship singlet and the opportunity to be partially sponsored by MYWAY  for national tournaments. The next five wrestlers below battled tough, but were unable to secure a top finish.

Six-year-old, Veronica Tapia was the only girl in the area who competed in both the MYWAY State Finals and the MYWAY Girls State Finals, wrestling a total of 12 matches! Tapia went 5-2 on a 32-person chart to take fourth at 40lb in the 4/6 division.  She went 3-2 at 40lb in the 9U Girls’ division to take third.

Keaton Klaasen had a very impressive  6th place finish at 52lbs in the 7/8 division. He went 5-2 on a chart of 31 wrestlers.

The girls rounded out the results with 6th and 7th place finishes in the Girls Division. First year wrestler Madisyn Britley took 6th in the 11U HWT division. Analize Tapia took 7th at 43lbs in the 9U division. Brooklyn Wright finished 7th at 122 lbs in the 14U division.

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club has been and continues to be one of the most successful youth wrestling clubs in the state of Michigan. Head Coach George Gonzales Sr. attributes that to the hard work and dedication of the volunteer coaches and the wrestlers.

“I am proud to be part of a program that teaches athletes about integrity, hard work and dedication,” said Gonzales. “Sure, there are times when the wrestlers want to give up, but you don’t win by giving up. They need to earn what they want by working hard and not by cheating themselves. These are lessons they will be taking into adulthood. It’s about integrity, on and off the mat. That is what makes us champions and that is what will make these kids champions in life.”

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Youth wrestlers head to state finals


Over 600 youth wrestlers competed at the 2015 MYWAY Western Regional held at Lowell High School on March 13 and 14, 2015. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club sent 33 wrestlers to compete for the top four spots in each age group and weight class in hopes of advancing to the MYWAY State finals which will be held this weekend. Of those who competed, 17 of them placed in the top 6 and 13 qualified for state finals.

Head coach George Gonzales Sr. was pleased with the results of the regional tournament. “The kids have been working very hard this year. They all competed to the best of their ability. All of our wrestlers are winners in one way or another,” said Gonzales. “Some of them took championship, some of them qualified for state, some of them won their first match ever, some of them battled and still lost. It is easier to get back on the mat after you won a match. It takes a lot more courage to step back on the mat after losing. We had wrestlers who lost more than they won, but still got back on the mat. Some of those are the wrestlers with the most heart. Even the ones who never set foot on a mat for competition have gained a lot this year. They have learned about integrity, hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance; all which are true Red Hawk values, and values they can take with them into adulthood. I am very proud of all of these boys and girls this year.”

2015 Western regional champions were Veronica Tapia at 40lb in the 5/6 age group, Tyler Parmeter at 58lb in the 5/6 age group, Gage Gardner at 155lb and the 13/14 age group, and Ryan Ringler at 170lb in the 13/14 age group.

Runners-up were Pistachio Gonzales at 58lb in the 7/8 age group , Trevor Marsman at 70lb in the 11/12 age group, Wayne White at 143 pounds in the 00/99 High School Division, and George Gonzales Jr at 174lb in the 00/99 High School Division.

Third place finishers were Keaton Klaasen at 52lb in the 7/8 age group, Kayden Scott at 133lb in the 11/12 age group, Fredrick White at 80lb in the 13/14 age group, and Michael Smith at 163lb in the 96/98 High School Division.

Fourth place finisher was Austin Emmorey at 100lb in the 13/14  age group.

Fifth place finisher was Aaron Smith at 130lb in the 13/14 age group.

Sixth  place finishers were Jonathan Libera at 52lb in the 5/6 age group, Juan Angel Acosta at 97lb in the 7/8 age group and Tacho Gonzales at 71lb in the 9/10 age group.

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club will also be sending 9 female wrestlers to compete in the 2015 MYWAY Girls State Championship. Representing Cedar Springs in the Girls Division are Veronica Tapia, Analize Tapia, Cora Gonzales, Zoe Gonzales, Reese Gonzales, Allexis Gonzales, Madisyn Birtley, Rosie Castro, and Brooklyn Wright. Cedar Springs is a co-ed wrestling club, but they have the most registered female wrestlers in all of West Michigan. As the interest in wrestling for girls has grown, it has become apparent that head coach George Gonzales Sr. has something special to offer for girls wrestling, as many girls choose to attend his wrestling club.

