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Cedar youth novice state champs

Novice State Placers were Tucker Crystal, Hudson Crystal, Logan Troupe and Carter Falan.

Novice State Placers were Tucker Crystal, Hudson Crystal, Logan Troupe and Carter Falan.

The weekend of March 21 was busy for Cedar Springs youth wrestling club. Wrestlers traveled to two separate tournaments on opposite sides of the state. The first was hosted by Ionia High School on March 21, and the second was the Novice State championships hosted in Saline on March 22.

All seven of the Cedar Springs wrestlers who attended the tournament in Ionia placed in the top two. Runners-up were Jonathan Libera at 55lbs in the 5/6 age group and Carter Falan at 85lb in the 9/10 age group. Champions were Keaton Klaasen at 55lbs in the 7/8 age group, Wyatt Cooper at 97lb in the 7/8 age group, Logan Troupe at 80lb in the 9/10 age group, Andrew VanGessel at 75lb in the 11/12 age group,  and Kamden Klaasen at 90lb in the 11/12 age group.

Only four wrestlers went to the the MYWAY Novice State Championships held in Saline on Sunday, March 22nd. All four of those wrestlers placed in the top four! Two of whom took home the title of “Champion”. All the battles fought at tournament were hard fought and earned.

Logan Troupe took fourth at 80lbs in the 9/10 age group.

Tucker Hudson took third at 43lb in the 4/6 age group.

2015 Novice State Champions were Hudson Crystal at 64lbs in the 7/8 age group and Carter Falan at 85lb in the 9/10 age group!!

“For the last 10 years the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club has had had a reputation for building solid wrestlers, which I am very proud to be a part of,” said head coach George Gonzales Sr. “We have a lot of new kids coming in who have a lot of talent. With the right coaching they will go a long way. I am very proud of all of the wrestlers this year and they have worked very hard. My first year wrestlers have shown an amazing amount of improvement since the first practice.”

Keep your eyes open for MYWAY State Final results the next edition of the Cedar Springs Post.

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Youth wrestlers head to state finals


Over 600 youth wrestlers competed at the 2015 MYWAY Western Regional held at Lowell High School on March 13 and 14, 2015. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club sent 33 wrestlers to compete for the top four spots in each age group and weight class in hopes of advancing to the MYWAY State finals which will be held this weekend. Of those who competed, 17 of them placed in the top 6 and 13 qualified for state finals.

Head coach George Gonzales Sr. was pleased with the results of the regional tournament. “The kids have been working very hard this year. They all competed to the best of their ability. All of our wrestlers are winners in one way or another,” said Gonzales. “Some of them took championship, some of them qualified for state, some of them won their first match ever, some of them battled and still lost. It is easier to get back on the mat after you won a match. It takes a lot more courage to step back on the mat after losing. We had wrestlers who lost more than they won, but still got back on the mat. Some of those are the wrestlers with the most heart. Even the ones who never set foot on a mat for competition have gained a lot this year. They have learned about integrity, hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance; all which are true Red Hawk values, and values they can take with them into adulthood. I am very proud of all of these boys and girls this year.”

2015 Western regional champions were Veronica Tapia at 40lb in the 5/6 age group, Tyler Parmeter at 58lb in the 5/6 age group, Gage Gardner at 155lb and the 13/14 age group, and Ryan Ringler at 170lb in the 13/14 age group.

Runners-up were Pistachio Gonzales at 58lb in the 7/8 age group , Trevor Marsman at 70lb in the 11/12 age group, Wayne White at 143 pounds in the 00/99 High School Division, and George Gonzales Jr at 174lb in the 00/99 High School Division.

Third place finishers were Keaton Klaasen at 52lb in the 7/8 age group, Kayden Scott at 133lb in the 11/12 age group, Fredrick White at 80lb in the 13/14 age group, and Michael Smith at 163lb in the 96/98 High School Division.

Fourth place finisher was Austin Emmorey at 100lb in the 13/14  age group.

Fifth place finisher was Aaron Smith at 130lb in the 13/14 age group.