Cedar Springs Red Hawk wrestlers will be competing at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek on Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 27, 28 and 29 for their chance at the state championship title. If you would like to come check out any of your favorite Red Hawk wrestlers, please look up the state finals schedule on Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Facebook page or at mywaywrestling.com. Thank you for supporting your wrestlers from the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club.

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Youth wrestling off to a great start

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers and their medals.

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers and their medals.

It looks like the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling program is off to a running start to another great wrestling season this year. Belding hosted one of the first tournaments of the 2014 season on January 5, at Belding high school. Eighteen out of 24 of our young Red Hawk wrestlers received medals. Of those 18 wrestlers, half of them were novice, meaning they are with in the first two years of competition.

In the Novice 09-07 division, medal winners were Veronica Tapia 3rd/37lb, Brandson Wood 2nd/43lb, Elijah Troost Jr. 4th/49lb, Gavyn Byxbe 4th/52lb, and Pistachio Gonzales 2nd/55lb.  In the novice 06-05 division, medal winners were Jeremiah Simons who took 2nd at 58lbs and Lane Wiggins-Russo who took 1st at 112lbs.  Rounding out the novice division was Zoe Gonzales who took 2nd at the 04-03, 67lb class.

In the 06-05 Open division, Keaton Klaasen took 2nd in the 06-05, 49lb class. In the 04-03 division medal winners were Trevor Marsman took 1st/63lb, Tacho Gonzales 3rd/67lb, Aiden Bouwens 2nd/95lb, and Sergie Byxbe 4th/110. In the 02-01 division were Logan Hull 4th/90lb, Reese Gonzales 2nd/95lb and  Samuel Couturier 2nd/112lb.  In the 00-99 division was Allexis Gonzales 3rd/130lb and Gage Gardner 1st/145lb.

Also hosted on January 5, at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, was the Spartan Country “Superbowl of Wrestling” Tournament. Ryan Ringler, seventh grader at Cedar Springs Middle School, was crowned the 2014 Champion in the 02-01, 158lb division, after wrestling some of the toughest kids in the state of Michigan. Ryan had a stellar year last year at the bottom of his age group, also winning the 2013 Superbowl Champion. He is guaranteed to be the top wrestler in his age group and weight class this year. Ryan is only one of the many talented wrestlers coming out of the youth wrestling program.

On December 8, 2013, MYWAY Wrestling hosted the MYWAY National Dual team tryouts at Hartland High School in Hartland, Mich. Wrestlers from all over the state of Michigan attended the try-outs for the National traveling team. Five wrestlers and two coaches from Cedar Springs will be representing the youth program on three of those teams. Landon Demorest won the 50lb spot on the MYWAY U-10 Boys team.  Ryan Ringler won the 133lb spot on the MYWAY U-12 Boys team with his father, Paul Ringler as assistant coach. Cora, Reese and Allexis Gonzales will all be on the MYWAY Girls 14 and under team. Youth wrestling head coach, George Gonzales Sr., will be at the reigns of the Girls’ 2014 team. All three of the teams will be traveling to Ohio State University in February.

Wrestling can get very expensive, with costs of up to $1,000 of personal expenses per tournament, when travelling with national teams. Anyone who may be interested in sponsoring any of our talented youth wrestlers is encourage to make donations to Choice One Bank in Cedar Springs under the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club or contact Coach George Gonzales Sr. at 616-299-2812 or treesbygeorge@charter.net. An investment with our youth today, will yield many rewards tomorrow. You can ask any wrestler.

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Youth wrestlers bring home medals

youth wrestlersCedar Springs youth wrestlers continue to bring home medals as they traveled to Caledonia High School January 23, 2011. Despite temperatures that were below zero outside, these youth were heating up the mat, bringing home a total of 14 awards.
Placers in the 5/6 year age group were Tacho Gonzales 2nd/49lbs, Maston Wood 1st/58lbs and Ronnie Brown 2nd/58lbs.
In the 7/8  year age group, placers were Trevor Marsman 2nd/49lbs, Aiden Bouwens 2nd/64lbs and Kody Miles 4th/72lbs.
Placers in the 9/10 age group were Aaron Smith 4th/71lbs, Ryan Ringler 1st/85lbs and Allexis Gonzales 1st/90lbs.
Placers in the 11/12 year age group were Jordan Ringler 1st/75lbs, Tylor Carter 2nd/112lbs and George Gonzales Jr. 1st/90lbs.
Finally in the 13-15 year age group placers were Michael Smith 2nd/130lbs and Chuckie Scheidel 2nd/145lbs.
Don’t forget to check out the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling web site at www.cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com.

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