Sixth  place finishers were Jonathan Libera at 52lb in the 5/6 age group, Juan Angel Acosta at 97lb in the 7/8 age group and Tacho Gonzales at 71lb in the 9/10 age group.

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club will also be sending 9 female wrestlers to compete in the 2015 MYWAY Girls State Championship. Representing Cedar Springs in the Girls Division are Veronica Tapia, Analize Tapia, Cora Gonzales, Zoe Gonzales, Reese Gonzales, Allexis Gonzales, Madisyn Birtley, Rosie Castro, and Brooklyn Wright. Cedar Springs is a co-ed wrestling club, but they have the most registered female wrestlers in all of West Michigan. As the interest in wrestling for girls has grown, it has become apparent that head coach George Gonzales Sr. has something special to offer for girls wrestling, as many girls choose to attend his wrestling club.

Cedar Springs Red Hawk wrestlers will be competing at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek on Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 27, 28 and 29 for their chance at the state championship title. If you would like to come check out any of your favorite Red Hawk wrestlers, please look up the state finals schedule on Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Facebook page or at mywaywrestling.com. Thank you for supporting your wrestlers from the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club.

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Youth wrestling off to a good start

S-Wrestling-YouthThe youth wrestling season has officially begun! And your Cedar Springs Youth Red Hawks continue with a tradition in youth wrestling that has spanned well over twenty years in the Cedar Springs area. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling club is a not for profit program that offers affordable, developmental wrestling for boys and girls ages 4-15. Coaches and board members volunteer their time for their love of the kids in the community, and of course for their love of wrestling as a sport. They spend their time developing youth wrestlers in hopes that they too will learn to love the sport and continue into high school competition. A fun fact, Cedar Springs also has the largest number of girl competitors of any club in the State of Michigan!

Junior Red Hawks competed well in both the Novice and Open divisions at the Mona Shores Tournament on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Six wrestlers earned medals in the Novice division. Those wrestlers were:

In the 4/6yrs age group was Veronica Tapia 1st at 40lbs. In the 7/8yrs age group were Cora Gonzales 1st at 52lbs, Wyatt Cooper 2nd at 102lbs. and Juan Angel Acosta 3rd at 102lbs. In the 11/12yrs age group was Kamden Klaasen 1st at  90lbs. In the 13/15yrs age group was Fred White 1st at 85lbs.

There were also nine medal winners in the Open division.  These wrestlers have had more than two years of experience in wrestling competitions. Those medals winners were:

In the 7/8yrs age group were Keaton Klaasen  2nd at 55lbs, Gavyn Byxbe 4th at 55lbs and Pistachio Gonzales at 61lbs. In the 9/10yrs age group was Landon Demorest 1st at 59lbs. In the 11/12yrs age group were Zoe Gonzales 3rd at 80lbs and Aiden Bouwens 1st at 119lbs. In the 13/15 age group were Reese Gonzales 2nd at 114lbs, Sam Couturier 1st at 122lbs and Allexis Gonzales 1st at 138lbs.

Registration for this wrestling season will continue until mid January for anyone who may be interested in participating in youth wrestling. You can get more information at cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com or Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling on Facebook. Get started with one of the best developmental youth wrestling programs in the state of Michigan for only $75 for the entire season!

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Four youth wrestlers are state champions

Cedar springs youth state placers and coaches. Missing from photo is Veronica Tapia. Visit Cedar Springs Wrestling on Facebook to follow your local youth and high school champions.

Cedar springs youth state placers and coaches. Missing from photo is Veronica Tapia. Visit Cedar Springs Wrestling on Facebook to follow your local youth and high school champions.

Months of hard work and dedication to one of the toughest sports known to man has paid off for Red Hawk youth wrestlers. From March 28 to March 30, over 2,500 wrestlers, ages 4 to 19, competed at the MYWAY State Championships held at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, MI. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club sent a grand total of 17 state qualifiers to compete at the finals. Of those 17 wrestlers, 12 placed in the top 6, further qualifying them to compete at Nationals. Another accomplishment, not held by any other club in the area, is that Cedar Springs crowned a total of four 2014 State Champions this year!

Landon Demorest took on Mason Willis from Jr Marauders in the championship round. Demorest, who had a career record of 1 win and 2 losses against Willis, defeated Willis with a score of 3-2, making him the 2014 State Champion in the 47lb 9/10 division.

Ryan Ringler went undefeated, 4 pins and one decision, on a chart of 30 wrestlers.  Ringler, with a second round pin against runner-up Devin Trevino from Oxford, was crowned State Champion at 158lb in the 11/12 division.

Sisters, Reese and Allexis Gonzales both took State Champion in the first MYWAY Girls State Tournament.  Reese, who weighed in at 92lbs, earned her State Championship title with first round pins against all of her opponents in the 12 and under Heavy Weight division. Allexis, a seventh grader, took State Champion with one pin and two decisions in the 14 and under 122/130 combined weight division, taking championship over 8th grader, Brittney Ratliff from Onsted.

Pistachio Gonzales battled his way back on a chart of 26 wrestlers after suffering a second round loss to state runner-up, Da’Quavon White from Pontiac Huskies. He worked back to take third at 58lb in the 5/6 division!

Tommy Stevens, who wrestled at 58lb in the 7/8 division also worked his back on a 33 person chart. Suffering only one loss, Stevens took third after a 45 second pin against Oxford wrestler, Auggie Anderson.

Cora Gonzales, who competed at 52lb in the Girls 8 and under division, took a very impressive third place finish.  This was her first year wrestling and she plans to continue.

Rounding off the third place finishers, was high schooler, Jordan Ringler. After his initial loss in the second round, Jordan won his next five matches, three pins and two decisions, to take third place against Michael Gibbs from Waterford.

Zoe Gonzales took fourth in the Girls State 12 and under 76lb division.

Veronica Tapia took fifth in the Girls State 8 and under 44lb division.

On a 29 person chart at 63lb in the 9/10 division, Trevor Marsman wrestled his way to a sixth place finish with a total of four wins and two losses.

Aiden Bouwens, who went 4-2 on a 20 person chart, also finished sixth place at 100lb in the 9/10 division.

The Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers did very well during the 2014 season and will continue to excel against some of the toughest wrestlers here in Michigan and the nation because they ARE the toughest. They work hard and are determined to be champions.


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Youth wrestlers place in championship match

S-Wrestling-youthHundreds of youth wrestlers from all over the nation attended the Border Wars Folkstyle National Championships held Sunday, November 2, 2013 at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Michigan.  In attendance were three of Cedar Springs very own youth wrestlers, Landon Demorest, Aiden Bouwens and Gage Gardner, all of whom placed in their divisions.

Landon Demorest and Aiden Bouwens both wrestled in the 9/10 year-old division. Landon took an impressive 4th place finish in the 55lbs weight class. Aiden also took home an equally impressive 4th place finish in the 90lbs weight class. Gage Gardner was crowned Border Wars National Champion this year. He pinned all three of his opponents in 26 seconds or less to secure his victory in the 11/12 year-old, 133lb weight class.

If your son our daughter would be interested in wrestling for a program that has been proven to produce State and National Champions or if they just want to be conditioned,  come join the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays in the High School Wrestling Room from 6:00 p.m. To 8:00 p.m. Registration is going on right now! Check the website at cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com.

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Youth wrestlers earn medals, host tournament

While the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club was preparing for its own tournament, four of its toughest wrestlers were in Indiana on January 14, 2012 at the Border Wars’ “War in the Windy City” National Wrestling Tournament.  Landon Demorest, Ryan Ringler, George Gonzales Jr. and Jordan Ringler all attended and placed at the national event.  Landon, Ryan and George all took Championships in their respective weight classes, earning them a custom 5” inch medal and a new singlet with the word “Champion” splashed across the front.  Jordan Rinlger did very well too, taking a well-earned second place finish.  Ryan also wrestled an age group up and earned himself a 3rd place finish in the 11-12 year old division.  They all returned home late Saturday night excited to wrestle at their own tournament, which was hosted the next day at the Cedar Springs High School.

On Sunday, January 15, Cedar Springs hosted the biggest regional MYWAY tournament of this season. With over 500 wrestlers in attendance, the high school was more than busting at the seams. The Cedar youth wrestlers also busted out at their own tournament, taking home a grand total of 18 medals!  Placers in the 4-6 age group were Chase Sarniak/3rd and Jonathan Lizardo/2nd.  In the 7/8 age group were Landon Demorest/1st, Tacho Gonzales/4th, Trevor Marsman/1st, Gage Ruiz/4th, Aiden Bouwens/2nd, and Maston Wood/4th.  In the 9/10 age group were Trenton Snoeyink/1st, Austin Emmorey/4th, Logan Hull/1st, Reese Gonzales/1st, Samuel Courturier/1st, and Ryan Ringler/1st.

In the 11/12 age group were Allexis Gonzales/2nd and George Gonzales Jr/3rd.  In the 13-15 age group were Jordan Ringler/1st and Tylor Carter/3rd.  Congrats to all of our local wrestlers.

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Youth wrestlers make national team

Back row: Ryan Ringler, Jordan Ringler, George Gonzales Jr and Allexis Gonzales. Front row: Reese Gonzales, Landon Demorest and Logan Hull

Michigan’s top wrestlers attended the 2012 Michigan National Team Qualifier hosted by the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at Lowell High School. The tournament was used to determine the wrestlers who will make up Team Michigan and wrestle at the national level for the 2012 youth wrestling season. Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club sent eight wrestlers to try out. Of those eight, seven of them made the team.
Making the elementary team were Landon Demorest at 40lbs, Logan Hull (1st alternate) at 70lbs, Reese Gonzales(1st alternate) at 75lbs, Ryan Ringler at 95lbs, Allexis Gonzales (1st alternate) at 105lbs, and George Gonzales Jr. at 140lbs.  Jordan Ringler qualified for the Middle School Team at 80lbs.
These wrestlers will be traveling all over the country representing Michigan and, more importantly, Cedar Springs. Anyone who may be interested in sponsoring any or all of these talented youth may contact Coach George Gonzales Sr. or Coach Paul Ringler at the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club.
Anyone who maybe interested in joining one of the most promising, not-for-profit, youth programs in this state can get information by logging on to www.cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com. Sign-ups will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at the High School until the first week of January.

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Wrestling club off to a winning start

youth wrestlingCedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club has begun the 2011 season the same way the ended the 2010 season, winning!
On December 19, Northview hosted their annual “kick-off” tournament which included both open and novice divisions. Out of the 23 Cedar Springs Youth wrestlers who registered for the two tournaments, 20 of them won medals by placing in the top four!
Special congratulations go out to 10 of the first and second year wrestlers who placed in the novice division. Novice wrestlers in the 5/6 year old division include Cody Averil 2nd/37lbs, Tacho Gonzales 2nd/46lbs, Maston Wood 1st/55lbs and Ronnie Brown 2nd/55lbs.
In the 7/8 year old division, placers include Triston Eldred 2nd/43lbs,  Trevor Marsman 2nd/52lbs and Tretyn Roelofs 3rd/55a.
In the 9/10 year old division, the lone placer was Karson Miles who took 4th in the 67lb class.
In the 11/12 year old division, placers were Freddy Rutledge 3rd at 85lbs and Tylor Carter 1st at 112lbs.
The other 10 wrestlers placed in the open division. In the 5/6 year old division, placers were Landon Demorest 1st at 37lbs and Sergei Byxbe 3rd at 58lbs.
In the 7/8year old division, placers were Treton Snoeyink 2nd/63lbs, Aiden Bouwens 1st/ 67lbs and Kody Miles 3rd/67lbs.
Placers in the 9/10 year old division were Logan Hull 2nd/63lbs, Ricky Wood 4th/75lbs and Allexis Gonzales 3rd/90lbs.
The lone placer in the 11/12 year old Open Division was George Gonzales Jr. who was bumped up from the 126lb weight class to take a 1st place finish in the 133lb class.
These wrestlers have already been working hard and it shows. Be sure to keep up to date on all the Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers or if your child may be interested in wrestling, check out the youth wrestling web site at www.cedarspringsyouthwrestling.com.

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